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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Red Cross CNA Classes in Chicago

As one of the biggest city in the state of Illinois, Chicago provides multiple job opportunities for nursing assistants on average jobs of 1,800 per year. This opportunity is enormous considering that there are a lot of individuals currently unemployed having a hard time finding a stable job. However, to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, the city of Chicago requires every applicant to enroll in a training program accredited by the state of Illinois Department of Public Health. The mandatory hours of training per federal law are 75 hours but the state of requires 120 hours, which can be broken down into 80 hours of theoretical study and 50 hours of clinical training supervised by a Registered Nurse or a Certified Nurse Assistant. Upon completion of the program, taking and passing the final certification exam is necessary to practice as a CNA.

General Requirements to be a CNA in Chicago

Every school has a different requirement when it comes to CNA training program. However, the state of Illinois imposes certain requirements mandatory to all aspiring nursing assistants as follows:

  • Must complete high school or at least 8th grade level
  • Must not have a criminal offence against in the last 7 years and must undergo a background check for verification.
  • Must submit a medical report stating that the applicant has no communicable disease.
  • Must pass a pre-screening exam.

Some programs require basic skill for Internet research and word processing. However, most CNA programs will equip the student with sound knowledge on subjects like introduction to basic nursing, anatomy, physiology, patient care, infection control, body mechanics, emergency actions, mental health issues and communication skills. This intensive training will be short but definitely helpful to get certification as a CNA from the State Department of Public Health.

Red Cross Nursing Assistant Training Programs in Chicago

The Red Cross Nursing Assistant training program is offered year round to individuals interested in the profession. During the program, students learn basic nursing skills including blood pressure monitoring, assisting residents with the activities of daily living, correct techniques of lifting, walking and positioning patients, bedside charting, responding to emergency situations, communicating therapeutically and many others. The program overview:

  • 4-week CNA course approved by the Illinois Department of Education
  • Nursing supplies provided except for uniforms and a wristwatch with a second hand.
  • The clinical classes for the CNA training have a 1 instructor per 10 students ratio
  • The cost of the certification exam is included in the tuition fee of $1,300.
  • Grants are available for individuals who qualify, especially those employed but earning $8 per hour or less.

Specific Training Requirements of Red Cross Chicago

The American Red Cross of Chicago has specific training requirements for individuals who wish to apply for their CNA training program:

  • pass a reading test
  • a mandatory orientation session
  • undergo a criminal history report and be free from prohibitive offenses. (Individuals who are not residents of Chicago for the past two years must obtain an FBI check instead.)
  • Complete a physical exam with a 2-step Mantoux test

Pregnant women should present a signed form from their OB physician stating their capability to perform the occupational responsibilities. These include hands-on patient handling which involves standing for extensive periods of time, pushing, bending, pulling and lifting individuals who are 35 to 50 lbs in weight.

The candidate or applicant should be at least 16 years old prior to taking the Chicago Nursing Assistant certification exam. Some heathcare facilities may require candidates to be at least 18 years old or above.

The written competency test

Passing the written competency test is necessary for anyone who wishes to practice as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Chicago, Illinois. The exam is administered by the SIU-C or the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. They conduct the test online and also provides practice tests and study guides for those who want to review.

Upon finishing the certification exam, test results will be electronically transmitted to the State Nurse Aide Registry. This office is responsible for processing the licenses of individuals who pass the exam. All test takers are allowed to take the exam three times, but if the three attempts fail, that person must undergo a CNA training program approved by the Illinois State Health Department before taking the certification exam again. All aspiring nursing assistants in Chicago must adhere to the rules and regulations set by the Health Department of Illinois. Enrolling in an accredited CNA program and passing the competency test are the basic qualifications to become an eligible nursing assistant.