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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Rectal Temperature Measurement with Electronic Thermometer

1. After raising the side rail, place the resident in Sim’s position (lying on the left side).
2. While keeping the rest of the body covered, expose the buttocks.
3. After removing the thermometer pack from the charger, attach a rectal probe.
4. Slide the disposable probe over the thermometer, until it is fixated into place.
5. Lubricate the probe with enough lubricant, which will be around 1-2 inches in perfect measure.
6. Using your non-dominant hand, expose the anus of the resident, and ask them to breathe slowly and relax.
7. Without forcing the probe, make sure you insert the probe gently into the anus, with a depth of 1-2 inches. If for some reason there is resistance, gently withdraw the probe, and notify the controlling nurse.
8. Maintain the position of the thermometer gently until the loud beep is heard, and then check the temperature.
9. Press the ejection button to dispose of the probe in the corresponding receptacle.
10. Place the thermometer probe back with the recording unit.
11. On a daily basis, wipe both the probe and the charger.
12. Place the thermometer back with the charger.
13. Wipe the whole anal area of the patient with a tissue, in order to remove both lubricant and feces, and afterwards dispose of the tissue in a biohazard receptacle.