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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Private CNA Classes in Chicago

To be an eligible nursing assistant in Chicago, it is necessary to finish a state-approved program, pass the certification exam and be registered with the state Nurse Aid Registry prior to employment. Certified Nursing Assistants are always needed in healthcare facilities because of the increasing number of individuals requiring long-term care. In fact, their annual salary can start at $32,073 to $38,000 depending on their experience and specialization. With these benefits and the promise of career stability, it is quite enticing to become a nursing assistant in the city of Chicago. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is not difficult as long as the applicant has no criminal record or communicable disease. The requirements vary per institution but normally they accept individuals who are 18 years old or above, with a high school diploma or GED to validate their reading skills. Choose any of these private CNA classes in Chicago and enroll yourself to jump start a career in this rewearding field.

Private CNA Classes at Chicago’s Pulse CPR Training, Inc.

Chicago’s Pulse CPR Training, Inc. provides private CNA Classes in Chicago to invite more individuals to work in the healthcare field. The program is short and covers 124 hours of classroom lectures, laboratory training, on-site clinical practice and CPR training. The instruction will prepare students for their certification exam; passing the state-approved exam allows them to work legally as a nursing assistant in Chicago. The Chicago’s Pulse CPR Training, Inc. has the necessary facilities to train students for clinical practice. They have qualified medical instructors who conduct the lectures and supervise the clinical experiences. To gain admission to the program, applicants have to complete an application and agree to the terms and conditions of the institution. Tuition is $895 with additional fees for registration, state-approved certification exam, ($110) and textbooks ($45).

Private CNA Classes at Career Training Center of Chicago

The Certified Nursing Assistant training program of Career Training Center of Chicago is an opportunity to become a qualified medical professional in the state. It provides theoretical and clinical knowledge to complete the CNA requirements set by the State Department of Public Health. Although the classes can take five weeks to complete, students get the chance to finish the program in less than 4 if they have regular attendance. Instructors of the program use different teaching styles to incorporate basic nursing principles and skills. This includes role play, lectures and live demonstrations to ensure that students learn and are able to practice all nursing skills needed for the profession. The tuition cost for the private CNA Classes in Chicago at Career Training Center of Chicago is $800 including laboratory and registration fees. Students will purchase their scrubs, textbooks and other supplies. They also have to prepare for health screening, background check and state examination fee.

Illinois School of Health Careers

Illinois School of Health Careers offers a Certified Nursing Assistant training that runs for nine months. Students in the program will acquire basic knowledge of the profession and practice appropriate nursing skills. The instructors cover the topics like vital signs monitoring, basic anatomy and physiology, patient safety, infection control, rehabilitative care, therapeutic communication, manual handling, dealing with challenging behavior, assisting with the activities of daily living and many others. Upon completion of the program, students will have an undergraduate level certificate and become eligible to take the certification exam. Tuition fees reach to $16,500 including books and medical supplies. State exam fees, medical examination and background check costs will be paid by the student. Given the financial obligations of aspiring nursing assistants, scholarships and financial aid grants are available for those who qualify.

Private CNA Classes at Competent Healthcare, Inc.

Competent Healthcare, Inc. is offering private CNA Classes in Chicago for individuals with the desire to become a CNA and work at a healthcare facility in Chicago. The program takes 10 weeks to complete and covers 120 hours of classroom lectures, laboratory training and clinical experiences in a local hospital. Individuals who want a fast track CNA education can take the five-week option. They will be equipped with the 21 skills outlined by the State Department of Public Health anmust d will be familiar with the nursing principles needed for the profession. Applicants pass the school’s math and reading test. The Competent Healthcare, Inc. wants individuals who are physically, mentally and emotionally ready for the profession. They require a tuition fee of $900 and a registration fee of $75. Books, uniforms, fingerprinting, CPR certification and exam are included in the tuition.

Midwestern Career College

Midwestern Career College has a state-approved Certified Nursing Assistant training program which equips every student with the necessary skills to pass the certification exam and become employed as an entry level CNA in a nursing home, hospital or any healthcare facility. The program features 120 hours of classroom lectures and clinical training which help students achieve the requirements of the state Department of Public Health. Midwestern Career College requires every applicant to attend the program orientation prior to enrollment. This will cover the school’s policies, a criminal background check, physical examination, clinical requirements, attendance policies, TB screening and tuition cost. The tuition fee for the CNA program is $1,890, but scholarships and financial aid are available for students who cannot afford to pay this amount.