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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Preventing Communicable Diseases

Nursing assistants are not only there to give care to residents but also they play an important role in preventing spreading the infections and diseases.

There are many things that you as nursing assistant should consider and take into account to avoid the occurrences of infections. Infection may be harboring anywhere that is why it is important to be aware of it. But sometimes being on guard is not enough.  That is the reason why it is important to also instruct the patients and residents on the rules of cleanliness, teaching them how to prevent cross-contamination (keeping them away from other patients that are sick), and how they can help themselves and others if they have a communicable disease. It is also important to involve the resident’s family in the care plan.

Taking care of one’s self before taking care of others should also be applied for nursing assistants. It is not only because they serve as role models for the residents but also look clean and presentable at all times. The facility’s rules and regulations should always be in accordance with the actions of preventing the spread of infection.

Such methods include regular health screening for TB and other illnesses that could easily spread if not taken seriously. You must implement the important instructions, methods and processes about infection control to keep you and your patients away from those who are sick.