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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Passive Range of Motion Exercises

1. First raise the bed for comfort and lock the wheel part.
2. With a pillow placed under the head, assist the patient with reaching the supine position.
3. Each shoulder must be carefully rotated in order to initiate exercises. Adduct and abduct whenever needed.
4. While flexing and extending the lower arm, make sure you support the elbows and wrists while exercising this part.
5. For wrist exercise, rotate and flex each wrist separately for ultimate comfort.
6. Make sure that you extend and flex each hand at the wrist.
7. The thumbs and fingers of each hand should be flexed as well.
8. Each leg should be exercised separately, and you need to support them at the foot carefully. Bend the lower part of the leg at the knee in order to flex.
9. Also, abduct and adduct each leg at the hip while still maintaining the comfortable position of the legs at the feet.
10. Rotate each leg at the hip, while supporting the ankle.
11. For exercising the ankle, you should rotate and flex it, while maintaining full control at the ankle of the resident.
12. The toes should carefully be extended and flexed as well.

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