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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Partial Bedbath

1. First check the water and estimate a safe and comfortable temperature limit.
2. Make sure the resident is draped so that the only exposed area is the one in need of bathing.
3. A washcloth without soap is used for cleansing the face.
4. You need to wipe the eyes from the inner to the outer canthus. Change the area of the washcloth before proceeding to the next eye.
5. Pat the face until it is dry.
6. Always protect the bedding by placing a towel below the patient during the bathing procedures and a little after that.
7. Wash the upper body, including arms with a little soap on the washcloth.
8. Dry the whole upper body.
9. Assist in turning to the side and repeat procedure for the back.
10. Apply warm lotion to the patient’s back.
11. Provide a simple backrub for the patient.
12. Replace the resident’s gown without exposing them.
13. If the resident is capable of washing their perineal area, provide them with the necessary resources for the task.
14. If the resident is not capable of continuing bathing on their own, put on fresh gloves and continue bathing them until they are clean.

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