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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Online CNA Classes in Houston TX

There are a number of online CNA classes in Houston, Texas. This convenient and flexible type of CNA course is suitable for individuals who are currently employed. However, an online CNA class must be approved by the Texas State Board of Nursing for a graduate to be eligible for the competency exam. This is important because a student cannot work as a nursing assistant if his/her name is not on the Nurse Aide Registry list. Nowadays, there are several healthcare facilities hiring CNA’s, and if you are one of the qualified medical professionals in Houston, you can secure a stable job. Know the requirements of the schools listed below and make sure you pass the qualifications to gain admission.

Online CNA Classes in Houston San Jacinto College South

San Jacinto College South offers an online CNA training program in Houston, Texas to individuals who wish to become a nursing assistant. The program covers 8 weeks of combined lectures, laboratory skills training and clinical rotations. This mode of instruction is beneficial to students because they can acquire the requisite knowledge of nursing concepts to practice the skills needed for the profession. The program costs $725, but individuals who cannot afford it can apply for scholarship and financial aid. Applicants will go through a criminal background check and a tuberculosis skin test as part of the admission requirements. They also have to complete the program without absences to graduate and become eligible for the state competency exam. Although the online CNA classes of San Jacinto College South are done in the comfort of one’s home, students are still encouraged to finish a certain number of hours of clinical rotation in a healthcare facility.

Online CNA Classes in Houston Lone Star College

Lone Star College has a Certified Nursing Assistant training program that enables students to learn the profession and become a skilled CNA in Houston. Certified Nursing Assistants assist patients with their healthcare needs under the supervision of a Licensed Practical Nurse or a Registered Nurse. The program of Lone Star College follows the standards and curriculum of the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services. This allows students to prepare for the state competency exam and the challenges they will face in the profession. The cost of the program is $892 with contact hours of 116. Interested applicants can apply for financial aid programs, but should take note that availability is limited and the screening process is quite meticulous. All aspiring students should present a high school diploma or GED, complete immunization record, fingerprinting, TB screening test, criminal background check, drug screening and healthcare insurance.

Sterling Health Careers Inc.

Sterling Health Careers Inc. offers an online four-week CNA training program in Houston that allows students to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. The online course is designed for individuals living away from Houston or who cannot commit to full-time weekday classes because of work or a family requirement. Nevertheless, the online CNA class include an internship in a healthcare facility, which can either be a hospital, nursing home or long-term residential facility. This should be done at the end of the online lectures to earn a certificate of completion and become eligible for the state competency exam. Sterling Health Careers Inc. has made it possible to provide the best online CNA classes for their students. They have pre-recorded videos and skills demonstrations that supplement every student’s needs. They also have licensed medical professionals who supervise the training during the clinical practice. The cost of the program is $800 and students who qualify for the scholarship and financial aid programs can enjoy paying less for the CNA course.

Ace Nursing Education

Ace Nursing Education is one of the leading providers of online CNA classes in Houston. This type of class is certified by the Texas Board of Nursing, which enables graduates to undergo the program in the comfort of their homes. After the online lectures and skills demonstrations, students are allowed to take the state competency exam. This weekend education is very flexible and perfect for working individuals who cannot find the time to attend the regular classroom setting. The online CNA class does not take long to finish, but students should remember the concepts and skills taught to be prepared for the certification exam and clinical practice. The topics covered for the course are an introduction to nursing, anatomy and physiology, duties and responsibilities of nursing assistants, first aid training, vital signs monitoring, patient care, rehabilitative care, manual handling, handling a challenging behavior and many others.

Online CNA Classes at Glorious Health Care Academy

The online CNA classes of Glorious Health Care Academy can be completed in four weeks. Interested individuals may be qualified to take the program by submitting the necessary documents like a high school diploma or GED, immunization record, criminal background check, TB and drug screening results, as well as healthcare insurance. Once they are accepted to the online program, they can study on their own time. However, it is important to take note that the online program also includes clinical training in a healthcare facility. The program cost is $595 but scholarships can be availed for economically strapped students. Taking the online CNA course is not difficult, but it can be challenging because of the different teaching style. Glorious Health Care Academy will ensure to teach the basic nursing principles needed for every student to succeed at work.