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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Moving the Resident from a Bed to a Stretcher or Gurney

1. The assistance of two or three coworkers is required.
2. You have to raise the bed in order to be comfortable for work and lock wheels.
3. With a bath blanket, change the top sheet and bed linen, and loosen the pull sheet.
4. Lower the side rail on your side.
5. Grab the pull sheet and together with your assistant, pull at key points in order to pull the patient towards you carefully.
6. The stretcher should be positioned closest to you and the wheels should be locked.
7. With the help of two coworkers on the opposite side, place the sides of the pull sheet close to the resident.
8. While the other coworkers maintain the patient’s position stable, move the patient to the stretcher in unison.
9. Place the resident in the center of the stretcher and make sure you provide comfort and security.
10. After unlocking the wheels, transport the patient with the help of a coworker.
11. Stay together with the resident until another coworker relieves you.