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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Making an Occupied Bed

1. First adhere to the care plan for restrictions when it comes to transferring patient.
2. Adjust the height of the bed for comfort.
3. On the side where you are working, lower the side rail.
4. The top bed linens at the foot should be loosened.
5. After removing the blanket and cover, check if they are linen. Keep them away from the uniform and place them in the linen hamper.
6. After covering the resident with a blanket, ask them to hold it, or if unable – tuck it under their shoulder. After this, gently remove the sheet from underneath the patient.
7. After loosening the bottom sheet, remove it from the head to the foot of the bed.
9. Clean the exposed mattress surface very carefully before proceeding.
10. Apply new linen and bottom sheet carefully, without breaking the patient’s comfort. Smoothen all wrinkles after done.
11. Help the resident in turning to face you, notifying them that they will feel a bump while doing so.
12. After raising your side rail, move to the other side.
13. Loosen and remove the linens, holding the soiled sides inwards, and place them in the linen hamper.
14. Thoroughly clean the soiled exposed surface of the mattress.
14. Repeat the steps from the previous side of the bed.
18. Help the resident in assuming the supine position.
19. After placing the top sheet on top of the patient, assist them in removing the bath blanket, and place it in the linen hamper.
20. The bottom edge of the top sheet should be tucked under the mattress.
21. Place the blanket on top of the resident in the same way as the top sheet.
22. Turn the top sheet back a bit, in order to allow the blanket to spread.
23. Return the side rails to initial positioning.
24. While supporting the head of the resident, remove the pillow, change its casing and return it if clean.
25. The call light should be left well within reach.
26. Place the bed in the lowest position possible.
27. Gather and remove the soiled linen, and take it to the proper area for disposal.
28. Report any unusual findings to the nurse right away.

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