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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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How Much Are CNA Classes in Chicago?

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in Chicago is possible by taking a state-approved course from a community college, university, job corps or any teaching institutions, and passing the certification exam given by the Department of Public Health. The programs for this profession are short and often range from eight weeks to a full semester. If you are interested, you will spend around $700 to $1,800 for tuition, books, uniforms, supplies and other miscellaneous fees. However, if you are having a hard time with these possible costs, you can apply for scholarships and student loans provided by some facilities in the state. Just make sure you pass the requirements of the institution to be granted free CNA training. As an overview of some CNA schools in the state, here are institutions of note.

How Much Are CNA Classes in Chicago McHenry County College?

The McHenry County College offers a nursing assistant training program that has 7 credits with 144 hours of classroom instruction and 48 hours of clinical practice. Individuals who wish to become a nursing assistant should know the requirements of the program and complete it to gain admission. The CNA training program is often rigorous because of the limited time for classroom and clinical learning. However, the instructors of the program will make it sure that students grasp all the concepts and skills through their supervised training. The class size is small to meet individual needs and the laboratory is fully equipped with the best tools for learning. McHenry County College usually charges $1,068 for their CNA training program including all related supplies.

Cost of CNA training College of DuPage of Chicago

The College of DuPage has a CNA class equivalent to six credit hours. Individuals who have the desire to finish a CNA program and become a nursing assistant in the city of Chicago can complete the classes within 8 to 16 weeks, depending on the chosen class schedules. Full-time students can complete the program earlier compared to part-time students. However, the same instruction is provided throughout. It includes lectures, laboratory training and clinical practice which take place in an accredited hospital. Instructors of the program are all licensed medical professionals who have years of experience in the field. Students will pay a total estimate of $792 for the tuition, which does not include additional fees for immunizations, text books and course-related supplies.

How Much Are CNA Classes at Chicago Harper College?

The six credit hours of Harper College’s Certified Nursing Assistant training program includes classroom lectures, laboratory training and clinical experiences. The course can be completed in one semester and students are expected to have complete attendance during the duration. Class schedules can either be during the day, evening or weekends, depending on the student’s preference. This class flexibility allows every aspiring CNA’s to work part time or continue prior commitments. The classroom lectures will teach students basic nursing concepts and principles. On the other hand, the clinical practice will train them to be a qualified nursing assistant under step-by- step supervision of the instructors of Harper College. The total cost of the program is $615 excluding fees for immunizations, text books and other related medical supplies.

Cost of Harold Washington College CNA classes

Harold Washington College offers a CNA training program that can be completed in one semester. This short medical course is designed to educate aspiring nursing assistant about the profession and prepare  for the certification exam. The good thing about the program is it utilizes both classroom, laboratory and ctheminical practice training. Individuals enrolled are certain to grasp the necessary knowledge and skills of the profession. They will be exposed to a clinical set-up wherein actual patients are handled. The supervised clinical training teaches students proper patient care on site. The Certified Nursing Assistant training program of Harold Washington College has an estimated cost of $968. Textbooks and other miscellaneous fees are not covered, so students should prepare for these expenses.

Cost of CNA classes at Triton College of Chicago

Triton College has a 7-credit nurse assistant program which covers 165 hours of classroom lectures and clinical practice. Individuals who enroll in the program should be prepared for the short, intensive classes and hands-on experiences, all useful for the certification exam. The school has great facilities and qualified instructors who will train and supervise students. The program is approved by the Department of Public Health; thus,graduates can take the certification exam. Triton College’s CNA training program has an estimated cost of $1,712 not including related materials for the course.

How Much Are CNA Classes at Chicago College of Lake County?

The College of Lake County has a nurse’s assistant training program that combines classroom lectures, laboratory skills practice and clinical experience. This program can be completed in eight weeks and students have to meet four days in a week with two days of training in a clinical setting. Weekend classes are also available but it will take a longer period of time to complete the program. Aspiring nursing assistant students enrolled in the course cannot incur absences throughout. They must learn the basic concepts of nursing as well as the skills listed by the state Department of Public Health in order to pass the certification exam. There will be written and oral tests during the certification exam, such that students should be dedicated to the course. The estimated cost of the CNA program is $1,061 which includes immunizations, text books and related supplies.