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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free LPN Training Programs in Wisconsin

CNA Classes in Wisconsin

Working in the healthcare field provides a lot of opportunities especially in times of economic recession. Hospitals, clinics and even nursing homes are still thriving despite the increasing number of unemployment among the residents of Wisconsin. This is why the state is encouraging its residents to pursue a career in the healthcare field to address the issue of unemployment. There are free LPN programs in Wisconsin that can be obtained from several sources. Individuals who want to become a practical nurse can take a scholarship program and complete it without paying anything. But, it can be very difficult to find free LPN programs in Wisconsin. So the first thing to do is to seek for a college or university where an LPN program is offered.

Most of these higher learning institutions will provide scholarship programs for underprivileged individuals or those who have a good academic standing. The scholarship may come in different forms and benefits but it does lessen the cost of a college education. Some free LPN programs in Wisconsin can also be obtained through direct employers of the state. These employers need LPN’s in their institution and are willing to offer free trainings if the potential employee works for them in return. Individuals who want to have a secured career after earning a license as a practical nurse should consider this option. However, the process of finding a sponsor can be time consuming. If you like to avail free LPN programs in Wisconsin as early as possible, try to inquire some of these scholarship opportunities and submit an application if you are qualified.

Northeast Wisconsin Community College – Talent Incentive Program

The Talent Incentive Program provided by the Northeast Wisconsin Community College is a grant program for individuals who are in need of financial assistance for their tuition costs. Northeast Wisconsin Community College is a great institution for individuals who want to work in the healthcare field. They have an LPN program which can be a stepping stone for a nursing degree. Individuals who want to avail the Talent Incentive Program of the institution should already be attending college, whether part time or full time. Good grades and financial capacity are being considered in the program. However, applicants who are not successful with the application process can seek for other grant programs provided by Northeast Wisconsin Community College. The school has several scholarships funded by the federal and state government, allowing the aspiring practical nurses to finish school without the worry of tuition costs.

League of Nursing with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Wisconsin Nursing Scholarship

The League of Nursing with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Wisconsin Nursing Scholarship is a program that provides financial assistance to individuals who have finished at least 50% or more of the credits to get a Licensed Practical Nursing and other nursing related degrees. The scholarship program can be availed at accredited nursing schools and interested students have to get in touch with their college dean to know the steps to take to apply for a scholarship. Licensed Practical Nursing is not an affordable degree to start with, but finishing this can open doors of opportunities in the healthcare field. Students who want to become a practical nurse can apply for this scholarship to finish the program and add up to the number of LPN’s needed in the state.

Milwaukee Area Technical College – MATC Foundation Scholarships

The Milwaukee Area Technical College Foundation offers a number of scholarship programs for students enrolled in the institution. Some of these scholarships provide financial assistance to individuals who took a Licensed Practical Nursing degree. The LPN program is a comprehensive program that incorporates hands-on clinical experience to traditional or classroom instruction. Graduates of the program becomes a Licensed Practical Nurse and will have the chance to work in the healthcare field or pursue a degree in nursing. Since the state of Wisconsin is encouraging the residents to take an LPN program, students who are enrolled at Milwaukee Area Technical College can apply for scholarships and seek financial assistance for their college education. The qualifications depend on the type of scholarship applied for and the amount of assistance will also vary.

Western Technical College

Western Technical College is among the providers of free LPN programs in Wisconsin. Individuals who want to finish a degree in nursing can start with an LPN course and proceed to a bachelor’s degree in nursing later on. The school provides a good training environment for aspiring practical nurses and those who want to make their career to another level. Western Technical College is also providing opportunities for displaced workers and unemployed individuals who are beneficiaries of the Workforce Investment Act. The WIA works as a scholarship program for these types of individuals who want a stable career in nursing. The costs for tuition, books, uniforms and other school related expenses are already covered by the state. Students who are interested with the Workforce Investment Act should apply through the school’s financial aid office and submit the necessary requirements of the program.

Northwest Wisconsin Technical College

The good thing about Northwest Wisconsin Technical College is they provide free LPN programs through the Workforce Investment Act. The WIA will cover the costs of the program and ensure that students are able to finish the practical nursing degree without compromising any financial related concerns. Individuals who are not qualified or not accepted for the Workforce Investment Act can also try other scholarship programs offered at Northwest Wisconsin Technical College. These programs have different qualifications and requirements so applicants have to make sure that they are a perfect fit for it. The scholarship may cover the entire or partial cost of the LPN program but it helps lessen the cost of an LPN education in Wisconsin.

Mid-State Technical College

Mid-State Technical College has a lot of technical and career training courses for newly high school graduates and adult learners. Individuals who want a stable job can apply for an LPN training program at this school. The LPN program has a combined classroom lecture, laboratory training and hands-on clinical experience. Students in need of financial assistance can apply for scholarship programs or Workforce Investment Act. This can lessen the expenses of the LPN training as it provides a reward money for the tuition and other related costs.