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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free LPN Training Programs in Washington

CNA Classes in Washington

Washington is one of the states in America that has been affected by the global economic crisis. This led to a number of unemployed individuals and displaced workers who cannot find a stable career as well. So to address this issue, several free LPN programs in Washington are provided. Since the healthcare field is also in need for LPN’s, unemployed residents can consider these free LPN programs in Washington. The good thing about these programs is it allows graduates to have a stable career in the state, with a good salary to receive every month. Aside from that, the possibility of getting a promotion and career growth is high. Licensed Practical Nurses can specialize on certain areas or pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing to become a Registered Nurse.

To get the free LPN programs in Washington, interested individuals have to be at least high school graduates. Unemployed residents or displaced workers are welcome to apply. Several colleges and universities are offering these free LPN programs but with a certain qualification. Some healthcare facilities are also providing free education to aspiring practical nurses. They simply have to work for them in a certain period of time after becoming a licensed professional. Nevertheless, individuals who have not yet obtained a scholarship or financial assistance can try to inquire from these schools and grant programs. The scholarship programs are limited to a number of students but it is usually available every year, depending on their funds. Check it out and see how you can get a free LPN training.

Lower Columbia College – Opportunity Grant Program

The Opportunity Grant Program of Lower Columbia College is a financial aid program for LPN students. This program aims to help underprivileged students enrolled in the college, to ease their expenses on their tuition and other related costs. The Opportunity Grant Program is not exclusive to LPN training but it can also be used for vocational or technical courses that can last for one to two years. Students who are given this grant should maintain good grades. They also have to make sure that they work for healthcare facilities in the state after passing their licensure exam. Interested individuals can apply at the school’s financial aid office and submit the requirements accordingly. Lower Columbia College has excellent training environment for aspiring practical nurses. Graduates will be able to work in various healthcare facilities in the state.

Big Bend Community College – Wesley Webb Memorial Scholarship

Big Bend Community College offers several scholarship programs for their students including the Wesley Webb Memorial Scholarship. This kind of foundation scholarship is funded by the school’s donor and provides great coverage for an LPN program. Students who want to apply should be currently enrolled at Big Bend Community College and should have a minimum GPA of 2.5. The scholarship aims to help financially needy students so applicants have to present a proof that they cannot afford for their tuition and other LPN costs. Being under a Wesley Webb Memorial Scholarship is a great opportunity to lessen the cost of the program but it is important to remember that students have to maintain good academic standing all throughout their study.

Spokane Community College – Jeanne Abrams Wood Scholarship

Spokane Community College is one of the most reliable schools in Washington offering LPN training program. The school is known for its excellent LPN training where students go through a combined classroom lecture, laboratory training and clinical experiences. Students who cannot afford to pay the full tuition of the program can apply for various institutional foundation scholarships. These scholarships have different requirements and coverage in terms of financial assistance. One great example of scholarship program is the Jeanne Abrams Wood Scholarship wherein students who have special talents in music, sports, etc are given the privilege to study for free. This is also applicable to single parents and students who have served the military.

Olympic College

Olympic College is a public higher learning institution in Washington that offers LPN training programs. The school also has an open admission policy where residents can freely apply for any kind of courses available. The good thing about Olympic College is they offer excellent and quality education at an affordable cost. Individuals who want to avail scholarships can seek for financial assistance through the school’s financial aid office. The Workforce Investment Act can also be used at Olympic College where unemployed residents and displaced workers of the state can avail. The WIA will cover the costs of the LPN training program as well as the textbooks, uniforms and medical supplies. Interested students need to meet the requirements of the program in order to qualify for the financial assistance and other kinds of scholarship programs.

South Seattle Community College

The South Seattle Community College is also a higher learning institution where the Workforce Investment Act beneficiaries are welcome to study. This community college has a quality LPN training program for aspiring healthcare professionals. Individuals who are enrolled for the LPN training will go through hours of classroom lectures and laboratory training before they are exposed in the clinical field. The program has four quarters and it will prepare the students for the need of the state. Students under a Workforce Investment Act will have free tuition, textbooks, uniforms and medical supplies. They will be provided with their needs to ensure that they graduate and become a licensed practical nurse in Washington.

Bates Technical College

Bates Technical College has several career training and vocational education options. Individuals who want to become a Licensed Practical Nurse can take a training program through this higher learning institution. The LPN education of Bates Technical College is composed of four quarters. Students who want to avail scholarships can inquire at the school’s financial aid office. They also have a Workforce Investment Act for students who qualify. Most of the time, the scholarship programs of Bates Technical College require good academic standing among its applicants. They also need to prove that they require financial assistance to be considered for the scholarship program.