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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free LPN Training Programs in Texas

CNA Classes in Texas

The state of Texas has a lot to offer. Individuals who cannot find a stable career can take the free LPN programs in Texas to work in the healthcare field. Several hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other medical facilities are in need of Licensed Practical Nurses. Every now and then, these facilities are hiring LPN’s because there is also a growing demand of healthcare services. Hence, unemployed individuals and those who are considered to be displaced workers can apply for these free LPN programs in Texas. The programs can also be availed by high school graduates who want a career in nursing and those who want to take this as a stepping stone for a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.

The free LPN programs in Texas are available at different sources. Several colleges and universities offer academic scholarships to financially needy students who want to finish the course and become a healthcare professional. The application process is competitive because of the limited number of recipients and funds. However, individuals who are not fortunate to avail these free LPN programs in Texas can try to apply for sponsorship programs from organizations and healthcare facilities. Some of them provide free training programs to selected number of applicants, making sure that they will also work for them in a certain period of time. If you cannot find free LPN programs at the moment, try to check these schools below and see if you qualify for their program.

Alvin Community College – Lee Fox Memorial Scholarship

Alvin Community College offers several scholarship programs including the Lee Fox Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship aims to help the students of the college to finish an LPN degree without worrying the tuition costs and other related expenses of the program. Since the healthcare field needs more practical nurses, Lee Fox Memorial Scholarship allows the LPN students to study with financial assistance from the school. Beneficiaries of the scholarship will be personally selected by Alvin Community College’ nursing department, which is based on their financial need and academic performance. Interested applicants have to submit their applications before the start of the program. They also have to be currently enrolled for an LPN program in order to be considered.

Rural Scholar Recognition and Forgiveness Loan Program

Individuals who are residents of Texas need to worry in finding free LPN programs. There are a number of scholarship programs that provide financial assistance to aspiring practical nurses. Individuals who want to work as a Licensed Practical Nurse and would want to be employed in rural locations are qualified for the Rural Scholar Recognition and Forgiveness Loan Program. This type of program invites more individuals to work as an LPN in the rural areas. It will cover the costs of the tuition as well as the expenses for uniforms, books, supplies and monthly allowances. Individuals who are interested for the program should have a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. They should also agree to work in a sponsoring community in a rural location for a certain period of time.

Coastal Bend College – Outreach Scholarships

Coastal Bend College provides several scholarship programs for their students. Individuals who are currently taking a Licensed Practical Nursing program can avail the Outreach Scholarships of the college and be able to take it without having to pay a big amount of money. Students who are doing well in academics are usually granted with this scholarship program. The institution aims to help these individuals achieve their career goals, despite their financial struggles. They wanted to have more graduates from the LPN program, considering that the healthcare field requires several professionals like the LPN’s. Through the Outreach Scholarships, students have an equal opportunity to finish their studies. The application process is quite competitive but successful applicants will receive a good coverage on their tuition fees, books, uniforms and other related expenses. Interested applicants are also requested to submit their applications through the school’s financial aid office.

Clarendon College

Clarendon College is one of the Workforce Investment Act providers in Texas. Individuals who are under the WIA can take an LPN program at this higher learning institution. The LPN program covers a classroom instruction, laboratory training and hands-on clinical experiences. Individuals who want to be a healthcare professional will go through these types of instruction in order to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills. The Workforce Investment Act will cover the expenses of the LPN program including the expenses on books, uniforms and medical supplies. Students who are qualified for the WIA can apply at the school’s financial aid office. They will be required to submit some requirements in order to be considered for the scholarship program.

Central Texas College

Individuals who are under the Workforce Investment Act can apply for an LPN program at Central Texas College. The institution provides a great learning environment for individuals who aspire to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. The LPN program is consist of classroom instruction, laboratory skills training and hands-on clinical experiences. Graduates will be trained and equipped with various nursing fundamentals and skills. They can sit for the licensing exam which will make them eligible to work in various healthcare facilities. Students under the Workforce Investment Act will get the chance to study the LPN for free. Their costs for books, uniforms and supplies will also be covered. However, after obtaining their license as a practical nurse, the WIA recipients must work at any facilities within the state.

Grayson County College

Grayson County College is one of the sources for free LPN programs in Texas. Students who want to avail these free LPN programs need to apply for scholarships from the school’s financial aid office. The school has academic scholarships and employer sponsorship opportunities for qualified students. They also cater those individuals under the Workforce Investment Act. The good thing about Grayson County College is they help the financially needy students who want to finish their studies in the healthcare field. Students simply have to maintain good academic standing all throughout their college education.