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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free LPN Training Programs in South Dakota

CNA Classes in South Dakota

Licensed Practical Nurses have a huge role in the healthcare field. They work alongside with doctors, registered nurses and nursing assistants, to ensure that patients receive the appropriate nursing care. However, the state of South Dakota is experiencing shortages of practical nurses. Despite the economic downturn, several healthcare facilities are constantly hiring LPN’s to cater the patient’s needs, particularly those who require long term care. So to sufficiently provide healthcare professionals to hospitals, nursing homes and even to long term care facilities, several free LPN programs in South Dakota are now available. These free LPN programs will not only help the residents of the state to obtain a stable career but it also helps several facilities to operate without the worries of understaffing.

One of the best ways to get free LPN programs in South Dakota is through the Dakota Corps Scholarship. This kind of scholarship is an initiative of the state to provide employment and retain more individuals in the healthcare field. Rather than moving to another state in America, the residents can avail free LPN programs in South Dakota and receive a good amount of salary and benefits every month. Some colleges and universities are also providing scholarships to exemplary LPN students. These scholarships may require them to maintain a specific average but it can help reduce the cost of the LPN program. Individuals who do not qualify for the Job Corps Scholarships as well as other financial grants providing free LPN programs in South Dakota should explore different options. They can try these programs below and receive financial assistance based on their need.

Nursing Education Assistance Program

The Nursing Education Assistance Program offers financial assistance to nursing students in the state of South Dakota. Since there are not enough nurses in the state, students who are enrolled in an LPN program can seek apply for Nursing Education Assistance Program through the Board of Nursing. Qualified students will be awarded with a minimum of $1,000 per semester, depending on the availability of funds and number of recipients. However, they need to maintain good grades throughout the entire program and should ensure to work in any healthcare facilities of the state. The Nursing Education Assistance Program can be used to various colleges and universities in South Dakota where the LPN program is fully accredited and approved. Students who are interested for this scholarship program can submit their applications through the website or office the state Board of Nursing.

Rita H. Walsh Scholarship

Rita H. Walsh Scholarship is a scholarship program offered by the Nurses Association of South Dakota. This is usually awarded to undergraduate students who are pursuing an LPN program or other kinds of healthcare courses. The scholarship provides financial assistance to students, ranging from $1,000 or more. Interested applicants have to apply through the website of Nurses Association of South Dakota. They also need to submit their requirements before the LPN program starts. Moreover, students have to have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher during their healthcare course. The financial assistance obtained from Rita H. Walsh Scholarship can be used for the LPN tuition cost or to other expenses of the program like books, uniforms and medical supplies.

Pell Grant

The state of South Dakota is encouraging its residents to consider a career in nursing through the LPN program. The good thing about these programs is that students can apply for grants and scholarship opportunities provided by several institutions and organizations. The Pell Grant is a good opportunity for individuals who seek for financial assistance in an LPN program. The grant is for the residents of South Dakota who completed the FASFA and passed the standards required from the program. Pell Grant is usually provided to students who are proven to have a financial need. A certain amount of money will be awarded to individuals who are shortlisted for the grant, and this can be a big help for the tuition costs, books, uniforms and medical supplies. Pell Grant can be used to several colleges and universities in South Dakota. Interested applicants can apply through the school’s financial aid office.

Southwest Technical Institute

The Southwest Technical Institute is offering a Licensed Practical Nursing program that has 59 credits of study. This program combines the classroom instruction to hands-on clinical experience which will take place in an accredited healthcare facility. Students in the program can choose a flexible class schedule, either day time classes or evening classes. They will also benefit from the state of the art facilities of Southwest Technical Institute, including the expert class instructors who will train and facilitate the learning of the students. Individuals who want to seek financial assistance for the LPN program can apply for grants and scholarship programs of the institution. Those who receive help from the Workforce Investment Act are required to contact the workforce advisor to know if they can take the LPN degree with assistance. They are also required to show a financial need to be considered for any grants and scholarship programs.

Lake Area Technical Institute

The Lake Area Technical Institute offers some workforce training programs for individuals who want to work in the healthcare field. The Licensed Practical Nursing program of the institution can be completed in 11 months which covers both classroom instruction and hands-on clinical experience. Students seeking for financial assistance can apply at the school’s financial aid office. Different scholarship funds and grants are being provided to students who are in need financially while finishing an LPN program. The Workforce Investment Act is just one of the ways to get free LPN programs in South Dakota. Individuals who qualify for WIA can enjoy the financial assistance on tuition costs, books, uniforms and medical supplies. The Lake Area Technical Institute provides great facilities and instructors for aspiring healthcare professionals. Graduates of the program will get the chance to take the licensure exam and work in various healthcare facilities.