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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free LPN Training Programs in Rhode Island

CNA Classes in Rhode Island

There has been an increasing need for healthcare professionals in Rhode Island. Even though the economy is not doing well, several healthcare facilities are expanding and hiring more Licensed Practical Nurses. So, to combat the shortage, the government is offering free LPN programs in Rhode Island. This free program aims to invite more individuals to work in the healthcare field. It also provides career opportunities among unemployed individuals and those who want to change their career. However, high school graduates are encouraged to apply as well. The Licensed Practical Nurses in Rhode Island earn a wage of $40,000 to $50,000 a year, with benefits that vary from every employer. It can also be a stepping stone for a career in nursing especially that LPN’s can pursue a bachelor’s degree later on.

The free LPN programs in Rhode Island is offered through the colleges and universities in the state. It comes in different varieties, which means that interested individuals can apply for scholarships from organizations, healthcare facilities or state nursing scholarships. The only thing to remember is that most scholarships require the beneficiaries to maintain a good academic standing or at least complete the program. If you want to take the free LPN programs in Rhode Island, do not settle for one scholarship program rather, take your time to apply from different sources. Check these schools and scholarship programs provided by the state to make your LPN education free at all cost.

Edith M. Allan Scholarships

Edith M. Allan Scholarships is one of the scholarship programs in Rhode Island provided to individuals who want to work in the healthcare field. This scholarship is given to members of the United Methodist Church, which means that applicants have to be a part of the organization for at least three years or more. It is important for interested applicants to have a good academic standing. They need to have a minimum average of B+ to be considered for the scholarship. The Edith M. Allan Scholarship can be used to any colleges or universities in Rhode Island recognizing the financial assistance. Potential applicants who are currently enrolled in an LPN program can inquire at their school’s financial aid office to know its availability and the process of availing it.

Community College of Rhode Island

The Community College of Rhode Island is a participant of the Workforce Investment Act. Individuals who are unemployed for the longest time and those who cannot find a stable career in the state can apply for WIA and study an LPN program. The Licensed Practical Nursing program of the Community College of Rhode Island is a short course training that allows the graduates to work in the healthcare field. This can be completed within a year, combining the classroom instruction with hands-on clinical experience to allow the students learn the various skills and fundamentals of nursing. The Workforce Investment Act will cover the cost of the LPN program and its related expenses on books, uniforms and supplies. It is important for individuals under the WIA to consult their advisor and the community college regarding the process of LPN admission, as well as the necessary requirements of the program.

Willard and Marjorie Scheibe – State Nursing Scholarship

Residents of Rhode Island can obtain state nursing scholarship like the Willard and Marjorie Scheibe. Due to the increasing shortage of practical nurses, individuals who want to obtain an LPN program can apply for this kind of scholarship and pay less for their tuition cost. Willard and Marjorie Scheibe State Nursing Scholarship is only granted to residents of the state, particularly those who have been living in Rhode Island for three years or more. Interested applicants have to show a financial struggle to be considered for the scholarship. They also need to present a good academic standing in their LPN education to ensure that the scholarship is sustained. The amount of money given to the scholars of Willard and Marjorie Scheibe will depend on their available funds and number of applicants. Moreover, this state nursing scholarship can be used at accredited colleges and universities in the state recognizing the program.

Walter & Eileen Jachna Scholarship – Community College of Rhode Island

The Community College of Rhode Island is also offering a Walter & Eileen Jachna Scholarship aside from the Workforce Investment Act. Students who are enrolled at the school for an LPN program can apply for this scholarship, provided that they have completed at least 12 credits or more. However, applicants who have been enrolled for at least 9 credits at the time of applying can be considered as well. The Walter & Eileen Jachna Scholarship aims to help the LPN students finish their program without paying a big amount of money. This is exclusively granted to students who maintain an average of 3.0 and who had a financial struggle. So, deserving students are given with this kind of scholarship. Nevertheless, the school’s financial aid office will be responsible for the application process of the Walter & Eileen Jachna Scholarship therefore, interested applicants can apply through them.

Job Corps at Exeter

The Job Corps at Exeter provides several career training opportunities for deserving students and residents of Rhode Island. Individuals who want to take a free LPN program can apply at Job Corps and receive a scholarship for the healthcare course. The free LPN program is often limited to a number of students per school year so it is important for applicants to apply before the start of classes. High school students, unemployed residents and displaced workers of Rhode Island are welcome to apply at Job Corps. However, they need to maintain a specific average to retain the scholarship. They also need to work in any healthcare facility of the state as a way of return service for the scholarship. The requirements for the scholarship can be obtained from their office at Exeter or through their website. Interested applicants will have their tuition fee covered, as well as the expenses for the books, uniforms and supplies.