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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free LPN Training Programs in Oklahoma

CNA Classes in Oklahoma

There are a lot of unemployed individuals in Oklahoma and the government tries to answer this problem through scholarship programs that allow the residents to work in the healthcare field. Several free LPN programs in Oklahoma are offered to secure employment among high school graduates and unemployed residents. The LPN program allows the graduates to become a Licensed Practical Nurse and earn a good wage later on. Some of these free LPN programs in Oklahoma provide tuition reimbursement, free books, medical supplies and uniforms so students do not have to think of where to get all the expenses. If you want to get this free program, do not stop seeking at various institutions and organizations.

It can be a little difficult to seek for scholarship programs but there is always a program that allows the residents of Oklahoma to work in the healthcare field. The free LPN programs in Oklahoma are provided every now and then. Sometimes, it is offered through private employers in the state where potential students become their practical nurses after getting their licenses. Individuals who want to work as a Licensed Practical Nurse should ensure to meet the requirements needed for the scholarship program. The requirements may vary on the type of program obtained, but some of them require a background check, a high school diploma or GED equivalent, complete immunization and fingerprinting. If you want to know more as to where these free LPN programs in Oklahoma are provided, check these scholarships and grants below or the schools offering it.

The Oklahoma Tuition Aid Program by the Southern Oklahoma Technical School

The Oklahoma Tuition Aid Program can be availed at participating schools of Oklahoma Higher Education System such as the Southern Oklahoma Technical School. This program is a great way to undergo an LPN education for free. Financially needy students are granted with a scholarship because the institution knows that not all individuals are capable of paying the tuition and related costs of the LPN training program. The Oklahoma Tuition Aid Program is also provided to students taking a credit based nursing course like the Licensed Practical Nursing program. The amount of financial assistance given will depend on the student’s financial circumstances and the number of credit hours taken. Interested individuals have to complete an application for a federal financial aid from the school’s financial aid office.

Hurst Reviews / AACN Nursing Scholarship

The Hurst Reviews and AACN Nursing Scholarships are actually provided by two organizations that aim to provide opportunities for underprivileged students in the state of Oklahoma. These nursing scholarship programs will allow the aspiring students hold a nursing license and work in the healthcare field. The Hurst Reviews and AACN Nursing Scholarship can only be availed if an individual is currently enrolled in a higher learning institution that is an AACN member. Successful applicants will receive a maximum $2,500 of financial assistance, which is a big cut in an LPN tuition and related costs. Individuals who are interested for these scholarship programs can apply twice in a year, either in fall or spring semesters, because they grant financial aid assistance on those months.

Promise of Nursing Scholarships

The Promise of Nursing Scholarships can be availed through the Foundation of National Student Nurses’ Association. This kind of program is given to undergraduate students who are enrolled in a nursing degree like the Licensed Practical Nursing program and who cannot pay the entire cost of the training. Interested applicants have to ensure that they are a member of the organization and should actively participate in community service activities. The Promise of Nursing Scholarships will award a certain amount of financial assistance per year. Students who are considered for the program will be evaluated based on their financial need and their performance or grades in the LPN education. The application forms can be downloaded at the association’s website or through the affiliated school’s financial aid office.

Green County Technology Center

Green County Technology Center is an affiliate of the Workforce Investment Act. This program helps the unemployed individuals get back to work through the free LPN program provided by Green County Technology Center. Residents of Oklahoma who are high school graduates, unemployed for a long time and who are also seeking for a different career can apply for a Workforce Investment Act. Once they become one of the recipients of the program, they can take the Licensed Practical Nursing with financial assistance from their tuition and related costs. Applying for the Workforce Investment Act can be done every January, May or September. Individuals who are interested for the program should show financial need and a commitment to become employed in one of the healthcare facilities in Oklahoma.

Eastern Oklahoma State College

Recipients of the Workforce Investment Act should consider Eastern Oklahoma State College for a Licensed Practical Nursing degree. This institution offers an excellent training program for License Practical Nursing, allowing graduates to become a healthcare professional and even pursue a career in nursing. The program can be completed in four semesters or two academic years. Students who receive a scholarship program for Workforce Investment Act will receive financial assistance from their tuition and related costs for their textbooks, uniforms and medical supplies. The LPN program of Eastern Oklahoma State College is an associate degree that allows graduates to advance their training to become a Registered Nurse. Graduates will become equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills for the profession, and be exposed in a clinical setting.

Northern Oklahoma Community College

Northern Oklahoma Community College offers free LPN programs in Oklahoma through the Workforce Investment Act and other various sources for scholarship programs. Individuals can get an Associate Degree upon finishing an LPN program. The Workforce Investment Act of Northern Oklahoma Community College helps the unemployed workers get back to work as soon as they finish the LPN program and become a licensed professional. Individuals who are interested for the program should contact the school to know the availability of WIA.