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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free LPN Training Programs in New York

CNA Classes in New York

Starting a career in New York as a Licensed Practical Nurse is one of the best ways to earn an income of $45,000 per year or more. Nowadays, several individuals have been unemployed and the government provides free LPN programs in New York to address this problem. Becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse provides a lot of opportunities considering that several healthcare facilities are hiring this kind of healthcare professional. The free LPN programs in New York is the perfect way to start a career in the healthcare field. It can be obtained from several sources, particularly from colleges, universities, private organizations and healthcare employers.

Individuals who want to avail scholarship programs or financial assistance should not give up in seeking free LPN programs in New York. These free programs may have limited number of beneficiaries per school year, but they are always present to provide future employment to their residents. The scholarship program is not only limited in providing financial assistance from the LPN program but it may also have other packages like secured employment, monthly allowances, free uniforms, medical supplies and books. Individuals who are high school graduates, unemployed and those who want to shift to a healthcare career are welcome to apply for the free LPN programs in New York. In fact, this can also be a perfect stepping stone for a career in nursing, especially that graduates from the program can take a few years to earn an associate or bachelor’s degree in Nursing. To know some of the institutions providing free LPN programs in New York, inquire from them and know how the requirements for the application.

The 1199SEIU Funds LPN Scholarship

Several healthcare workers, whether retired or currently employed, are receiving ample benefits from their 1199SEIU Fund. This funding program offers variety of educational opportunities for individuals who will be attending and who have been enrolled in a Licensed Practical Nursing education. This scholarship program is limited to a number of students per year and can be availed through the Educational Benefits Administer. Individuals who want to apply for this type of scholarship should meet the requirements of the program and be able to maintain a good standing in their LPN education. The 1199SEIU Funds will provide a good opportunity for students who seek for financial assistance in their tuition as well as their uniforms, textbooks and supplies.

New York City HHC

The New York City HHC is providing Licensed Practical Nursing programs for individuals who are interested in joining the healthcare field. This institution is one of the providers of free LPN programs in New York because they receive appropriate funding from the mayor’s center for economic opportunity. Residents of the state who want to become a practical nurse can apply at this institution and receive an LPN education that runs for eleven months, usually from September to June. The New York City HHC only accepts forty students per school years so interested individuals have to apply as early as possible in order to get a chance to be accepted for the scholarship. It is also necessary to take note on important requirements of the program and the necessary agreement after finishing it. Individuals who are at least 17 years of age are allowed to apply and a contract to work for a certain healthcare facility will be signed after a successful completion.

New York State Memorial Scholarship

The New York State Memorial Scholarship is a scholarship program intended for individuals who had parents serving in the Public Safety Careers and who lost their lives while they are on duty. Public Safety Careers include law enforcement officers, paramedics and EMT’s. Men and women who are qualified for the scholarship program should apply and wait for the funding of their education. The scholarship can be utilized for public education institutes and students can enrol in a certain field of interest like the LPN program. The amount of financial assistance that students receive from the New York State Memorial Scholarship vary to some extent.

Foundation of the Student Nurses Association – Bronx Community College

The Foundation of the Student Nurses Association in Bronx Community College is another kind of scholarship program for individuals who are attending college in nursing or pre-nursing studies. This is actually intended to help the students who are actively involved in any community services related to healthcare finish their studies without compromising their budget. The scholarship program provides a certain amount of financial assistance that can be used for paying the LPN education or other related costs like uniforms, books and supplies. Individuals who successfully get a funding from this foundation should be able to maintain good grades for the entire LPN program. They also have to take note that applications for the said scholarship requires them to pay $10 for the fee.

Hudson Valley Technology Development Center

Hudson Valley Technology Development Center joins the Workforce Investment Act to provide free education to individuals who are struggling with employment and those who are considered to be displaced workers. The institution provides a comprehensive free LPN program that allows graduates to become a licensed healthcare professional in the state. They have state of the art facilities that will enhance the learning experience of their students and ensure good performance in their clinical rotation and exams. Individuals who are interested for the Workforce Investment Act in Hudson Valley Technology Development Center should ask and apply from the school’s admissions office or financial aid office.

Duchess Community College

Duchess Community College is among the providers of free LPN programs in New York through their Workforce Investment Act. This community college offers a wide range of career training programs that allows the students to apply for a four-year institution of learning. The LPN tract, which is a short course program, has 500 hours of instruction that combines both classroom lectures and hands-on clinical experience. Individuals who are under the Workforce Investment Act will receive the same amount of training. They will have to maintain good performance in their LPN education and ensure to complete the program as soon as possible.