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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free LPN Training Programs in Maryland

CNA Classes in Maryland

Maryland is one of the states in the United States having a shortage of healthcare professionals such as Licensed Practical Nurses. The state has been working on this demand and provided several free LPN programs in Maryland in order to address the problem. Residents who are unemployed or who wanted a more stable and fulfilling job can take this program and work as a Licensed Practical Nurse in hospitals, nursing homes, or long term care facilities. They can also pursue a career in nursing in order to be a Registered Nurse. The good thing about becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse is the countless job opportunities and higher than average salary rate. If you want to work in special areas, you can also undergo trainings and be able to receive higher wages. You just have to finish the program and pass the certification exam in order to work as a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Nevertheless, free LPN programs in Maryland can be availed through the Workforce Shortage Student Assistance Grant Program. Residents of the state who are also interested to take a career in the healthcare field can apply for the program in order to be funded with their education. There are also a lot of grants and scholarships provided by some schools and foundations. If you want to receive funding from these institutions, you have to apply and complete the requirements in order to be considered. The free LPN programs in Maryland comes in different forms. Some of it provides full scholarships while others just provides a certain amount of financial assistance for the entire year. Try to know these scholarship programs and apply to obtain the assistance you need for the LPN degree.

Tuition Reduction for Non Resident Students

Tuition Reduction for Non Resident Students is a kind of program for individuals who are attending a two or four year degree in any schools in Maryland. This is exclusively made available to students who are not residents of the state. The program aims to help reduce the cost of the LPN training in order to allow the economically disadvantaged students to finish it without hassles. It is one of the free LPN programs in Maryland that provides the non-residents of the state an opportunity to finish a degree and work in the healthcare field. Individuals who are under this scholarship are required to work full time or part time at any healthcare providers in Maryland. The length of service required from them is 2 to 4 years, depending on the coverage of the scholarship they obtain. The application process is meticulous thus, students should be able to meet the program to be considered.

NursingHomeAbuse.Net Awareness and Prevention Scholarship

This kind of scholarship provides financial assistance to qualified students who want to finish a degree in the healthcare field. The financial assistance amounts to $5,000 which can be used to pay for the tuition or other educational related expenses. Students under the program must provide a strong desire to fight or prevent nursing home abuse. They should also show consistency with their grades in order to be considered. Applicants of the said program will have the privileged to undergo a free LPN program at any schools in Maryland that recognizes this scholarship. The financial assistance will be given to qualified individuals who pass the screening process.

Anne Arundel Community College

Anne Arundel Community College is one of the providers of free LPN programs in Maryland. The college has several institutional scholarships which help students pay their tuition for the entire LPN program. High school graduates, unemployed individuals or non-traditional students can apply for scholarships and will be awarded based on their reasons. They must submit an application and wait to be shortlisted. Nonetheless, the LPN program of Anne Arundel Community College provides hands-on training and clinical experiences to aspiring students. Students under this program will have the opportunity to undergo a combined classroom lecture and clinical exposure, which makes them equip with the profession. Scholars under the program are required to meet the qualifications of the program and be able to maintain a good performance all throughout the study.

Baltimore City Community College

Baltimore City Community College is a provider of Workforce Investment Act. This kind of program helps the displaced workers and residents who have been unemployed for the longest time and who want to begin a new career through the LPN degree. Individuals who are under this program can take the LPN degree for 54 weeks and take the certification exam. They will also be exposed in a clinical setting after finishing the number of hours for classroom lectures. The WIA program of Baltimore City Community College is a great opportunity to take the program for free and work in the healthcare field. Only few students will be given this opportunity every year so those who were not shortlisted can try another year or consider other scholarship options.

Allegany College of Maryland

Allegany College of Maryland is also recognizing the Workforce Investment Act. Individuals who are under this program can take a free LPN program at this institution and become a Licensed Practical Nurse later on. The program allows the individuals to take an LPN degree and finish the course with financial assistance from tuition, uniforms, books and medical supplies. They will be trained similarly with regular students and be able to experience a combined classroom teaching, laboratory training and clinical exposure. The good side of a Workforce Investment Act beneficiary is the chance to build another career and pursue a job that provides stability and growth.

Hagerstown Community College

Hagerstown Community College is one of the providers of free LPN programs in Maryland. They cater students who are under the WIA and guide them in becoming a healthcare professional. The LPN program of Hagerstown Community College is a one year comprehensive education that combines classroom training to real-life clinical rotations. Individuals who are under the program will have the chance to know the profession and become a Licensed Practical Nurse.