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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free LPN Training Programs in Colorado

CNA Classes in ColoradoYou are making a good choice if you are thinking about going to school in Colorado to become an LPN. An LPN in Colorado makes an average of $40,000. There are opportunities to earn even higher salaries than this amount. You can have a rewarding career as an LPN when living in Colorado. You can even look for free LPN training options by finding ways to finance your education that do not cost you any money.

Free LPN Training Program Scholarships in Colorado

Healthcare professionals are always in high demand and as such it is not always hard to find scholarship opportunities if you are entering into a healthcare field. You should use some of the online scholarship searches to help you find opportunities for which you could apply. The searches will ask you a wide range of questions in order to find scholarship matches for you. You should apply for as many scholarships as possible. Hopefully you will win some of those scholarships to help you pay for your LPN training.

Colorado State Nursing Scholarship-American Legion Auxiliary

Students can contact their local American Legion Unit in order to obtain an application and details for this scholarship. This program is for nursing students who were veterans or children of those who were. It is necessary to be a high school senior to apply for this fund. This is a non-renewable award program and as such, you can only win once. Multiple awards are given out. each year to reach more students Those who win will receive from $2500-$5000 to be used towards their tuition.

CHAHRM Scholarship

Colorado Healthcare Association for Human Resource Management gives out scholarships in the amount of $1000 for students in allied health programs including students enrolled in nursing programs. The organization was founded to help create networking options for those working in healthcare administration. Individuals who would like to apply for this scholarship during open application times should visit All application instructions must be followed carefully to ensure that the applicant is considered for a scholarship.

Talk to Your Employer

If you are currently working in a healthcare industry, you might be able to receive help from your employer to pay for your education. If your employer needs motivated and qualified licensed practical nurses, you can ask if they would help to pay for your education to become an LPN if you would then work for the employer as an LPN for an agreed upon amount of time. Many employers offer tuition reimbursement plans and even if they do not, you have nothing to lose by discussing potential opportunities with your employer.

Financial Aid Office

You should always meet with the financial aid office for any schools in which you are interested in applying for acceptance to an LPN program. They can help to provide you with the information you need to apply for grants and any other forms of financial aid. A financial aid officer should also be able to point you in the direction of any other opportunities that might be available to you to help pay for your education.

Free LPN Programs with WIA (Workforce Investment Act)

Some schools that provide financial aid either through their own programs or through Workforce Investment Act:

Lamar Community College

Lamar Community college offers training and degree options for individuals wishing to pursue a career as a nurse. There is an Associate of Applied Science Degree available to qualified applicants. Individuals can complete just one academic year of if they are looking to be able to meet qualifications to sit for the LPN exam. The year of training will include the necessary nursing practicums. Students can continue their education and complete the Associate Degree in order to be able to sit for the RN exam. This community college first established a nursing program back in 1989. At that time they only offered a practical nursing option. There are financial aid options available to students who qualify. Public and private scholarships are also available and there are often many scholarships specifics for student training to work as nurses.

Community College of Denver

The LPN training program offered through the Community College of Denver covers 3 semesters of studies. Students will need to complete a total of 49 credits for which they will have classes, lab time and clinical experience training. Students can rest assured that they will be provided with all the skills they need to work successfully as a Practical Nurse. Students at the Community College of Denver will always receive the necessary student support services to complete their academics successfully. Students will always be able to receive help with other aspects of their education as well. LPN students will spend time working at local healthcare facilities receiving clinical instruction supervised by their instructors.

Emily Griffith Opportunity School

The Emily Griffith Opportunity School offers a Licensed Practical Nurse training program. This program includes 41 program credits. It typically takes about 10 months for students to finish all required classes and clinical experience needed to sit for the licensing exam for practical nurses. The practical nursing program was last noted as costing a little over $7.000. There are financial aid opportunities as well as scholarships for which individuals can apply. Some students who are currently not working can receive help to pay for training through the Workforce Investment Act. There are opportunities for individuals to receive vocational rehabilitation. These are just a few types of financial assistance types available. Students who are looking for information on how to apply and register for the LPN program should contact Jean Butler in the Registration Center on the second floor.