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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free LPN Training Programs in Alabama

CNA Classes in Alabama

There are excellent job prospects for individuals who wish to work as an LPN.  Licensed Practical Nurses have more duties and responsibilities than nursing assistants.  As such, an LPN can earn as much as $50,000 per year depending on your experience and the location where you work.  Licensed Practical nurses are in high demand.  If you want a job in the healthcare industry where you can put your compassion and skills to work, consider a career as an LPN.  There are even ways to receive your LPN training for free.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Many of the LPN courses in Alabama are offered through community colleges and other institutions of higher learning.  If you are will be receiving credits for the coursework you must take to become an LPN, you can apply for financial aid.  Sometimes you will receive enough money through grants to cover the entire cost of your tuition.  If you are attending a nursing school, you should apply for any financial aid packages that are available though the school and through the state of Alabama.

Do not forget the value of applying for scholarships if you are going to school to become an LPN.  You should apply for all scholarships for which you might qualify at your school.  Check with local organizations, employers and other groups to which you belong for scholarship opportunities as well.  If your financial aid is not enough to cover all of your tuition, scholarships might be the key to making up the difference.

Students can find state and local scholarship programs for nurses when living in Alabama.  They can also find privately sponsored programs for healthcare and nursing students.  Some federally funded scholarship and grant programs can also aid individuals in paying for their nursing training.

Alabama State Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship is available to nursing students at the University of Alabama.  The program is intended to provide award money to help lower tuition costs.  Students should contact the nursing department at the school to learn if they are eligible to apply for this scholarship.  Students must agree that they will work as a nurse in Alabama for no less than one year after becoming a nurse.  Otherwise, the scholarship money must be paid back as a loan.

Military Reserves Scholarships

If an individual is currently in a brach of the military reserves, they should see what nursing scholarships are available to them.  There are typically nursing scholarship opportunities that can help an individual to pay some of the tuition and related expenses pertaining to obtaining a degree in nursing.  The student can also receive some level of stipend each month to help them pay their other living expenses which they work hard to obtain their nursing degree.

Your Employer

If you are currently working in the healthcare industry and wish to train as a nurse, you should talk to your employer.  Your employer might consider paying for the cost of your education or at least paying for a portion of your tuition.  This is most likely if you are a good worker and very motivated.  Some healthcare providers even offer tuition assistance programs to their employees.  You will most likely need to then work as an LPN for a year or more for your employer since they have paid for your training.

Do not give up your dream of becoming an LPN.  You will be able to find ways to receive your education for free!

The following training centers are approved by the federal workforce investment act (applicable in Alabama). Depending on your age and requirements you might be eligible to qualify for free or subsidized training from these providers.

Alabama Southern Community College in Thomasville Campus

Alabama Southern Community College was created when two community colleges merged over 20 years ago.  This community college provides a great way for individuals to train for a career or to start earning credits at a great rate before transferring to a to a four-year college.  Nursing degrees are among the academic programs offered at Alabama Southern Community College.  The LPN program involves one academic year of study.  Students will learn from leading instructors and benefit from the college’s cutting edge labs.  Individuals who would like to learn more about the LPN Program are encouraged to contact Nancy Torrey, BSN, MSN at 334- 637-3158.  Other nursing program options are available for those wishing to have a more advanced career.

Bevill State Community College in Hamilton, AL

Bevill State Community College was first created in 1992 and has grown to serve students with multiple campus locations.  The college strives to help students of all ages and from all walks of life to reach their educational and career goals.  Bevill State Community College also works to enrich lives of anyone who attends the college.  Bevill State prepares students for a range of career opportunities.  Among those career opportunities is their LPN program.  This program covers 72 credit hours and will last 3 to 4 semesters.  This is a competitive program for which students must meet a variety of admission requirements.

Bishop State Community College in Mobile, AL

Bishop State Community College is located in Alabama and is able to offfer four different campuses and additional training center locations.  This college started as a venue for in-service training in Mobile Alabama.  The training was offered to African American teachers.  This school grew to serve students throughout the state and beyond and to offer a range of degree and career training options.  One of the most popular training program is a 3 semester and 49 credit hour LPN program.  This program will cost at least $10,162 in total.  Students can apply for financial aid, scholarships and government programs for financial assistance.  The LPN program is available through Baker-Gaines Central Campus.  Call for more information:  251- 405-4495 .

  • Central Alabama Community College
    Childersburg Campus
  • Gadsden State Community College
    McClellan Campus
    Anniston, Al
  • Lawson State Community College LPN Training
    Bessemer Campus
  • Northwest Shoals Community College
    Muscle Shoals, Alabama
  • Shelton State Community College
    Main Campus (Martin)
    Tuscaloosa, Al
  • Wallace State Community College
    Eufaula (Sparks) Campus
  • Wallace State Community College
    Hanceville Campus

Workforce Investment Office in Alabama
Alabama Office of Workforce Development
135 South Union Street
Room 161 (P.O. Box 302130 Zip 36130-2130)
Montgomery,  AL  36130-2130