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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in West Virginia

CNA Classes in West Virginia

In West Virginia, people have periodically suffered from unemployment and a lack of jobs. Although the government is taking action, the need for a stable career is still apparent. For this reason, it can be a good option to choose a career in the healthcare field. Hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities are in great need of Certified Nursing Assistants who can provide primary care to patients and residents. This profession is not difficult to attain and the program itself runs only a few weeks. Hence, even the employed can shift their careers and become a Certified Nursing Assistant in a short period of time.

The program is not expensive compared to a university degree. Some institutions even provide free CNA classes in West Virginia to fill their employment needs and educate nursing assistants. However, you must make sure that the institution is approved by the state and allows you to be eligible for the certification exam. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is a great answer to unemployment in West Virginia, and it can be a perfect opportunity for those seeking a stable career and good annual income.

Institutions with Low Cost & Free CNA Classes in West Virginia:

John D. Rockefeller Career Center – New Cumberland

John D. Rockefeller Career Center offers various training programs including a nursing aide training course. This center in New Cumberland is dedicated to providing training options for individuals who want to gain employment in the state of West Virginia. The CNA training course is a four to five weeks program that allows students to acquire the knowledge and skills of the profession. They will be trained by a Registered Nurse to observe the proper way to handle different patients with a variety of needs. Those who complete the program can sit for the certification exam. Individuals seeking financial aid or scholarships should discuss it with the center. Most programs cover the entire cost of the training. Applicants must be academically competent and financially strapped. The school usually grant financial assistance to a few students who deserve support.

North Central West Virginia Opportunities Industrialization Center

North Central West Virginia Opportunities Industrialization Center offers various training opportunities for individuals desiring to gain employment in the state. The center aims to provide certificates and skills training, including a CNA course. This course allows students to learn more about the profession and become a qualified nursing assistant in a few weeks. They will be trained under the supervision of a Registered Nurse, especially during the clinical rotation. They will also be taught the skills needed to equip them for the profession and the certification exam. The CNA training program at this center is usually free. Applicants have to show financial need and a good academic record to be considered. North Central West Virginia Opportunities Industrialization Center has been offering free CNA training to unemployed individuals in the state. Interested applicants can submit an application even before the start of the program.

Elkins Rehabilitation and Care Center

Elkins Rehabilitation and Care Center offers an approved CNA training program for individuals wishing to become a qualified nursing assistant. This program includes classroom lectures, laboratory skills training and clinical rotations in an accredited healthcare facility. Students are required to be physically fit and free from any criminal record before they are admitted to the program. They should also submit a high school diploma or a GED to sit for the certification exam. Students who successfully become a Certified Nursing Assistant can apply at Elkins Rehabilitation and Care Center. The institution is hiring CNA’s from time to time to cater to the needs of patients who require long-term care. However, most individuals undergoing the CNA training program at this facility receive immediate employment. They do not pay for the training, but they must be willing to work at Elkins Rehabilitation and Care Center in exchange for the program obtained.

Boone Healthcare Center

Boone Healthcare Center has a free CNA classes in West Virginia that allow individuals to become an eligible nursing assistant in the state of WV. Anyone interested in this course should apply as the institution provides employment right after. Successful applicants will go through classroom lectures, laboratory training, and clinical rotations. They are required to have a total attendance and a passing 80% grade on all exams during the training. Once finished, a certification exam follows. Passing this exam means becoming a nursing assistant and having a career at Boone Healthcare Center. The institution provides employment for the deserving, particularly those who performed better in the training program. However, most of the students are offered a job. Thus, individuals interested in the free CNA training program must be willing to work in the facility for a specified period.

Dunbar Care and Rehabilitation Center

Dunbar Care and Rehabilitation Center offers a paid CNA training to satisfy their need for nursing assistants. Individuals wanting a stable career can grab this opportunity and finish the entire program to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. They have to apply and pass the screening tests and interviews. However, once accepted they will be trained in the profession and learn the skills needed to care for patients. The free CNA classes in West Virginia at Dunbar Care and Rehabilitation Center takes a couple of weeks to finish. During the program, they have to be present all the time and should get 80% on all exams and short tests. This is required to as the institution wants to hire people who are competent and capable of handling different types of patients. Individuals who avail the paid CNA training of Dunbar Care and Rehabilitation Center should be willing to work in the facility after becoming certified.

New River Community and Technical College

New River Community and Technical College is offering a free CNA training program to combat the shortage of nursing assistants in the state of West Virginia. The free training is provided through various scholarship programs funded by public and private organizations. Students who want to secure financial assistance should be currently enrolled in a CNA program at New River Community and Technical College. These individuals should show excellent academic performance, with a GPA of 2.5 or higher, Furthermore, they must be financially needy to be considered for funding. The scholarship programs of New River Community and Technical College vary. Some cover a certain amount of the tuition while others pay the entire cost. It is important for students to know that undergoing a free CNA training program is quite challenging yet fulfilling. There may be some requirements; but once met, the scholarships will help students finish a CNA training program for free.

Charleston Job Corps Center

Charleston Job Corps Center offers a free nurse’s aide training that allows graduates to secure a job in the healthcare field as nursing assistants. The program can be completed in a few weeks, with classroom instruction combined with hands-on clinical practice. Students get a grasp of the basic nursing concepts and skills needed for CNA practice. These individuals will be trained by the best clinical instructors with years of experience in the medical field. Availing a free CNA training program at Charleston Job Corps Center is a great privilege to study at no cost. The facility pays the entire tuition and covers the cost of uniforms, manuals, books, supplies, training allowances and accommodations. Interested applicants must be at least 16 to 24 years old, with no communicable disease or criminal record. The free CNA training of Charleston Job Corps Center is available year round, and applicants can submit an application at any time.

Roane General Hospital

Roane General Hospital provides a free CNA training program to prospective nursing assistants. Applicants chosen for the program receive a paid CNA training and job contract after becoming certified. These individuals must be willing to work in the facility in exchange for the free CNA training. Roane General Hospital is a recognized healthcare facility in West Virginia requiring multiple nursing assistants. Interested applicants must be at least high school graduates with a clean criminal record and no communicable disease. Most of the time, candidates are screened on their credentials and qualifications. The number of accepted applicants is based on CNA positions available in the facility. However, undergoing a free CNA training at this healthcare facility is an opportunity to work as a nursing assistant right away, without paying for the tuition, uniforms, supplies, or books. The service also pays the expense of the certification exam, which takes place after program completion.

Mound View Health Care, Inc.

The free CNA training program of Mound View Health Care, Inc. is exclusively offered to individuals qualified to become a part of the healthcare team. Since they need nursing assistants to care for patients, the facility provides free training approved by the state Board of Nursing. This program is equal to the CNA training offered by colleges and schools in West Virginia. The only difference is that graduates of the program receive immediate employment at Mound View Health Care, Inc. Thus, interested applicants must meet the qualifications of the program and be willing to work in the facility for a specified period. Most of the time, Mound View looks for applicants who are unemployed with good academic performance. They are screened according to their credentials, and qualified candidates receive appropriate training equiping them for the profession.

Nellas Nursing Home

Nellas Nursing Home offers a free CNA training program that enables graduates to work as nursing assistants in the facility. The program can be completed in a few weeks and incorporates classroom instruction with hands-on clinical practice. Applicants of the program have to be willing to work at Nellas Nursing Home as an agreement for the free CNA class obtained. Typically, these individuals have to be at least a high school graduate with no criminal record or communicable disease. The facility looks for prospective CNAs who meet the requirements of the state. Once they pass the application process, qualified candidates will be trained by instructors who are either Certified Nursing Assistants or Registered Nurses. Students will be exposed to different areas of the facility with supervision from these trainers. Taking a free CNA training program at Nellas Nursing Home is often challenging, but successful applicants get the privilege to train for free.

Eldercare Health and Rehabilitation

Eldercare Health and Rehabilitation is offering a free CNA training program that allows individuals to take the certification exam for nursing assistants. The program covers classroom instruction, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical practice, which enable students to become equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the demands of the profession. Interested applicants can submit their applications at the facility’s human resources department and wait to be shortlisted. Among the requirements needed to avail the free CNA training are a high school diploma, physical exam, criminal background check, and complete immunization record. Qualified candidates receive appropriate training that will prepare them for the certification exam. They will be trained by clinical instructors who will serve as mentors throughout the program. They will also be guided in their certification exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Applicants of the program should be willing to work in the facility which often provides direct employment after becoming a CNA.

All West Virginia State Approved CNA Programs

Baker, WVEa Hawse Nursing Rehabilitation CenterPo Box 70304-897-5903
Beckley , WVJackie Withrow Hospital105 S Eisenhower Drive304-256-6600
Beckley, WVHarper Mills100 Heartland Drive304-256-1650
Beckley, WVPine Lodge405 Stanaford Road304-252-6317
Beckley, WVValley College - Beckley120 New River Town Center, Suite C304-252-9547
Belmont, WVCarehaven Of Pleasants506 Riverview Drive304-665-2065
Berkeley Springs, WVBerkeley Springs Center456 Autumn Acres Road304-258-3673
Bluefield, WVMaples Nursing Home1600 Bland Rd304-327-2485
Bridgeport, WVBridgeport Health Care Center1000 S Maplewood Dr304-842-3145
Bridgeport, WVMeadowview Manor41 Crestview Terrace304-842-7101
Bridgeport, WVUs Nursing Network14 Chenoweth Dr304-623-5777
Brooks, WVSummers County High School1 Bobcat Drive304-466-6040
Buckhannon, WVFred W Eberle Technical Center-secondaryRoute 5 Box 2304-472-1259
Buckhannon, WVHolbrook Nursing Home346 South Florida Street304-472-3280
Cameron, WVCameron Nursing And Rehabilitation CenterRr3 Box 20304-686-3318
Charles Town, WVWillow Tree Manor1263 South George Street304-725-6575
Charleston, WVEastbrook Center3819 Chesterfield Ave.304-925-4771
Charleston, WVGarnet Career Center422 Dickerson Street304-348-6195
Charleston, WVValley Center1000 Lincoln Drive304-768-4400
Clarksburg, WVClarksburg Nursing And Rehabilitation Center801 Davission Run Road304-624-6500
Clarksburg, WVHealth Consultants PlusPo Box 1088304-782-3765
Clarksburg, WVRiver Oaks100 Parkway Drive304-624-6601
Clarksburg, WVUnited Technical CenterRoute 3 Box 43c304-326-7583
Cora, WVMed-care Training Center1109 Holden Road304-239-3225
Craigsville, WVNicholas County Career And Technical Center215 Milam Addition Road304-742-5416
Culloden, WVCabell Health Care Center30 Hidden Brook Way304-721-2171
Daniels, WVRaleigh CenterPo Box 741, 1631 Ritter Drive304-763-3051
Danville, WVHillcrest Healthcare Center462 Kenmore Dr304-369-0986
Dunbar, WVBen Franklin Career Center500 28th Street304-766-0369
Elkins, WVElkins Regional Convalescent Center1175 Beverly Pike304-636-1391
Elkins, WVNella's Nursing Home200 Whitman Avenue304-636-2033
Elkins, WVRandolph County Vo-tech Center200 Kennedy Drive304-636-9195
Fairmont, WVPierpont Center1543 Country Club Road304-363-2273
Fairmont, WVTygart Center1543 Country Club Road304-366-9100
Fayetteville, WVFayette Nursing Rehabilitation Center100 Hresan Blvd304-574-0770
Follansbee, WVBrightwood Center840 Lee Road304-527-1100
Foster, WVBoone Career And Technical Center3505 Daniel Boone Parkway, Suite B304-369-4585
Foster, WVBoone Career And Technical Center-am3535 Daniel Boone Pkwy, Suite B304-369-4585
Foster, WVBoone County And Technical Center-pm3535 Daniel Boone Pkwy, Suite B304-369-4585
Franklin, WVPendleton Manor68 Good Samaritan Drive304-358-2322
Glen Dale, WVJohn Marshall High School1300 Wheeling Avenue304-843-4444
Glenville, WVGlenville Center111 Fairground Road304-462-5718
Grafton, WVGrafton City Hospital500 Market Street304-265-0400
Grafton, WVRosewood Center8 Rosewood Street304-265-0095
Grafton, WVTaylor County Technical Center115 Luby Street304-265-1050
Harrisville, WVPine View Nursing And Rehabilitation CenterPo Box 200 / 400 Mckinley Street304-643-2712
Hilltop, WVHilltop CenterSaddle Shop Road/po Box 125304-469-2966
Hinton, WVSummers Nursing And Rehabilitation Center, LlcPo Box 1240304-466-0332
Huntington, WVHeritage Center101 13th Street304-525-7622
Huntington, WVHuntington Health And Rehabilitation1720 17th Street304-529-6031
Hurricane, WVPutnam Center300 Seville Road304-757-6805
Hurricane, WVTeays Valley Center590 North Poplar Fork Road304-757-7826
Keyser, WVMineral County Vo-tech Center600 Harley O Staggers Drive304-788-4240
Kingwood, WVPine Ridge300 Miller Road304-329-3195
Kingwood, WVPreston High School400 Preston Drive304-329-0400
Kingwood, WVPreston Memorial Hospital150 Memorial Drive304-329-1400
Le Roy, WVRoane-jackson Technical Center4800 Spencer Road304-372-7335
Lindside, WVMonroe County Technical CenterRoute 1 Box 97304-753-9971
Logan , WVLogan CenterPo Box 540304-752-2273
Logan, WVTrinity Health Care Services Of Logan1000 West Park Ave304-752-8723
Marlinton, WVPocahontas CenterRoute 1 Box 500304-799-7375
Martinsburg, WVCare Haven Center2720 Charles Town Road304-263-0933
Martinsburg, WVClary Grove209 Clover St304-263-8921
Martinsburg, WVJames Rumsey Technical Institute3274 Hedgesville Road304-754-7925
Martinsburg, WVValley College-martinsburg287 Aikens Center304-263-0979
Montgomery, WVMontgomery General Elderly CarePo Box 1010 Sixth Avenue And Adams Street304-442-2469
Moorefield, WVEastern Wv Community & Technical College316 Eastern Drive304-434-8000
Morgantown, WVMadison Center161 Bakers Ridge Road304-285-0692
Morgantown, WVMapleshire Nursing And Rehabilitation30 Mon Gen Drive304-285-2720
Moundsville, WVMound View Health Care2200 Floral Street304-843-1035
New Cumberland, WVJohn D Rockefeller Iv Vo-tech Center95 Rockyside Road304-564-3337
New Martinsville, WVNew Martinsville Health Care Center225 Russell Avenue304-455-2600
Oak Hill, WVFayette Institute Of Technology300 West Olyer Avenue304-469-2911
Oak Hill, WVHidden Valley Center422 23rd Street304-465-1903
Ona, WVProfessional Healthcare Dev-refresher Course OnlyP.o. Box 399304-733-6145
Parkersburg , WVEagle Pointe1600 27th Street304-485-6476
Parkersburg, WVOhio Valley Health Care222 Nicolett Road304-485-5137
Parkersburg, WVParkersburg Care Center1716 Gihon Road304-485-5511
Parkersburg, WVWillows Center723 Summers Street304-428-5573
Parkersburg, WVWood County Technical And Career Center1515 Blizzard Drive304-420-9500
Parkersburg, WVWorthington Nursing & Rehabilitation Center2675 36th Street304-485-7447
Parkersburg, WVWvu-parkersburg Community Education300 Campus Drive304-424-8266
Petersburg, WVGrant Rehabilitation And Care Center127 Early Avenue304-257-4233
Petersburg, WVSouth Branch Career And Technical Center401 Pierpont Street304-257-1331
Philippi, WVMansfield Place#1 Healthcare Dr304-457-8220
Philippi, WVPhilip Barbour Career Technical Cen (High School)25 Horseshoe Drive304-457-4807
Pineville, WVKnights EnrichmentHcr 62 Box 200304-732-8050
Pineville, WVWyoming County Career And Technical Center1207 Bearhold Road304-732-8050
Point Pleasant, WVMason County Vocational Center281 Scenic Drive304-675-3039
Point Pleasant, WVPleasant Valley Nursing And Rehab640 Sandhill Rd304-675-5236
Princeton, WVMercer County Technical Education Center1397 Stafford Drive304-425-9551
Princeton, WVPrinceton Health Care Center315 Courthouse Road304-487-3458
Princeton, WVValley College-princeton617 Mercer Street304-425-2323
Rainelle, WVMeadow Gardens606 Pennsylvania Avenue304-438-6127
Ravenswood, WVRavenswood Village200 South Ritchie Ave304-428-5573
Richwood, WVNicholas County Nursing And Rehabilitation Center18 4th Street304-846-2668
Ripley, WVEldercare Health & Rehab107 Miller Dr304-372-5115
Romney, WVHampshire High School157 Trojan Way304-822-3979
Ronceverte, WVBrier Rehabilitation & Nursing Center601 Rocky Hill Road304-645-7270
Saint Marys, WVMid-ohio Valley Technical InstitutePo Box 29304-684-2464
Salem, WVSalem Center255 Sunbrdige Drive304-782-3000
Shepherdstown, WVCanterbury Center80 Maddox Dr304-876-9422
Sistersville, WVSistersville Center201 Wood Street304-652-1032
Smithers, WVValley High School1 Greyhound Lane304-442-8284
South Charleston, WVBridgevalley Ctc-montogomery Campus1201 Science Park Drive304-205-6666
Spencer, WVMiletree Center825 Summitt Street304-927-1007
Summersville, WVFamily Learning Center70 Friends -r-fun Dr304-872-7060
Sutton, WVBraxton Healthcare Center859 Days Drive304-765-2861
Thomas, WVCortland Acres Nursing HomeHc 60 Box 98304-463-4181
Upperglade, WVWebester County High School-amOne Highlander Drive304-226-5772
Weirton, WVWeirton Geriatric Center2525 Pennsylvania Avenue304-723-4300
Welch, WVMcdowell County Techincal CenterDrawer V304-436-6180
Welch, WVMcdowell County Vocational Technical Center#1 Stadium Drive304-436-3488
Wellsburg, WVBrooke High School29 Bruin Drive304-527-1410
Wellsburg, WVWellsburg CenterRr 2, Box 44304-394-5322
West Columbia, WVLakin HospitalOne Bateman Circle304-675-0860
Wheeling, WVGood Shepherd Nursing Home159 Edgington Lane304-242-1093
Wheeling, WVPeterson Rehab Hospital And Geriatric Center20 Homestead Ave304-234-0556
Wheeling, WVWheeling Park High School1976 Park View Road304-243-0400
White Sulphur Springs, WVWhite Sulphur345 Pocahontas Trail304-536-4661
Williamson, WVTug Valley High School555 Panther Ave304-235-2266