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CNA Training & Classes | September 23, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Washington

CNA Classes in Washington

Even though some jobs are quite limited in the state of Washington, the healthcare industry is hiring a lot of Certified Nursing Assistants. This healthcare professional is responsible for providing primary care to patients like grooming, bathing, feeding, vital signs taking, and many other daily tasks. They work alongside doctors, LPN’s and nurses to ensure quality service at all times. But before working as a CNA, there is a required training program and a certification exam for eligibility. This training program is a short course that covers basic nursing skills and principles that every CNA should possess. It takes a few weeks to complete, including a clinical rotation in an accredited facility.

The good thing about the program is that it can be obtained from many schools in Washington. One can undergo classes at a community college, vocational school, university, or even in hospital and nursing home. Just make sure that this institution is approved by the state to provide the training so you are ready to sit for the certification exam. Once everything is completed, you can apply to any healthcare facility in the state. Choose the right school or healthcare facility that suits your needs.

Institutions with Low Cost & Free CNA Classes in Washington:

Seni Training Center

Seni Training Center offers low-cost and almost free CNA classes in Washington to individuals looking for an affordable training option. The tuition rates are reasonable and the training course is superb. Students are instructed over four to five weeks about the profession and they are supervised by a Registered Nurse during their clinical rotations. Skills tuaght in the training are CPR certification, first aid, moving and lifting patients, vital signs monitoring, personal hygiene, grooming, feeding, medical terminology and many others. Once students complete the course without absences or failures on short tests, the institution will allow them to take the certification exam which can be their key to becoming a qualified nursing assistant. Students taking the free CNA training program are expected perform well in both academic and clinical practices. Seni Training Center provides several scholarship opportunities to deserving students who require financial assistance for their CNA education.

Nursing Assistant Training Institute – Shoreline

The Nursing Assistant Training Institute – Shoreline was founded by a Registered Nurse named Christina Spencer. It aims to prepare individuals for a bright career as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the healthcare field. Students will go through classroom lectures, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical experiences. The institution invites guest speakers during the training so that aspiring CNA’s will learn more about their chosen career path. They also have basic activities and skills simulations to enhance their knowledge about patient handling. The tuition fee for the program is $695, but scholarships and grants can be obtained depending on availability. Students who are interested in the free CNA training program can submit an application at the admission’s office. These individuals have to be financially in need and should demonstrate excellence in academics. Scholarships and grants vary in the amount of financial assistance. Students can apply to these programs depending on their need.

The Highline Community College

The Highline Community College is offering a nursing assistant program with a 12-credit course. The course is divided into five credit hours for nursing assistant theory, six credit hours of nursing assistant practicum and one credit hour for dementia care. Students are required to complete the entire program to take the certification exam. Skills are taught during the whole course to prepare them for the profession. An approximate cost of $1050 for tuition is required per student, but scholarships and grants can be availed to lessen the expense. These programs are available through the college to support aspiring nursing assistants who cannot pay in full. Interested applicants have to demonstrate financial need and good academic performance. Students living outside the state of Washington pay higher fees compared to those living within the vicinity. All candidates must abide the rules and requirements of the institution to gain admission to the program.

Alaska Gardens Health and Rehabilitation

Alaska Gardens Health and Rehabilitation is one of the healthcare facilities offering free CNA classes in Washington. This is done to compensate for the on-going need for nursing assistants, especially during a time when only a few people are choosing this profession. To gain admission to the program, students must be physically fit and ready for employment. They should present a clean criminal record, TB screen test result, immunization record, as well as their high school diploma or GED. During the training, students are supervised and guided in the core skills of the profession. They will go through hours of lectures, laboratory training and clinical exposure in the facility. Once everything is completed, a certification exam follows. Applicants of the free CNA training program must be willing to work at Alaska Gardens Health and Rehabilitation for a specified period. These individuals should agree with all the terms and conditions of the program regarding their employment offer after passing the certification exam.

Harmony House Healthcare Center

The Harmony House Healthcare Center offers a paid CNA training in the state of Washington. Individuals interested must qualify and meet the institution’s requirements to gain admission. They have to be physically fit and free from any criminal record. Aside from this, they have to be at least 18 years old and a high school graduate to be offered employment after the certification exam. The Harmony House Healthcare Center aims to lessen the unemployment rate in the state, which is why they are offering free CNA classes as a way of attracting new entrants to the healthcare field. Interested applicants have to go through interviews and exams before they are selected for the free CNA training. Harmony House Healthcare Center looks for potential nursing assistants committed to working in the facility for a specified period.

North Seattle College

Students attending a CNA training program at North Seattle College can apply for scholarship programs to lessen the cost of their education. These programs provide complete or partial financial assistance to qualified candidates in financial hardship and who also excel academically. Applicants must meet the requirements to be considered during the selection process. A candidate should be pursuing a Certified Nursing Assistant training program at North Seattle College and be enrolled at the time of application submission. It is also important for a candidate to meet satisfactory academic progress guidelines based on the financial aid policy. Moreover, a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA, a personal statement, recommendation letters, and essays must be submitted as well. The free CNA training program of North Seattle College will cover the tuition, although some scholarship programs include books, uniforms, medical supplies, and even the certification exam fee.

South Seattle Community College

One of the best things about South Seattle Community College is that they offer a scholarship for graduating high school seniors who want to study a healthcare course such as the CNA training program. This program helps them study at no cost, provided they demonstrate financial need and an excellent academic record. Interested applicants have to meet the requirements of the program. Candidates must plan to attend the CNA training program at South Seattle Community College, along with a full-time education of 12 credits or more per quarter. They should submit a completed application as well as the required documents before the due date. Studying a free CNA training program at this community college is a privilege and leads to work in the healthcare facility as a nursing assistant. Although most of the scholarship programs do not cover the uniforms, books, and other related costs, the free CNA training program is already a big help.

Spokane Community College

Spokane Community College is an institution approved by the Workforce Investment Act. Individuals under a WIA program receive financial assistance for their CNA education. Most of them study for free, but a scholarship beneficiary often shoulders certification exam expenses. The Workforce Investment Act is a financial assistance program provided to Washington residents who are considering a career in the healthcare field. Through Spokane Community College, students under a WIA can complete a CNA training without worrying about finances. The standard requirements of the program are financial need and good academic performance. Students should perform well in both the academic and clinical aspects of the training. These individuals will be trained by clinical instructors who are licensed healthcare providers. Upon finishing the CNA training program, graduates are qualified to take the certification exam, which is essential for applying for a CNA position in various healthcare settings.

Edmonds Community College

Edmonds Community College is among the colleges in Washington that offer a free CNA training program. Residents of the state who want to start a career in the healthcare field can study the course and become eligible to take the certification exam after satisyfing all prerequisites. The CNA training is a combined format of classroom lectures, laboratory training and hands-on clinical practice. Students are trained to become competent and job-ready nursing assistants who can handle the demands of the profession. These individuals are also assisted in their clinical practice to make sure they practice their skills and are able to meet the needs of patients in various healthcare settings. Edmonds Community College is an excellent training ground for aspiring nursing assistants. Individuals under a scholarship program receive the same qualityf education as paying students. They will be screened based on their credentials and financial need, and the free training program will help them jumpstart a career in the healthcare field without cost.

Cascades Job Corps Center

Cascades Job Corps Center provides a free nursing assistant training program to individuals who want to start a career in the healthcare field. The job center helps young residents of the state secure a stable career without paying the tuition and related costs. Individuals age 16 to 24 years old, who are graduating high school seniors or high school graduates, are encouraged to apply. The advantage of taking the CNA training program at Cascades Job Corps Center is that qualified candidates receive free tuition, uniforms, books, medical supplies, training allowances, and accommodations. Applicants are screened based on their financial need and academic performance. Studying a free CNA training in this facility is an excellent opportunity for those not yet employed who have been struggling to secure a stable job in Washington. Interested applicants can submit an application at the admission’s office of the job corps center.

Crestwood Health and Rehabilitation Center

Crestwood Health and Rehabilitation Center provides free CNA training to qualified applicants. Since the facility requires CNAs, they usually provide the necessary training which can be completed in a few weeks. The training covers both classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice. Individuals who want to work in the facility can submit an application at their human resource department and meet the requirements of the program. Crestwood Health and Rehabilitation Center makes sure to provide excellent training for prospective CNAs. Qualified candidates do not only receive a certificate after completing the program, but they also obtain stable employment within the facility. The goal of Crestwood Health and Rehabilitation Center is to produce more nursing assistants who can work for a specified period. Thus, interested applicants should be willing to work in the facility after becoming certified. They must have a high school diploma and pass a physical exam and criminal background check.