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CNA Training & Classes | January 17, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Washington DC

Washington DC CNA Classes

Those individuals who would like to become CNA certified in Washington will have to go through a CNA training program that is approved by the state and conducted by Washington State Department of Social and Health Services. The program will need to be completed successfully to for the students to be able to be a part of the competency examination which is more commonly referred to as the OBRA exam. Once you have qualified for this test, you will become known as a certified nurse aid in the state of Washington.

Washington has settled a time of 85 hours of a comprehensive training course for those people who have the potential to become certified nursing assistants. You will have to complete thirty-five hours of classroom lectures and will have to attend fifty hours of clinical practices which will help to prepare you for the CNA exams along with developing proper clinical skills. The entire training curriculum has been formulated to offer appropriate and valid information to the students for them to be able to qualify for the OBRA test.

A fixed amount is charged to applicants participating in the CNA programs. However, if you cannot bear the high cost of training and classes, then you will be provided with the opportunity to avail free CNA classes in Washington DC to become a certified nurse aide.

The CNA training program in the state charges a fixed amount from the applicants. However, if it is not bearable by some of the economically weak individuals then, the option for free CNA training in Washington is also available for them. Many institutions and colleges offer a two-year CNA training course. The colleges that provide the candidates with such an opportunity support them with an adequate amount of financial assistance making it able for you to obtain free CNA classes in Washington DC. You will be able to cover up the costs of training and can get grants to fulfill the tuition fee.

NW Pathways Nursing Assistant Training Center

Free CNA classes are available at this training center to produce more nursing assistants who can work in various healthcare facilities. At NW Pathways Nursing Assistant Training Center you will have to provide a criminal background check and a tuberculosis skin test before you can enroll at the institution. Additionally, the center will ask the candidates to take an English competency exam along with attempting a reading comprehension examination. Due to the limited number of students per program, the training center selects deserving candidates who demonstrate excellent grades and interview and exam results. Nonetheless, the institute will equip you with all the basic principles and skills that all nursing assistants should have. The instructors, who are Certified Nursing Assistants, will make sure that their students became competent and equipped in the state licensing exam and future employment. They will provide the best training program that gives the students adequate knowledge and skills.

Priority Instructional Center

The program offered at Priority Instructional Center offers training classes for three weeks at the cost of $800. Before you can become a candidate at the institution, you will need to provide a tuberculosis skin test and provide a background check to prove that you have not been charged with felony in the past. The center will equip you with all the required information for becoming certified nurses and finally be able to take the test. If you require financial assistance at the time of signing up at the institution, you can contact the center to receive help and obtain free CNA classes in Washington DC. The programs for financial assistance are often limited. Thus, applicants have to show the best of their abilities to make sure that they get support for their CNA education. Furthermore, these individuals should also demonstrate a financial struggle and excellent academic record to be able to secure a scholarship.

MedPrep Nursing Assistant Training

The five-week program provided at MedPrep Nursing Assistant Training cost at $725. You will need to attempt a math competency examination, reading comprehension testing, and an English competency exam along with giving a background check and a TB skin test. You can receive financial aid from the education center and become eligible for free CNA classes in Washington DC and become the nursing aide you always wanted to be. Students who cannot afford to pay the tuition cost can apply a scholarship program available at the admissions office or financial aid office. There are various ways to get sufficient funding for a CNA education. However, most of the time, economic status, and academic grades are the determining factors in obtaining a free CNA training. The institution also considers availability of the scholarship.

University of the District of Columbia

The University of the District of Columbia is one of the providers of healthcare education in Washington DC. Individuals who want to jumpstart a career in the healthcare field can enroll a CNA training program in this university and work as a nursing assistant in various medical settings. The program starts with lectures wherein different nursing topics are discussed. It will be coupled with skills training to prepare the students for the hands-on clinical practice. After completing the lectures and clinical training, aspiring CNAs are exposed in a local healthcare facility like nursing home or hospital, with supervision from a clinical preceptor. They will experience a hands-on provision of nursing services, allowing them to learn several skills essential for the practice. Full-time students with financial struggles can apply for scholarship programs that enable them to avail free CNA classes. It can be done through the university’s financial aid office where these funding programs are available.

Capital Health Institute

The best way to start a career in nursing is through a CNA training program at Capital Health Institute. The institute has been offering CNA classes in Washington DC which can be completed in a few weeks. Interested individuals can inquire at the school’s admission office for program requirements, but most of the time, the necessary documents for application are high school diploma or GED equivalent, criminal background check, fingerprinting complete immunization record, and physical exam. Financially challenged students who want to apply for a free CNA class can visit the center’s financial aid office. The Capital Health Institute has free CNA training programs to deserving students who are currently enrolled full-time. Certain requirements are needed, but these applicants are selected based on their economic status, academic grades, and availability of slots. The scholarship programs are often limited. Thus, interested candidates have to show their best credentials to have higher chances of getting a scholarship.

Home Care Partners

Home Care Partners often provides free CNA classes to invite more individuals who can work as a nursing assistant in a healthcare facility. Interested applicants can submit the necessary documents such as completed application form, valid photo identification, social security card, criminal background check, fingerprinting, high school diploma or GED equivalent, and complete immunization record. Other requirements are asked after the admission exam. The free CNA classes of Home Care Partners is granted to deserving applicants who show a willingness to work in the healthcare field. Acceptance to the program also depends on the availability of slots, academic records, attitude and interview and exam results. First come, first serve does not apply. However, applicants who are not able to secure a slot in the CNA training can still apply for the next opening. Home Care Partners will make sure that qualified candidates receive adequate training to prepare them for the state licensing exam.

Nursing Enterprises, Inc.

People who want to become a healthcare provider can apply a free CNA class at the Nursing Enterprises, Inc. Time and time again, the facility provides free training to deserving individuals who meet the program requirements and who excel in their academics. Few slots are available in the free CNA training that is why interested persons have to submit an application before its deadline. Selection of students are not based who comes first, but it rests on the availability of slots, interview, and exam results, as well their financial background. The free CNA training program of Nursing Enterprises, Inc. is not different with other programs,

Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School

A free CNA class is often offered at Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School to produce more qualified nursing assistants in the city. Individuals who want to consider this kind of career can apply at the school’s admission office. The CNA training program combines theoretical instruction and hands-on clinical practice. Students are taught various nursing concepts in their modern facilities, and these individuals experience a hands-on training in a local healthcare facility. Finishing the course allows the students to become competent health care providers who can succeed in the licensing exam and future employment. It also prepares them to meet the demands of the profession, especially that a more personalized instruction is given to students. However, the free CNA class is limited to some students that are why applicants should present the best of their credentials to have higher chances of getting into the free CNA program.

Comprehensive Health Academy

The Comprehensive Health Academy is one of the reliable sources of free CNA training in Washington DC. The academy covers the tuition cost of the training, but the students shoulder books, supplies, and uniforms. Only a few applicants are accepted in the free CNA training program. However, selected individuals receive quality training which will make them fully equipped in the state licensing exam. They will undergo classroom lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice to develop skills and inculcate adequate knowledge. A clinical instructor who is also a licensed healthcare provider will train these students and supervise them in the hands-on clinical practice. In addition to that, these instructors will also make sure that their aspiring CNAs are fully equipped before getting into a permanent employment in a local healthcare facility. More information about the free CNA class is available at the school’s official website. Interested applicants can also call their office to the details of the program.

VMT Education Center

VMT Education Center is offering free CNA classes to deserving residents of Washington DC who desire to become a healthcare provider. The program incorporates classroom lectures with clinical training to make sure that students gain adequate knowledge and skills for the profession. Interested individuals can submit an application at the center’s admissions office together with the program requirements like high school diploma or GED equivalent, fingerprinting, criminal background check, physical exam, and complete immunization record. These applicants will also have to go through a comprehensive examination and interviews to test their English fluency in both written and oral. The free CNA class is limited to few candidates because the center wants to achieve a personalized type of instruction. Thus, if you want to grab this kind of opportunity, it is important to check the school regularly or browse through their website for a free CNA class in Washington DC.

The Training Institute

The Training Institute offers a free CNA class to individuals who are willing to work in the healthcare field. The program requires the applicants to be at least 18 years old, with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Other requirements are a criminal background check, physical exam, complete immunization record, fingerprinting, and TB test. Selected applicants will also undergo an exam to test their written and oral English skills. The Training Institute provides a rigorous training to aspiring CNAs. After the classroom lectures and skills training, students have to complete a hands-on clinical rotation in a local healthcare facility. These individuals will also be supervised by clinical preceptors who are licensed healthcare providers. Finishing a CNA program helps potential nursing assistants become prepared for the state licensing exam. It also makes them equipped for the demands of the profession, considering that becoming a nursing assistant requires more physical work.