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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in Virginia Beach

Free CNA Classes in Virginia Beach

Those keen on taking free CNA classes in Virginia Beach should check out the facilities listed below. The typical course will require 75 hours of formal classes and clinical training. Training is offered at universities, high schools, vocational institutes, adult education centers, nursing homes, etc. The cost of training in Virginia Beach for CNA training is $400-$2000. There is financial aid for students from low-income families among those searching for free CNA classes in Virginia Beach. The CNA exam in Virginia Beach consists of 70 multiple choice questions, and there is an oral exam portion that includes 60 multiple choices and ten reading questions. There are many locations to contact to find suitable CNA classes in Virginia Beach.

American Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training

The American Red Cross of Virginia offers a CNA class that is among the best in the country. The program is designed to help students learn the necessary skills to provide quality care, making it possible to embark on a rewarding and meaningful career to make a difference to people in need. Through a combined format of classroom instruction and hands-on clinical experience, students acquire not only the knowledge necessary for the profession but also the skills to build a better career. The CNA training program of the American Red Cross was developed to equip every aspiring nursing assistant to deliver a high level of care. The theory and clinical training aspects will help students understand proper patient care and master a wide range of skills incorporated in the CNA curriculum. Among the topics discussed are basic anatomy and physiology, infection control, CPR, first aid, AED use, range of motion exercises, communication, special care instructions, safety, the art of caregiving, and many others. Learning these topics will graduates to build a foundation in the healthcare field. Individuals who want to avail a free CNA training can inquire at the admissions office of the American Red Cross in Virginia.

Salvation Academy

Salvation Academy offers a Nursing Assistant training program designed to prepare students for a career in the healthcare field. Students learn basic entry-level nursing skills under the supervision of a Registered Nurse throughout the program. The CNA training is composed of 120 hours of theory and clinical practice in a long-term care medical setting that incorporates the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1987 guidelines for Nursing Assistant education–considered to be the most updated module requirement of Virginia Department of Health Professions. The program places emphasis on nursing assistant skills, functions, and the psychological approach to care. During the entire course, students are taught to value respect for the individual, preserve the dignity of the patient, acknowledge personal choice, demonstrate caring and understanding, and possess the right attitude. Nursing Assistants are usually involved in direct patient care. Thus, the instructors of Salvation Academy will make sure that graduates have the adequate knowledge, skills, and the right attitude. Finishing the course allows students to take the state licensing exam and work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in various healthcare settings. Scholarship programs are available at the academy to help financially- challenged individuals secure a free CNA class, but these are often limited and require applicants to be academically excellent.

Northern Virginia Community College

Northern Virginia Community College offers a traditional and quality educational experience to students at an affordable price. Individuals considering a career in the healthcare field can pursue a Nursing Assistant training program designed to prepare them to provide direct care and services to patients in different age groups with supervision from a licensed nurse. There is a particular emphasis on the care of the elderly, primarily attending to their physical, emotional, social, cultural, and spiritual needs. Students in the CNA program will develop skills in various nursing procedures as well as patient observation, communication, charting and reporting. They will become aware of the state and federal laws, as well as the procedures and policies of the institution governing the practice of a Certified Nursing Assistant. Among the topics discussed are patient safety, infection control, personal care, anatomy and physiology, emergency situations, nutrition, patient transfers, death and dying, and many others. Students have to attend the classes without absnece. Those obtaining a free CNA class must perform well in both the academic and clinical aspects of the training. Enrollment in the CNA training program of Northern Virginia Community College is done through the admission’s office, where scholarship programs for financially-challenged students are available.

Blue Ridge Job Corps Center

Blue Ridge Job Corps Center is a provider of no-cost education and career technical programs such as the CNA training. The program is administered by the U.S. Department of Labor, and young individuals aged 16 to 24 receive a free training that allows them to start a career in the healthcare field. People interested in the free CNA training program should apply at Blue Ridge Job Corps Center and submit the necessary documents such as a complete immunization record, TB test, drug screening, and a criminal background check. They will be screened based on their suitability for the program. The CNA classes combine classroom instruction and hands-on clinical training, which  together impart in-depth knowledge and the required skills of the profession. Students have to commit to studying full-time with no absences throughout the course. They are also required to meet the grade requirements of the program to graduate and take the state licensing exam. Blue Ridge Job Corps Center will cover all the expenses of the tuition including books, uniforms, medical supplies, accommodations and the certification exam fee. Becoming a CNA through the help of Job Corps center opens a lot of opportunities for students.

Interim Health Care

Interim Health Care offers a Nurse’s Aide Training approved by the state Board of Nursing. The course is offered every month, with classes held in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Individuals who want to take the free CNA training program can talk to the admissions office about sponsorship programs that provide financial assistance. Interim Health Care offers quality classes to aspiring nursing assistants. The rigorous program combines classroom lectures and hands-on clinical training, allowing students to receive the knowledge and skills needed to pass the state licensing exam and work as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Interim Health Care helps every student achieve his or her career goals. The estimated tuition cost is $590, not including related expenses for books, uniforms and the certification exam. However, students sponsored by an individual organization can coordinate with Interim Health Care regarding eligibility for a free CNA class. The facility offers free CNA training to enhance career opportunities. Applicants of the CNA training program at Interim HealthCare have to undergo a criminal background check, physical exam and drug screening. They will need to submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

Tidewater Community College

compassionate people who enjoy caring for others should consider the nurse’s aide training program at Tidewater Community College. Certified Nursing Assistants usually provide basic nursing care to patients who are partially or entirely unable to care for themselves. Their duties range from assisting patients in their activities of daily living, vital signs monitoring and collaborating with other members of the healthcare team. Becoming a nursing assistant can be achieved by completing a full CNA program at Tidewater Community College in three weeks. The program includes three to five days a week of lectures in a classroom setting and inside a state-of-the-art laboratory. It also consists of a 40-hour internship at a local healthcare facility with supervision from a Registered Nurse. Students get the adequate training and skills to prepare them for the state licensing exam. They will finish the program with the competence and confidence to care for patients with various healthcare needs. The estimated cost of the CNA training program is $900 not including related fees. However, the community college has a partnership with the Workforce Investment Act, allowing students under their program receive free CNA training. Academic scholarship programs are also available at the school’s financial aid office.

Norfolk Adult Learning Center

Norfolk Adult Learning Center offers a CNA training program which approved by Virginia State Board of Nursing. Individuals who graduate from the course can sit for the state licensing exam and work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in various healthcare settings. Interested applicants can submit their application through the learning center’s admissions office. Those with financial struggles can seek fa scholarship program that will allow them to obtain CNA training at no cost. The CNA training prepares every student to assess needs and provide the basic physical and emotional requirements of patients in all areas of healthcare. A combination of theoretical learning and hands-on clinical practice is designed to help aspiring nursing assistant gain substantial knowledge and the skills of the profession. The classroom lectures cover basic nursing topics such as anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, nutrition, infection control, vital signs monitoring, range of motion, and many others. Following the lectures, students are trained in a simulation lab where modern facilities and equipment are used to practice nursing skills. They will be exposed to a clinical setting with supervision from a Registered Nurse. The 40-hour clinical externship will help students obtain hands-on experience with clients in need of nursing services. Students must complete the program without absence to graduate.

Gentle Hands Home Health Care Services, Inc.

Gentle Hands Home Health Care Services, Inc. conducts a CNA training program in Virginia to qualify candidates to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant. The program can be completed in a few weeks and graduates will take the state licensing exam upon successful completion. Gentle Hands Home Health Care Services, Inc. only accepts applicants who meet the program requirements. Although the CNA class takes place every month, only a few candidates are accepted per program. Applicants have to be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. A criminal background check and drug screening will be conducted during the admission process. Individuals who do not meet the criteria of the program are not accepted, and those who are selected will go through a combined format of classroom and clinical training. The integration of clinical practice into the typical classroom lecture allows every student to understand more about the profession. Since the work of a CNA requires daily interaction with clients, students will be exposed to an actual clinical setting with supervision from a Registered Nurse. They have to complete the required number of hours of clinical training to graduate and sit for the state certification exam. The CNA training program of Gentle Hands Home Health Care Services, Inc. comes at a cost, but students can seek scholarship programs to avail a free CNA course.

Sentara Nursing Center – Norfolk

Enrolling at Sentara Nursing Center – Norfolk for a CNA training program will provide every student with a hands-on clinical education that sets them apart from the rest. The school is equipped with modern facilities to help aspiring nursing assistants study with ease. Expert and licensed instructors will supervise and guide students in their classroom and clinical training. Sentara Nursing Center – Norfolk is proud to provide personalized CNA instruction. Thus, graduates become confident and competent nursing assistants who can deliver quality nursing services to a diverse group of patients. Individuals who want to gain admission to the CNA program of Sentara Nursing Center have to be at least a high school graduate or GED equivalent holder. They also need to submit to a criminal background investigation, drug screening and physical exam. There will be interviews and reviews conducted during the admission process to screen applicants based on their qualifications. Due to the limited class size, candidates are chosen depending on the available slots. Sentara Nursing Center also provides a free CNA course to qualified candidates that can be obtained through their financial aid office.

List of All the State Approved CNA Classes in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, VATidewater Community College1700 College Crescent757-822-2329
Virginia Beach, VAAbbott Education Center, Inc.3132 Ashlawn Terrace757-497-1180
Virginia Beach, VANursing Solutions, Llc405 South Parliament Drive, Suite 201757-447-1649