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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in Seattle

Seattle Free CNA Classes

The State Department of Health in Washington oversees the training of students and licensing of CNA’s. The department heads the nurse’s aide registry. Students in Seattle have to complete 85 hours of comprehensive training through a program approved by the state before being allowed to take the state certification exam. Those enrolled for LPN or RN degrees can also take the exam after they fulfill the requirements of the CNA course. Apart from the required training, students must also complete 7 hours of AIDS/HIV training.

Divine CNA Training

The program offered is approved via the Workforce, DSHS, and DOH. There are 48 hours of class time and 40 hours of clinical training along with 7 hours of the required AIDS/HIV training. Divine CNA Training has made 3 hours of CPR compulsory for the students. The licensed instructors of the classes teach topics like infection control, prevention of injury, vital signs, personal care and documenting results. The student will be able to communicate effectively after the course is completed and will have a better understanding of medical terms. Graduates must meet the criteria set to take the state exam. There are evening, weekend, and morning classes available at a small fee of $495. There are also expenses for closed-toe shoes, scrubs, TB testing, and the state certification exam fee. Talk to the admission officer for more information about the scholarship programs available at Divine CNA Training.

North Seattle College

The program offered at this college is available in the fall and spring semesters for only three months. Applicants must attend the orientation to obtain entry into the program. Core competencies will be practiced in nursing homes and healthcare facilities. This is a fourteen-credit program in which you will receive 200 hours of instruction, including 96 hours of class time and 104 hours of clinical skills. Training includes First Aid, CPR, and seven total hours of AIDS/HIV education. Topics like community health, state regulations, infection control, and other important areas are taught. The cost of the program is $1,280, but there is financial aid available for students who require free CNA classes in Seattle. Take note that the financial assistance for deserving students is limited. Thus, interested applicants have to show full interest in the program and demonstrate financial need and excellent academic grades.

Seni Nursing Assistant Training Center

The students who take the training course here in the daytime can complete the course in just three weeks. There are part-time classes for those who cannot study full time. The state approves the program and relevant healthcare topics are taught and practiced in the setting. The tuition fee is $550 which includes CPR, First Aid, Registration and textbook fees. You can contact the training center to see if they offer free CNA classes in Seattle. Most of the time, the free CNA classes in this training center are granted to students with financial hardship and a good academic track record. These classes are limited to a few beneficiaries; thus, candidates must put their best foot forward during the application process. Nevertheless, the free training enables students to receive funding for their CNA education, although other related expenses such as the certification exam fee may not be included.

South Seattle College

Students who graduate from the course offered at South Seattle College find it easy to secure jobs. The three-month program is offered in the spring, summer, fall, and winter quarters only in the daytime. The course covers nutrition, infection control, death, basic care, etc. Students who apply must provide a CPR card and submit to a background clearance test. Students should attend the classes without fail to graduate. The fee for the course is $1,038 and $250 for additional supplies. However, students who want to minimize the cost of the training can apply for scholarship programs available at the school’s financial aid office. Th learning opportunities here help aspiring CNAs finish the training program for free, but these programs are often limited. Hence, interested applicants have to present their best credentials and do well in their academics to be considered for funding.

American HC CNA School

The CNA program offered here prepares students for entry-level positions in the healthcare sector. They will obtain the requisite knowledge and skills from the 96-hour training program. Applicants must provide drug screening, a background test, and fulfill other requirements to work in a clinical setting. Graduates will obtain a certification after completing the program and to be able to take the state exam. The cost of tuition is just $550, including lab fees and textbooks. Students who want to study for free can seek scholarship programs offered at the school’s financial aid office. These scholarships provide financial assistance to fund the CNA training and make sure that students complete the program without burden. However, it is limited and depends on the availability of funds and the number of students in need.

Seattle Skills Center – Medical Careers

Seattle Skills Center – Medical Careers is offering free CNA training programs to qualified individuals who want to start a career in the healthcare field. The program combines classroom lectures and hands-on clinical practice to equip students for their licensing exam. Interested candidates can submit an application through the center’s office or website, together with the necessary documents such as a high school diploma or GED equivalent, criminal background check, fingerprinting, physical exam, and complete immunization record. The free CNA training program can be completed in a short period, and graduates may be able to secure employment after passing the certification exam. However, acceptance in the program depends on the available slots, interview and exam results and the applicant’s availability, flexibility, and attitude. Seattle Skills Center wants to make sure they train the right people. Thus, candidates show the best of their abilities when applying for the program.

Avamere Queen Anne Healthcare

The free CNA training program of Avamere Queen Anne Healthcare aims to produce more nursing assistants who can work in their facility. With the increasing demand for healthcare services in Seattle, several institutions are looking for Certified Nursing Assistants. The free training program will equip qualified individuals to become a health provider. Weeks of training is allotted for classroom lectures, skills enhancement, and hands-on clinical practice. Students go through these trainings to be provided with the adequate knowledge and expertise for the profession. Interested applicants have to be willing to work in the healthcare institution as part of the training agreement. It is also necessary to undergo a criminal background check and physical examination in the context of the program requirements. The free CNA training program of Avamere Queen Anne Healthcare is an excellent opportunity to start a career in the nursing profession, especially for those having a hard time seeking a stable and well-compensating career.

Seattle Public High School

Seattle Public High School is offering a free CNA training program to high school graduates and seniors seeking a stable job. The program may lead to a rewarding and fulfilling career in the healthcare field as nursing assistants are greatly needed in a multidue of medical settings. Applicants have to be 16 to 24 years old, with no criminal record or communicable diseases. They have to be capable of lifting heavy weights because CNA job demands a day-to-day provision of basic services. The CNA training program of Seattle Public High School is limited to a few interested applicants who do the best on interviews and therefore have a higher chance of getting into the course. Students can complete it in a short period. Thus, graduates can take the state licensing exam as soon as they finish the training.

Norse Home

Due to the increasing need of CNAs in Norse Home, the facility is offering free CNA training to qualified applicants. The program runs for a couple of weeks, combining classroom lectures with hands-on clinical practice. Individuals who find the program meets their needs must be willing to work in the nursing home for a specified period because Norse Home will cover all the tuition cost and related expenses of the CNA training program. Applicants have to be at least a high school graduate with no criminal offense or known contagious illness. The selection process is based on the individual’s application, attitude towards work, flexibility, interview and exam results, and availability of slots. The program only accepts a few people per training; thus, applicants have to show the best of their abilities and present excellent credentials to secure a spot in the free CNA training of Norse Home.

Bellevue College

Bellevue College is situated eight miles from downtown Seattle. The school offers a Certified Nursing Assistant program consisting of seven credit hours of training or the equivalent amount of 130 hours. The training hours are divided into classroom instruction, laboratory work, and hands-on clinical practice in a local nursing facility. Students will learn required skills and become prepared for the NNAAP exam. Personalized instruction is given to every student due to the smaller class size. Clinical instructors supervise them in the actual hands-on practice to provide safe and efficient nursing services. The tuition cost of the program runs about $1,300, approved by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services as well as the Washington State Department of Health. Students who cannot sustain the entire tuition cost can apply for scholarship programs available at the school’s financial aid office.

Shoreline Community College

Shoreline Community College offers a cost-effective and convenient state-approved CNA training program that can be completed in eleven weeks. Residents of Seattle and neighboring areas are welcome to apply as long as they meet the program requirements including a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a criminal background check, physical examination, fingerprinting and complete immunization record. These applicants are also required to go through a comprehensive exam to test their English written and oral skills. The 11-week CNA training program of Shoreline Community College covers classroom instruction, laboratory work, tests and clinical training in a local extended care facility. After completing the program, students are qualified to take the Washington State Exam for Nursing Assistants. Full-time students who want to avail a free CNA class can inquire at the school’s financial aid office for scholarships. Certain programs help students study and finish the CNA training at no cost.

Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Residents living within Kirkland or neighboring areas can apply for a free CNA training at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. The school is 10 miles from downtown Seattle and is composed of modern facilities and state-of-the-art simulation labs. Students experience the best training from licensed clinical instructors who will make sure they receive a strong education. The CNA training program of Lake Washington Institute of Technology is comprised of 11 credit hours. Like other CNA programs, the training integrates classroom lectures, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical practice in local hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities. Students who want to avail a free CNA training program can visit the financial aid office and apply for a scholarship that provides assistance. Applicants of the program must pass the criminal background check and drug test as part of the program requirements.

Renton Technical College

Renton Technical College is about 10 miles from Seattle in Renton, Washington. The nursing assistant training program offered at this college is among the best healthcare courses in the area. Interested individuals have to be at least 16 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They will undergo a criminal background check, fingerprinting, and drug test. The CNA training course of Renton Technical College has ten credit hours that include classroom instruction, laboratory work, and hands-on clinical practice. Students are trained to put their skills to work and obtain hands-on experience with actual patients showing different healthcare needs. They are supervised and taught by clinical instructors with years of expertise in the field. Students who want to avail a free CNA training program can approach the school’s financial aid office for scholarship opportunities that cover the tuition cost of the course.

Anderson House

Anderson House is one of the healthcare facilities in Seattle that can be a source of free CNA class. The facility needs CNAs now, and thus they provide free classes to prospective individuals who can work in Anderson House for a specified period. People interested in the no-cost CNA training have to be a resident of Seattle, aged 18 years old and above. Applicants should be a high school graduate or a GED equivalent holder to be considered for the free training. Typically, the nursing facility conducts a criminal background check for all aspiring students. They have to be free from a criminal offense as well. Additionally, employment offers are provided to students who excel in the classroom and clinical aspects of the program. The selection process of the free CNA training program depends on the number of available slots needed to be filled.

A Plus NAC School

A Plus NAC School is offering a free CNA class to qualified individuals. The program starts with classroom instruction and ends with hands-on clinical practice in a healthcare facility. Students obtain a better understanding of the CNA profession as experienced instructors teach them different subjects like anatomy and physiology, nutrition, medical terminologies, infection control, range of motion, body mechanics, and many others. Additionally, they are trained in a simulation lab comprised of modern facilities and equipment. At this point, students gain substantial exposure to and training of nursing skills before they encounter an actual clinical setting. Those who want to avail the free CNA training have to apply at the school’s admissions office. Requirements of the program include a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a criminal background check and physical examination. Selected candidates have to complete the training to qualify for the state licensing exam.

List of All the State Approved CNA Classes in Seattle

Seattle, WANorth Seattle Community College9600 College Way North206-934-6067
Seattle, WASeattle Central Community College1200 12th Ave S206-934-4347
Seattle, WASouth Seattle Community College6000 - 16th Avenue Sw206-934-5310
Seattle, WASeattle Skills Center- Medical Careers3000 California Ave Sw Room #230 / Skill Center206-252-0730
Seattle, WAAvamere Queen Anne Healthcare2717 Dexter Ave N206-284-7012
Seattle, WAAmerican Healthcare Cna School6951 Martin Luther King Jr Way S, Suite 201206-838-4094