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CNA Training & Classes | January 20, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in San Jose

San Jose Free CNA Classes

The demand for CNA’s in California has risen, and it is possible for an individual to become a CNA in just a few weeks. By receiving just 160 hours of CNA training in free CNA classes in San Jose, you have the ability to get qualified and change yours for the better.

California Department of Health is responsible for CNA certification and training in San Jose. The training calls for potential nurse aides to receive qualification and a place in the registry before offering services at nursing homes that are licensed or at other care facilities. Other than finishing all the requirements needed for the training, you will have to have a criminal free record. You will also need to pass the certification examination of the state along with a physical exam that will include skills and written tests. You can check out the list of the providers of nurse aide training that are accredited by the state below and get in touch with them to learn about particular needs to gain entrance.

Free CNA Classes in San Jose by American Red Cross

There are over 171 instructional clinical, lab, and instructional hours in the free CNA classes in San Jose. The graduates become eligible to receive the certification exam of the state that has been registered on the same facility. Red Cross has remained to be one of the most popular testing sites of the country since the year 1992.

Many instructors are available to provide the students with preparation for the examination along with providing them with employment in different settings related to health care. The students will be taught how to record and take the blood pressure of a patient, help patients in various activities, record vital signs, move the patients from one location to the other, and reply to emergencies with extra attention. The tuition fee is $1,300, including course materials and books. However, you can get in touch with the institution to receive some financial assistance even be provided with free CNA classes in San Jose.

Bay Area College of Nursing

More than 150 hours of classes at Bay Area College of Nursing will help to equip the students for the evaluation. The curriculum will involve the students training to different nursing principles and assist them in preparing the aides to fulfill their part as a nurse aid.

The instructors will utilize discussions, audiovisuals, lectures, and will also use demonstrations to teach various topics like body mechanics, vital signs, emergency procedures, nutrition, communication skills, safety, observation, dying, death, charting, and restorative care. You will have to provide a CPR certificate, a TB test, a check of any criminal records will be carried out, and you will need to pass a physical exam to be able to gain entrance into this program. You will require malpractice insurance and certification from your high school. The total cost of the program will cost you $1,240 which will be inclusive of supplemental fees, state examination fees, clinical shoes, uniform, tuition, and fees for application.

Evergreen Valley College

If you want to gain entrance into this college, you will need to register early for it. The hardcore training is mainly focused on the tasks that the aides will be performing the inspection of another certified nurse. The topics included in the course are patient transfers, feeding methods, hygiene, bed making, patient rights, and other basic nursing principles that all nurses should be aware. Graduates can take the state certification examination. The applicants are required to have health clearance, GED, a high school diploma, no criminal record, and a Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers. The attendance cost is up to $2,989 including textbooks, tuition fees, and various other expenses. However, financially challenged students can apply for scholarship programs to avail free CNA classes. Several programs help these individuals finish a healthcare course, but most of them do not cover the potential expenses for the certification exam.

South Bay School of Nursing

Students at South Bay School of Nursing are equipped with all the knowledge that a certified nurse should know. The students will have to complete one hundred and fifty hours of combined classroom, laboratory, and clinical training to get ready to fulfill their responsibilities as nurses. After completing their 100 hours of classroom training, the students will be transferred to another nursing facility to finish their fifty hours of training looking after residents. The topics included in the course are anatomy, terminology, communication skills, nutrition, vital signs, body mechanics, personal care skills, and patient transfers. The instructors will assist the students in getting ready for the examination making sure that they can comprehend the twenty-one know-how that is needed to pass the test, weekend, evening, and day classes are available for students who are looking for free CNA classes in San Jose.

West Med College

West Med College’s 16-unit nurse training program consists of clinical and classroom instruction with evening and day class options. The students will acquire all the skills and knowledge that is required to pass the examination and excel on the job within a matter of just six weeks. All qualified instructors put emphasis on symptoms and signs of various common health issues, nursing skills, ethical problems, emergencies, responsibilities, patient care, dying, and communication abilities. The students need to have a diploma, background free from crimes, and CPR certification. The tuition fees add up to $1,751 along with the costs of supplies and books. However, you can contact the Academy to receive some financial assistance if you need it. There are scholarship programs available to help these individuals secure a no cost CNA training, but they have to show a proof of their financial struggle and excellent academic grades.

Edward Medical Training Center

Free CNA classes in San Jose can be availed at Edward Medical Training Center. The training center has been offering CNA training programs over the years, and students who are financially challenged can seek free CNA classes through their this institution. Residents of San Jose and other neighboring areas are the qualified candidates of the program, but they should also be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma, criminal background check, and physical exam. Few students are accepted per training due to the small class size. The limited number of individuals allow the training center to inculcate adequate knowledge and skills to aspiring CNAs. It also helps these students become competent and prepared for the state licensing exam, which is a ticket towards a stable career in the healthcare field. Interested applicants of the CNA training can inquire at the training center’s admissions office to learn more about the free CNA classes.

Silicon Valley School of Nursing

The Silicon Valley School of Nursing is offering CNA training to qualified residents in San Jose who want to work in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. The program provides a thorough understanding of the profession since it covers nursing topics and skills training like anatomy and physiology, medical terminologies, nutrition, infection control, and many others. Students are exposed in a simulation lab for their qualifications enhancement, and in a local healthcare facility for their hands-on clinical practice. The free CNA training requires the applicants to be academically competent and financially challenged. It means that the free training is only for individuals who cannot suffice the training costs. Silicon Valley School of Nursing has excellent reputation in providing nursing training to aspiring healthcare providers. People who finished a CNA course at this institution receive the best education that prepares them for the state licensing exam and future employment.

Central Country Occupational Center

The Central Country Occupational Center is also offering a free CNA training to qualified residents in San Jose. Due to the increasing shortage of these healthcare professionals, the center provides a no cost training to produce more CNAs who are capable of providing quality nursing services to the patients. The program requirements often include a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a criminal background check, and a physical exam. However, applicants are selected based on their interviews, reviews, attitude, and availability of slots. Qualified candidates undergo a rigorous training that runs for weeks. They are trained by expert clinical instructors who have years of experience in their chosen field. Additionally, these students are also taught various skills in a simulation lab and during the hands-on clinical practice. Finishing a free CNA training at Central Country Occupational Center allows graduates to take the licensing exam and work in different healthcare settings.

Empress Care Center

Individuals who are seeking a stable career in hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities can apply a free CNA training at the Empress Care Center. The service has been providing free CNA courses to deserving applicants due to the shortage of CNAs. Availing the course does not only allow a person to obtain a certificate in the nursing profession, but it also gives employment opportunities after passing the licensing exam. Applicants have to be at least 18 years old with high school diploma or GED equivalent, criminal background, and physical examination. Other requirements are posted at the care center’s human resource department. Moreover, the free CNA course is taught by clinical instructors who are experts in their chosen field. It is also provided in a modern facility and state of the art simulation lab. Graduates of the course become competent healthcare professionals, with higher chances of passing the licensing exam.

Institute of Medical Education

Residents of San Jose who wished to become a part of the growing healthcare team can submit an application at the Institute of Medical Education. The institution offers a free CNA class to qualified candidates who meet the program requirements and who passed the evaluation process. Slots are limited, and applicants who want to avail the free program have to show their best abilities and credentials to have higher chances of getting into the course. The CNA training program of the Institute of Medical Education is a combined classroom lecture and hands-on clinical practice. Students have to finish the required number of hours to be qualified for the state licensing exam. The school provides an excellent learning environment and expert clinical instructors to facilitate the student’s CNA training. Graduates are often prepared for the opportunities ahead of them, especially to employment offers after finishing the course and passing the licensure exam.

Northern California Vocational College

The Northern California Vocational College is offering free CNA classes to residents of San Jose and its neighboring areas. Interested applicants have to be at least 18 years old and above, with no criminal record and communicable diseases. The no-cost program is offered to deserving candidates who show a financial struggle and who demonstrate an excellent academic record. Qualified applicants go through hours of classroom lectures and hands-on clinical training. The program runs in less than a month that is why graduates can easily work in the healthcare field as soon as they pass the state licensing exam. However, the free CNA class is limited to few candidates who pass the admission process. Since the training program is a personalized type of instruction, there are only limited slots available, especially to those who undergo it at no cost. Nevertheless, the training program is taught by expert clinical instructors who have years of experience in the medical field.

Nurse Builders Academy

Aspiring healthcare providers who are having a hard time starting a career in the nursing profession can apply a free CNA training at the Nurse Builders Academy. The school helps qualified residents in San Jose secure a stable job through the CNA class. It is a combined classroom lecture and hands-on clinical training, which is approved by the state Board of Nursing. Therefore, graduates are qualified to take the state licensing exam and become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Interested applicants have to be at least 18 years old and above, with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. A criminal background check and physical examination are also required for these candidates. Additionally, selected applicants to get an opportunity to be trained under the expertise of well-experienced clinical instructors. They can also take advantage in the academy’s state of the art facilities, which hastens every student’s learning experience.