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CNA Training & Classes | January 21, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in San Francisco

San Francisco Free CNA Classes

The CNA classes involve assisting patients with daily tasks such as getting dressed, taking vital signs, bathing, feeding, transferring patients, and so much more. The CNA course will teach one to become a compassionate individual that can listen to problems and help others in need. It is essential for a CNA to understand the emotional and physical needs of a patient once this is accomplished, then this job can prove to be quite rewarding in the long run.

According to statistics released by the U.S Bureau of Labor, the average salary for CNAs in the California area ranges from around $29,400 to $13.42 an hour. CNAs in San Francisco may earn more or less depending on their level of education in this field, type of facility they work in, the cost of living in the area, etc. It has been estimated that more than around ten percent of CNAs in this city earned an average of $35,000 or more in the year 2012.

If you are in search of a career as a certified nurse aide, it is essential to do some research online for free CNA classes in San Francisco. Find out the demand for jobs in your area and the average salary you will receive. Also, keep in mind that you will need to complete 160 hours to get certified by the California Department of Health before taking the state certification exam. Afterward, when you apply for a job, the prospective employers will verify your status and registry before hiring you to provide care in their facility.

Training Academy for Personal Caregivers and Assistants

The Training Academy for Personal Caregivers and Assistants offers free CNA classes in San Francisco to those who are seeking a professional career as a CNA. This is an organization that aims to supply high-quality training to all personal care providers. They are always familiar with new technology and procedures to keep the CNAs up to date in this professional field. The best part is that free training is offered to individuals who are part of the In-Home Supportive Services Consortium. This is known to be a non-profit organization that aims to keep senior citizens with disabilities in the comfort of their homes as long as possible. Individuals who avail the free CNA classes should provide a proof of financial struggle, and they should also ensure that they have good grades. The program can be completed in a few weeks, and after that, they can take the licensing earn as a CNA in different healthcare settings.

American Care Quest Inc

The American Care Quest Inc provides a four-week training class that consists of 50 hours of instruction and 100 clinical hours at an approved nursing facility to train CNAs. To qualify the applicants must be sixteen years of age and have completed a Live Scan, undergo TB screening, and have a clean criminal background record. It is not essential to have a high school diploma, but some schools may ask that you take a math and reading examination to determine if you are eligible for the course. The instructors that train the CNAs are skilled nurses and physicians that are dedicated to bringing knowledge to their students in a peaceful classroom setting. They help to teach the students all that will be required for the examination and prepare them for success in their career. Tuition for this course is $1,200, but students can make small payments in installments of $175 each.

Arriba Juntos

Arriba Juntos is a CNA training center that is open to those who are seeking CNA training and would like to take benefit from the bilingual Spanish instructors. Here the instructors will prepare you by supplying 150 hours of instruction and supervised training in a nursing facility. Through this course, the students will learn the primary responsibilities of a certified nurse aide such as taking vital signs, improving their communication skills, caring for patients, transferring patients, etc.  High school graduates can take the exam to qualify for work at nursing homes, hospitals, and clinics. Arriba Juntos also supplies the CNAs with CEU also known as Continuing Education Units classes that allow for CNA license renewal in California. Applicants of the program have to be academically excellent. They need to perform better in all aspects of the training to have greater chances of securing a stable employment right away.

NCP Career College

NCP Career College provides 160 hours of CNA training that comprises of lab skills, classroom instruction, and clinical hours to help prepare students to take the certification exam. Seats are limited, and applicants must be 16 years of age with a high school diploma or GED to qualify. They must also have completed a medical examination, passed TB clearance, and get immunized for Varicella, MMR, and Hepatitis B. Students that would like to register for the course must attend the orientation session and bring along their Social Security Card and complete fingerprinting using the Live Scan.  The application fee is non-refundable and costs $75. The cost of the overall course is $1,340 including tuition, two pairs of scrubs, textbooks, gait belt, CPR classes, and state certification. You can even learn about financial aid to see if they offer free CNA classes in San Francisco.

Oxman College

Oxman College provides nurse aide classes to prepare CNAs so that they can work in nursing facilities and hospitals. This is a state-approved curriculum that consists of 150 hours of training, 50 hours of theory material and 100 hours of hands-on work in a clinical setting. The topics that are included in this course are vital signs, caring for patients, medical terminology, patient’s rights, emergency procedures and so much more. The tuition cost is $2000 plus the cost of supplies and books. There is no financial aid offered. However, those who are from unemployed or low-income families can receive free CNA classes in San Francisco through the One-Stop Centers. Such opportunity can be used to lessen the cost of the training. Although tuition cost is covered, other related expenses will be spent by the student.

Training Academy for Personal Caregivers and Assistants

The training academy is an institution that provides free CNA classes in San Francisco to those who want to pursue this career. This is an organization that remains dedicated to providing high-quality training to students and always stays up-to-date with new information and technology.  They provide continuing education and free training to those employed by the In-Home Supportive Service Consortium. This is a public non-profit organization that keeps senior citizens with disabilities in their homes as long as possible. The only downside to the California Long Term Care Education Center is that not all workers can regularly be retrained and there are even times when CNA classes are not available due to a shortage of instructors. However, interested applicants can still inquire at the academy now and then to know if there are available CNA programs. These programs are often limited that is why candidates have to take note of the application deadline and required documents.

Jewish Home

Jewish Home is a nursing facility in San Francisco that offers free CNA classes to prospective employees. Applicants have to be willing to work in the nursing home as an exchange for the free CNA training. The free healthcare course is offered to the qualified candidates of San Francisco because they also require nursing assistants who can provide excellent nursing services to patients. Thus, this kind of program is an opportunity to earn a certificate and at the same time, a direct employment by significant compensation benefits. Jewish Home provides personalized instruction to their prospective CNAs. They also have clinical instructors who have years of experience in the medical field. These individuals are licensed healthcare professionals who will make sure that every student receives adequate knowledge and skills in preparation for the state licensing exam. They are also equipped with modern facilities and simulation labs to practice several skills essential for the CNA practice.

In-home Supportive Services Consortium

In-home Supportive Services Consortium provides free CNA classes to residents who qualify for the program. It is aimed to help several individuals secure a stable job in San Francisco through various healthcare facilities. Interested persons can submit the necessary requirements of the program including a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a criminal background check, and physical examination. Applicants are screened based on their eligibility for the program and the credentials they submitted. Once they are accepted, they go through series of classroom lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice to prepare them for the state licensing exam. A clinical preceptor will supervise these individuals in their clinical practice which takes place in a local health care facility like a nursing home, hospital or long-term medical setting. The free CNA training at In-Home Supportive Services Consortium is not available now and then but individuals who want to grab this opportunity can submit an application beforehand.

Northern California Nursing Academy

People who are seeking a free CNA course can try to inquire at the Northern California Nursing Academy. The school provides various nursing courses including the CNA training program. They also have free classes to prospective individuals who demonstrate a financial need and who also excel in the academic field. Applicants of the program go through interviews and exams. These people are also asked to submit their high school diploma, criminal background check, and physical exam result. Prospective CNAs have to be free from any criminal records and communicable diseases as part of the program requirements. Aside from that, they also have to have at least 2.5 GPA. The academy accepts only a few applicants per program that is why interested individuals have to apply beforehand and should present the best of their credentials. The CNA training program is a short healthcare course that can be completed in a few weeks. Graduates can take the state licensing exam and work as a CNA in different healthcare settings.

California Nurses Institute

California Nurses Institute provides a free CNA training program that allows the unemployed residents and high school graduates of San Francisco work as a healthcare provider. Such program is an opportunity for these individuals to obtain a stable job that is well-compensating. It also helps several healthcare facilities secure some CNAs who can work for them and who can provide quality nursing services to patients. To apply for the program, applicants have to be at least a high school graduate with no criminal record and no communicable diseases. Other requirements are posted at the institute’s admission’s office. The free CNA course is not available to everyone because of the smaller class size implemented. It is mostly granted to deserving candidates who show a financial need and who also have good grades. The classes can be completed in a few weeks, and students can choose a flexible schedule for their classes.

San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University offers a CNA training program that provides adequate knowledge and skills to aspiring healthcare providers. The program can be completed in a few weeks and graduates can take the state licensing exam at the end of it. Aspiring CNAs who want to undergo the CNA training have to be at least 18 years old, with no criminal offense and no known communicable diseases. These individuals should also pass the interviews and exams to be accepted into the program. Scholarships can be obtained by currently enrolled students who cannot pay the entire tuition cost. However, these funding opportunities are only available to selected candidates who demonstrate a financial need and good grades. The number of students granted with a scholarship program also depends on the available funds at San Francisco State University. Interested applicants can inquire at the financial aid office to know more about these free CNA classes.

City College of San Francisco

City College of San Francisco is also offering free CNA classes to combat the need of CNAs in the city. The program is much like any other CNA training as it includes classroom lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice. Students are taught by expert clinical instructors who have years of experience in the field. They also enjoy a personalized instruction from these teachers to make sure that they receive adequate knowledge and skills for the state licensing exam. Residents who are interested in this kind of training program can apply at the school’s financial aid office. They also have to submit a high school diploma and undergo a criminal background check and physical examination. The City College of San Francisco has been offering CNA classes every year, and these free training are mostly granted to unemployed adults and high school graduates who seek a stable job.