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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in San Diego

San Diego Free CNA Classes

There is an on-going demand for CNA’s in San Diego, where a median salary of around $33,000 is lures individuals to the profession and the free CNA classes in the city. You will receive 160 hours of clinical and classroom time to acquire basic nursing knowledge. The state-approved program requires instructors to teach students how to handle patients with mental and developmental problems such as dementia, cerebral palsy and other illnesses.

Southwestern College

Free CNA classes in San Diego are offered at Southwestern College. Four courses are scheduled here throughout the year. The classes are held three days a week for nine weeks. As a rule, 8 hours of class will be given each week. This program is an 8.5-credit program, and you can have your credits transferred. There is financial aid for students who would like to take the classes at a discounted rate. However, eligible candidates who do not apply for financial aid will pay a total of $750. The CNA training program at Southwestern College is available year round but is limited to a few students. Interested individuals can inquire at the school’s admissions office and submit the necessary requirements as part of the selection process. A criminal background check is required for aspiring CNA students.

International Health Group, Inc.

A 22-day course is offered by the International Health Group. About 90% of graduates sign up to take the state exam. Essential nursing topics are the focus and practical work is assigned to all students. You must pass a TB test, provide the state exam fee, have a Live Scan fingerprint, and fill out the application completely to be considered. You can contact the Institute regarding financing. The health group does provide scholarship programs to allow deserving students to undergo free CNA training. However, certain criteria have to be met to be considered for these no-cost classes. Applicants must show evidence of financial hardship78 and have an exemplary academic track record. They also have to pass the interviews and exams during the admission process.

Concorde Career College

The 8-month course offered at Concorde Career College is a comprehensive CNA program for individuals looking to advance in the nursing field. The tuition cost of this program is just $16. However, the student will have to supply their scrubs, textbooks and additional supplies. There are scholarships, loans, and grants available for students with financing issues. The free CNA classes at Concorde Career College are accorded to deserving candidates who demonstrate financial need. The College helps them finish a healthcare course without paying. Several requirements may be asked of interested applicants as financial assistance is limited to a few beneficiaries. Qualified candidates receive full support for the tuition.

Pacific Health Educational Center

Pacific Health Education Center is offering 180 hours of free CNA classes in San Diego. Graduates can take the National Nurse Aide Assessment Exam. There are clinical and theoretical portions of the test. Nine days will be spent on classroom lectures and 14 on clinical training. The cost of tuition is around $2000 including all supplies such as training equipment, and the state exam fee.. There is financial aid for students who need to study at no charge and loans are offered as an alternative option. These scholarship programs are available at the admission’s office. Certain requirements have to be met to be considered for financial assistance; applicants must demonstrate a superior attitude and performance on the interviews and exams.

Cesar E. Chavez Campus – San Diego Continuing Education

Cesar E. Chavez Campus – San Diego Continuing Education is offering a free CNA class to prospective healthcare providers. The CNA training is a combination of classroom lectures and hands-on clinical practice. Students go through hours of lectures, skills training, and clinical exposure with supervision from a clinical preceptor. Various nursing topics and skills are taught to prepare for them for nursing profession and state licensing exam. The CNA training is a short healthcare course that can be completed in a few weeks. Graduates can easily work in different medical settings as soon as they pass the certification exam. Applicants of the program must first pass the admission process of the institution. Apart from a high school diploma, candidates have to undergo a criminal background check and physical examination. They also need to excel on the interviews and exams to have a higher chance of getting a slot in the CNA training program.

American Red Cross in San Diego

The American Red Cross in San Diego is one of the reliable sources of CNA training programs. With advanced facilities and expert clinical instructors, students in the program are assured of getting the best training in preparation for the state licensing exam. Interested applicants who cannot afford to undergo the program can apply for scholarship opportunities available at the American Red Cross. Funding from private organizations can also be used in this facility. However, the most important thing to remember is to maintain excellent grades throughout the program. The free CNA classes given at the American Red Cross are an answer to unemployment among San Diego residents and  a way of helping the healthcare industry support the number of CNAs needed in the state. Applicants must be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. A criminal background check and physical exam are required for admission.

San Diego Medical College

San Diego Medical College offers a free CNA training program to individuals seeking a stable career in the nursing profession. The program incorporates classroom lectures and hands-on clinical training to develop adequate knowledge and skills in aspiring healthcare providers. Interested applicants have to be at least 18 years old and above, with a high school diploma, criminal background check and physical exam. The requirements can be obtained at the school’s admission office. The free CNA classes of San Diego Medical College take only weeks to complete, and graduates are qualified to undergo the state licensing exam. Take note that the free program is not available to everyone as there are limited slots for every CNA session. Further details are discussed during the application process, particularly the terms and conditions of the program as well as the employment opportunities available.

Western Medical Training Center

The Western Medical Training Center is providing free CNA training program to financially- challenged individuals looking for a stable career. Unemployed residents and even high school graduates who qualify for this short healthcare course are encouraged to apply. The CNA training program has limited slots available because of the smaller class size. Interested individuals have to show their best abilities and present the necessary requirements of the program to be considered. The medical training center will make sure that students pass the state licensing exam and secure a stable job after. Expert clinical instructors will supervise the students’ needs, particularly during the hands-on clinical practice in a local healthcare facility. Employment opportunities are offered to those with excellent grades and performance in the clinical field. However, this will depend on the availability of CNA positions and the performance of the student taking the program.

Chula Vista Adult School

Unemployed adults, single mothers, and other qualified residents who cannot secure a stable job can apply at Chula Vista Adult School. This adult training center offers various vocational programs including CNA training. The CNA training program can be completed in a few weeks and is needed to apply as a healthcare provider in various medical settings. CNAs are well-compensated and in-demand in San Diego; taking the course is an opportunity to obtain stable employment right away. Interested applicants can submit an application at the school’s admissions office. Limited slots are available for the free CNA training. Thus, aspiring CNAs should present excellent credentials and must pass the interviews and exams. The Chula Vista Adult School is an excellent training ground for those who want to start a career in the nursing field. Aside from the conducive learning environment, this adult school is also equipped with modern facilities and expert clinical instructors.

Trinity Health Education

Trinity Health Education offers free CNA classes in San Diego. Individuals who want to start a career in the nursing profession can grab this opportunity and undergo a few weeks of training in the classroom and clinical settings. The program begins with classroom instruction within the facility where various nursing concepts are taught including anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, activities of daily living, infection control, and many others. Following the lectures, students have skills training in a simulation lab and hands-on clinical practice in a local healthcare facility. A clinical preceptor will supervise students in the hands-on clinical practice, guiding them through every procedure. Trinity Health Education makes sure that all who undergo the CNA training program are equipped for the state licensing exam. The institution will prepare them for the demands of the profession, especially in providing quality nursing services to patients with diverse healthcare needs.

La Hacienda Nursing Home, Inc.

People considering a career in the healthcare field can opt for free CNA training at La Hacienda Nursing Home, Inc. The free CNA training covers the entire tuition cost and other related expenses like the certification exam, books, supplies and uniforms. Employment opportunities are available to individuals who excel in the academic and clinical aspects of the training as the nursing home periodically requires new CNAs. Applicants must be at least 18 years old with no criminal record or communicable disease. It is important for enthusiastic individuals to meet the program requirements to be considered for admission and be qualified for the state licensing exam. La Hacienda Nursing Home, Inc. provides personalized instruction with supervision from expert clinical instructors. Students will be trained with sufficient knowledge and the skills needed to prepare for the certification exam and future employment within the facility.

San Diego Nursing School

San Diego Nursing School is one of the most reliable sources of nursing education in the area. Individuals who want to become a nursing assistant can undergo CNA training in a few weeks. The program combines classroom lectures and hands-on clinical training, allowing students to gain substantial knowledge and the required skills for CNA practice. It is provided by clinical instructors with years of experience in the clinical field. Students who want to obtain a free CNA class can visit the financial aid office to know more about the scholarship programs available. Various programs provide financial assistance to deserving students who cannot pay the entire tuition cost but are determined to finish a certificate as a nursing assistant. Economic status and academic performance are evaluated for every applicant of the free CNA class. Thus, interested individuals must satisfy these broad requirements to have a higher chance of entering the free program.

Eastlake Medical College

Eastlake Medical College provides free CNA classes to deserving students who show financial need and possess an excellent academic track record. The free program covers tuition but students are required to pay for uniforms, books, supplies and the certification exam. Interested applicants must submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent, criminal background check and physical exam result. They are required to undergo exams and interviews as part of the selection process. The Eastlake Medical College is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to hasten student learning. Expert clinical instructors have demonstrated excellence in their chosen field. The free CNA classes at this medical college are an opportunity to earn a certificate and work as a nursing assistant. They are available year round, but slots are limited to a few selected students per program.

List of All the State Approved CNA Classes in San Diego

San Diego, CABridge Career Education1333 Camino Del Rio South Suite 107619-693-5857
San Diego, CABrightwood College San Diego9055 Balboa Ave858-279-4500
San Diego, CACalifornia Medical College7851 Mission Center Court Ste 326858-357-8800
San Diego, CAFast Track Med. Trng. Ctr6160 Mission Gorge Rd, Suite 120858-228-7564
San Diego, CAInternational Health Group Inc.8787 Complex Dr. Ste B-100858-278-9800
San Diego, CAPacific Health Education Center10225 Barnes Canyon Rd. Suite A 208858-658-0362
San Diego, CASan Diego Continuing Education1901 Main Street619-388-1928
San Diego, CASan Diego Medical College6780 Miramar Road #204619-942-8274