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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in Rhode Island

CNA Classes in Rhode Island

Rhode Island institutions regularly hires Certified Nursing Assistants. They need more people in their healthcare facilities because citizens are getting older and requiring more long-term care. Hence, individuals seeking jobs can take the CNA classes in the state to become qualified nursing assistants. The program can be finished in a few weeks and usually covers lectures, skills training, and actual patient handling. This career path is an opportunity to have a stable and well- compensating job in Rhode Island. Due to the increasing unemployment rate, the CNA training program can serve as a pathway for a brighter future ahead. Therefore, the government is making an agreement with some institutions to offer a CNA training program to make the job more attainable.

In any school or healthcare facility providing a CNA training program, there are always scholarships or grants offered. People planning to avail one of them should look at the requirements, including a background free of any criminal offense and good physically health. This is mandatory. Thus, make sure to know the criteria of those organizations providing free CNA classes in Rhode Island, particularly those with scholarships and grants.

Institutions with Free CNA Classes in Rhodes Island:

Cranston Alternative Education Programs

Cranston Alternative Education Programs are offering CNA classes in Rhode Island to individuals interested in working in a healthcare facility. This course usually lasts for 14 to 16 weeks with 100 hours of classroom instruction and clinical rotation. Students in the program pay $650 for their tuition fee, books, and other related costs but scholarships and grants can be availed for those who cannot afford the CNA classes. It is important to take note that students can only enter the program if they have a clean criminal record, a high school diploma or GED, a complete immunization record and a negative TB screen test result. For information on the free CNA training, students should contact the school’s financial aid office. Several scholarship programs are available to provide partial or full funding to individuals pursuing a nursing assistant education. However, these scholarships have specific criteria that interested candidates must meet.

Nursing Placement, Inc in Pawtucket

The Nursing Placement, Inc in Pawtucket offers a nursing assistant program every three months. Classes are available day and night, depending on the availability of the instructor and number of students enrolled. Typically, the program includes 100 hours of classroom instruction and 20 hours of hands-on experience in a healthcare facility. Students should complete the program before they sit for the certification exam. If they pass the exam, the organization will help them find a position in the healthcare field. Nursing Placement Inc. in Pawtucket also provides free CNA classes to individuals in financial hardship. They aim to help candidates who are unemployed to study and become qualified to work in a healthcare setting. Requirements for a free CNA training differ from a typical CNA program because they often look for candidates who are deserving this kind of healthcare course.

Woonsocket Area Technical Center

Students can enroll in a nursing assistant program at Woonsocket Area Technical Center. This program allows them to become a qualified nursing assistant in the state of Rhode Island in a matter of weeks. The instructors will teach the various skills needed for the profession. This includes vital signs taking, activities of daily living like bathing, toileting and the like, as well as CPR and first aid skills. Once the program is finished, students can take the certification exam provided by the State Nurse’s Aide Registry. Meanwhile, students seeking a free CNA training program can submit an application at the technical center’s financial aid office. The free training is granted to deserving applicants who have the passion to become a healthcare provider in Rhode Island and show financial need. It is also given to candidates with excellent academic credentials.

Golden Crest Nursing Center

Golden Crest Nursing Center is providing CNA classes to anyone interested in the profession. They accept individuals ready for employment and they usually offer a job to someone who passed the certification exam. The program involves classroom lectures, laboratory training and clinical rotations in their facility. Students are supervised by a Registered Nurse or a Certified Nursing Assistant during the clinical rotation. However, once they passed the certification exam, students must they work in the facility for a specified period. This is important since applicants are usually asked if they are willing to work after becoming certified. Individuals who fail to accept the job offer will be obliged to pay the entire cost of the CNA training.

Alpine Nursing Home Inc.

The free CNA classes in Rhode Island by Alpine Nursing Home are provided to those qualified to work in their facility. Even if an individual does not have college credits or prior experience in the healthcare field, he/she can apply for the free CNA training as long as he/she passed the necessary requirements including a clean criminal record, immunization record, negative TB screen test and a high school diploma or GED. The training will take weeks to complete and includes lectures and hands-on experience in the facility. As soon as the training program is complete, the certification exam will follow. Meanwhile, the free CNA training program of Alpine Nursing Home Inc. is an excellent opportunity to start a career in the healthcare field. Since there is a shortage of CNAs, they provide a free training program to qualified candidates and secure employment after certification. Applications have to be submitted to the institution’s human resources department.

Morgan Health Center

Morgan Health Center provides free CNA classes in Rhode Island. Individuals who want to work as a nursing assistant in their facility must pass their criteria before the training begins. They usually require someone who is physically fit and free of a criminal record with a high school diploma or GED. Successful applicants will be trained basic nursing skills applicable to the profession. They will undergo classroom lectures and clinical experiences supervised by a Registered Nurse or a Certified Nursing Assistant. The certification exam follows after the program has been completed and all other requirements met. Qualified candidates for the free CNA class should take note that they are required to work in the facility for a specified period. If they failed to do so, these individuals are often asked to pay the entire cost of the program, depending on the conditions set by Morgan Health Center.

Crossroads Rhode Island

Crossroads Rhode Island offers CNA training programs to individuals approved by Workforce offices and Department of Health. Candidates have to demonstrate financial need and a desire to be a part of the healthcare team. They must provide an excellent academic record to have a greater chance of admission. The CNA training program of Crossroads Rhode Island covers both classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice. Individuals gain substantial knowledge and experience to be prepared for the certification exam and potential employment. These candidates will be trained by clinical instructors who are licensed health care providers with years of experience in the clinical field. Undergoing a CNA training program at Crossroads Rhode Island provides a lot of opportunities, especially regarding stable employment and a well-compensating career. Applying for a free program may be a bit challenging, but once accepted to the course, qualified candidates have high probability of becoming a nursing assistant.

Exeter Job Corps Center in Rhode Island

The Exeter Job Corps Center in Rhode Island offers a free CNA training program to qualified candidates. High school graduates and unemployed individuals are often granted the no-cost CNA classes at this Job Corps Center. The program aims to help people work in the healthcare field. Several healthcare facilities are currently in need of nursing assistants. Thus, undergoing a CNA training program is an excellent opportunity to take the certification exam and work as a nursing assistant. The Exeter Job Corps Center in Rhode Island requires interested applicants to submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent, with a criminal background check and physical exam results. These requirements are needed to apply for the certification exam. The facility will not only cover free tuition cost, but it also provides the necessary items that qualified candidates need like uniforms, medical supplies, textbooks, and manuals.

Cedar Home Health

Cedar Home Health offers a free CNA training program to potential employees. Residents interested in this opportunity can submit an application to the human resources department. Some of the requirements are a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a criminal background check, physical examination, CPR training, and complete immunization record. The CNA training program of Cedar Home Health provides direct employment within the facility. So, interested candidates have to agree in advance to work in the facility after completing the program and passing the certification exam. The CNA training in this facility includes classroom lectures, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical practice. Candidates are trained to become competent and highly qualified nursing assistants. The facility will make sure that their students are equipped with the requisite knowledge and skills essential of the CNA practice. They will even assist these candidates in passing the certification exam successfully and working at Cedar Home Health right away.

Cherry Hill Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Cherry Hill Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has a free CNA training program in Rhode Island that enables graduates to take the certification exam and work as a nursing assistant. The program can be completed in a few weeks and students are  trained to become competent and qualified healthcare providers. These individuals go through classroom lectures, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical practice. They will be taught several nursing concepts and all the skills essential to CNA practice. Candidates interested in applying for a free CNA training program at Cherry Hill Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center have to make sure they are willing to work in the facility for a specified period. This agreement is necessary fas the rehabilitation center needs nursing assistants. Thus, interested applicants must show commitment and dedication to work at Cherry Hill Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center to be considered for the free CNA training.

Saint Elizabeth Community

Saint Elizabeth Community is one of the sources of free CNA training programs in Rhode Island. Residents who cannot find a stable job may apply for the free program to be able to work in the healthcare field right away. The CNA training allows candidates to become nursing assistants, and these healthcare providers receive good compensation. Thus, qualified candidates are encouraged to apply. The free CNA training programatf Saint Elizabeth Community is just like any other CNA program. Students go through hours of lectures, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical practice. Instructors make sure that these students receive adequate knowledge and the skills necessary for CNA practice. They will be provided with manuals, textbooks, and uniforms at no cost. However, candidates undergoing the free CNA training must be willing to work at Saint Elizabeth Community for a specified period, in exchange for the short course obtained.

All Rhode Island State Approved CNA Programs

Bristol, RISilver Creek Manor7 Creek Lane401-253-3000
Bristol, RISaint Elizabeth Manor1 Dawn Hill401-253-2300
Bristol, RIThe Walker School Of Allied Health Llc490 Metacom Avenue401-842-7411
Coventry, RIRegional Career Ctr At Coventry H S40 Reservoir Road401-822-9491
Coventry, RIAlpine Nursing Home557 Weaver Hill Road401-397-5001
Cranston, RIPhenix Home Care Inc227 Phenix Avenue401-943-6230
Cranston, RICranston Adult Education Programs83 Rolfe Street401-270-8166
Cranston, RICranston Area Career And Technical Center100 Metropolitan Avenue401-270-8070
Cranston, RIHomefront Health Care40 Sharpe Drive401-437-6559
Cranston, RIHope Nursing Home Care Llc478 Reservoir Avenue401-467-8588
Cranston, RIMedical Skills Training Center681 Park Avenue401-272-4500
Cranston, RIAce Training School Inc815 Reservoir Avenue401-453-4545
Cumberland, RIOcean State Nursing Services Inc3929 Mendon Road401-405-3810
East Greenwich, RISaint Elizabeth Home East Greenwich1 St Elizabeth Way401-471-6060
East Providence, RINew England Emergency Medical Training860 Waterman Ave Suite 4401-434-3120
East Providence, RIAccess Healthcare Inc702 Warren Avenue401-438-4747
East Providence, RIEast Providence Career & Tech1998 Pawtucket Avenue401-435-7815
Exeter, RIHealth Care Educational Resources567 South County Trl # 301401-667-0471
Greenville, RIGreenville Center735 Putnam Pike401-949-1200
Johnston, RICherry Hill Manor2 Cherry Hill Road401-231-3102
Johnston, RIBriarcliffe Manor49 Old Pocasset Road401-944-2450
Lincoln, RICcri Center For Workforce And Community Education1762 Louisquisset Pike401-333-7283
Lincoln, RIWm M Davies Jr Career & Tech50 Jenckes Hill Road401-728-1500
Middletown, RIAquidneck Island Adult Learning Ctr740 West Main Road401-847-7171
Middletown, RIGrand Islander Genesis Health Care333 Green End Avenue401-849-7100
North Kingstown, RIScalabrini Villa860 North Quidnesset Road401-884-1802
North Smithfield, RISt Antoine Residence10 Rhodes Avenue401-767-3500
Pascoag, RIOverlook Nursing And Rehabilitation Center14 Rock Avenue401-568-2549
Pawtucket, RINew England Medical Training Institute301 Concord St Unit 463401-400-8988
Pawtucket, RIAttentive Academy678 Central Avenue401-919-6309
Pawtucket, RILifetime Medical Support Services235 Londsdale Avenue401-333-3333
Pawtucket, RINursing Placement Inc334 East Avenue401-728-6500
Pawtucket, RIRi Allied Health And Safety Institute50 Power Road401-276-9141
Providence, RICoastal Career Academy Inc807 Broad St508-536-5366
Providence, RIHitep Inc515 Elmwood Ave Suite B401-785-2202
Providence, RIInternational School For Health Careers297 Elmwood Avenue401-523-3031
Providence, RICrossroads Rhode Island160 Broad Street401-521-2255
Providence, RIAmerican Safety Programs & Training Inc150 Niantic Ave401-273-6900
Providence, RIRi Nurses Institute Middle College150 Washington Street401-680-4900
Riverside, RIHealth Care Connections Nursing Services Inc425 Willet Avenue401-437-3515
Wakefield, RIElderwood Of Scallop Shell At Wakefield55 Scallop Shell Way401-789-3006
Warren, RIGrace Barker Nursing Center54 Barker Avenue401-245-9100
Warwick, RIKent Regency660 Commonwealth Ave401-739-4241
Warwick, RIWarwick Area Career & Technical Center575 Centerville Road401-734-3150
Warwick, RI911 Programs Inc175 Metro Center Blvd Unit 1401-773-7716
Warwick, RIBrentwood Nursing Home4000 Post Road401-884-8020
Wood River Junction, RIChariho Adult Education Vta459 Switch Road401-315-2871
Woonsocket, RIFriendly Home Inc The303 Rhodes Avenue401-769-7220
Woonsocket, RIWoonsocket Area Career And Technical Center400 Aylsworth Avenue401-767-4660
Woonsocket, RIOakland Grove Health Care Center560 Cumberland Hill Road401-769-0800