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CNA Training & Classes | January 21, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Phoenix

Phoenix Free CNA Classes

Those individuals who possess a high school diploma or equivalent GED can enroll themselves in free CNA classes in Phoenix with ease. You will have to pass a CNA training program and must pass the CNA Certification Examination of Arizona to apply for a job as a CNA. The significant aspect of the classes for this certification is that they only last for around six weeks. You will need to complete around 75 hours of class time and reasonable time to complete your training. The nurse aide classes and programs are approved by the Arizona Board of Nursing. Once you fill out the course, the graduates have the opportunity to take the exam directed under the D&S Diversified Technologies.

The classes offered in Phoenix will cover topics like how to control infection, human anatomy, ethics, etc. Those who would like to become CNA’s will have to score around 75% on the written test and around 80% on the practical test. People who enjoy working with others and helping others will enjoy learning how to care for patients properly.

Individuals in Phoenix can get paid for the training that they do through the Maricopa Workforce Connection. Some medical centers like the Kivel Campus of Care and Life Care Center are offering free CNA classes. These centers also pay you for your services and possess their full-time doctor to care for the patients. So, you will get to work alongside professional physicians and nurses in the facility.

Cactus Wren

The Cactus Wren Program is for CNA students and requires 120 hours of comprehensive training to provide students with skills and knowledge to carry out the duties in a health care environment. You will have to attend 60 hours of class time, 20 hours of lab hours, and just 40 hours of clinical instruction to complete your course. The applicants should be 16 years or older and must provide their TB test results, proof of citizenship, a drug test, CPR card, and let the institute conduct a background test. You should contact the Institute to see if there are any financial aid opportunities for students who are willing to serve the community of Phoenix. Now and then, Cactus Wren does provide scholarship programs to deserving students who demonstrate financial need. It means that individuals who cannot suffice the cost of the tuition can apply and possibly receive funding for their education.

Gateway Community College

Certificate of Completion at Gateway Community College assists students in preparing and excel as CNA’s while working at a facility or hospital. There is a balance of clinical instruction and classroom time for the students. The students must take the written and clinical exam to graduate and receive certification. The training will offer the student to attain certification through the Arizona State Board of Nursing. The applicants who are interested in the program must provide a TB test, criminal background check, high school diploma or GED, CPR Card, Drug Test, and immunization record before acceptance into the program. From this class, you will receive six credit hours, and the cost of the course is $504 for residents within the country. You can contact the Institute to learn about financial aid. Gateway Community College offers scholarship programs through their financial aid office. Students who cannot pay their training can apply for these financial support programs.

Phoenix College

We prepare students for the Arizona CNA State Examination to help individuals who would like to enhance their career opportunities. A registered nurse will assign the tasks to the students to teach them proper care. Before you get an admission into the program, you must provide a physical exam, drug screening, and must meet the requirements of immunization requirements, and should be 16 years of age or older to apply. The fee for the program is $504, but there is financial aid available for those who require it. Phoenix College has various scholarship programs to help students with financial struggles. Applicants can submit an application to the financial aid office and should also provide a demonstration of their financial hardship. The amount of support given to CNA students depends on the type of scholarship program that he or she obtains.

Brookline College

Those people who are training to be a part of the health care industry should apply for the Brookline Nursing Program. The requirements of the free CNA classes in Phoenix have been given by the Arizona State Board of Nursing. By the end of the program, you will receive 146 hours of complete training. Throughout the clinical practice, you will be placed in a long-term care environment to apply what you have learned throughout your course. You should contact Brookline College for more information regarding financial aid. Brookline College provides free CNA classes to deserving students currently enrolled in a CNA course. These scholarships offer financial support to help to aspire CNAs finish their education. However, it is important to take note that the scholarship is only applicable to students who met the program requirements. The number of beneficiaries also depend on the amount of funding available.

Accord Healthcare Institute

The Accord Healthcare Institute offers 128 hours of CNA training to prepare students to supervise the residents at any health care facility or hospital. There are 20 hours of lab, 60 hours of class time, and 48 hours of clinical. The applicants must provide a drug test; pass math and reading exam, and a background check. The course will cover the roles and responsibilities of a nurse aide, safety precautions, personal care, etc. The fee for tuition is $1000 not including the screening, CPR, skin test, state exam, and license. Students who want to avail the free CNA class should submit an application to the financial office of the healthcare institute. Scholarship programs are granted to deserving individuals who show financial struggle and excellent academic record. Thus, it is important for these aspiring students to meet the program requirements, particularly in the scholarship program they are applying.

Dessert Winds Institute

One hundred hours of free CNA classes in Phoenix at Dessert Winds Institute is a great option to opt for when you would like to obtain entry-level skills in the health care sector. During the class time, the students will learn about topics like physiology, anatomy, communication, etc. For the lab time, the students will be given instruction by a registered nurse regarding the procedures of how to deal with primary care situations. The clinical training will require you to apply all that you have learned in the class and during the labs. You will need to perform 22 skills correctly before you can take the CNA certification exam. You should get in touch with the representatives at Dessert Winds Institute to inquire about books, fees, and schedules. Interested individuals have to meet the requirements of the program, and they should also undergo a criminal background check and physical exam, together with their high school diploma.

Valley Vocational Academy

Valley Vocational Academy is one of the vocational institutions in Phoenix that provides free CNA classes to deserving candidates. The CNA program is a short healthcare course that leads to a stable and well-compensating employment in various medical settings like hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities. It is a combined classroom instruction, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical practice. Thus, students get the best training to prepare them for the state licensing exam. Interested individuals who want to avail a free CNA training program have to submit their application at the school’s financial aid office. Valley Vocational Academy selects deserving candidates who demonstrate a financial need and who also excel in the academic field. Unemployed residents, single mothers, and high school graduates are welcome to apply in this kind of program. Finishing a state approved CNA training program is a great privilege to work and become a part of the healthcare team.

Providence Training Institute

Providence Training Institute is offering a free CNA class to individuals who want to be a part of the growing healthcare team. The program starts with classroom lectures covering several concepts like anatomy and physiology, medical terminologies, infection control, body mechanics, range of motion, nutrition, and many others. The lectures are then followed by skills training in a simulation lab and a hands-on clinical practice in a local healthcare facility. Providence Training Institute will train prospective CNAs to be equipped for the state licensing exam. These individuals are guided and taught by clinical instructors who have also licensed healthcare professionals. Even in the clinical aspects of the training, students are supervised by these instructors to provide quality nursing services to patients with various healthcare needs. Graduates of the CNA program receive a lot of career opportunities in the healthcare field. The institute will help these individuals secure a stable job in Phoenix, especially after passing the certification exam.

Arizona Medical Training Institute

Arizona Medical Training Institute offers a CNA training program that can be completed in a short period. The program starts with classroom lectures and culminates with hands-on clinical practice in a local healthcare facility. The combined theory and clinical practice allow the students to be equipped with the profession, especially that clinical instructors supervise them. The training institute has a conducive learning environment where students get the best experience while studying. The program follows a small class size. Thus, every student’s needs are met, especially when it comes to their skills training. Individuals who are interested in the free CNA training of Arizona Medical Training Institute can directly apply through the admission’s office. Financial status and academic performance are often the basis for this free training, but qualified candidates have to be ready to work in the institute’s affiliated facility as an exchange of the opportunity availed.

Western Career Training

The free CNA training program of Western Career Training helps several individuals in Phoenix to work in the healthcare field. It can be completed in a short span of time that is why graduates can work right away and receive excellent compensation from their healthcare employers. Interested applicants have to apply at the school’s financial aid office to avail a scholarship. However, it is important to take note that economic status and educational performance are assessed. Western Career Training selects individuals who have the passion for working in the healthcare field as competent licensed professionals. Qualified candidates go through hours of classroom lectures and hands-on clinical training to prepare them for the state licensing exam. They are taught by clinical instructors who have years of experience in the healthcare field. Western Career Training has been producing several CNAs over the years. Hence, graduating from this institution gives the students higher chances of passing the certification exam.

Star Canyon School of Nursing

The Star Canyon School of Nursing offers various nursing courses including the CNA training program. Individuals who want to start a career in the nursing profession can take this short healthcare course and work as Certified Nursing Assistants after passing the licensing exam. The CNA training runs for a couple of weeks, with combined classroom lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical experiences. Students get the best training from expert clinical instructors who have years of expertise in the medical field. Thus, they will be fully prepared after finishing the course. Moreover, the free CNA training program is available at their financial aid office. Some scholarships provide financial support to students who are undergoing a healthcare course that is why interested applicants have to be currently enrolled at Star Canyon to apply. Financial problems and academic excellence are the determining factors in getting the free CNA training at this institution.

Glendale Community College

The free CNA training program of Glendale Community College can be obtained at their financial aid office. The community college has several scholarship programs that enable students to finish a healthcare course without paying anything. These programs aim to help financially challenged individuals, especially those with excellent academic grades, to obtain a certificate. The training runs for weeks that is why graduates can seek employment right away. Interested applicants have to be currently enrolled in the community college. These individuals have to go through interviews and exams as part of the screening process. The CNA training program of Glendale Community College combines classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice in a local healthcare facility. Once they pass the training, graduates can take the state licensing exam. Several individuals are applying for the free CNA training program, but only deserving candidates receive financial support from the community college.

Grace Institute

One of the providers of free CNA training in Phoenix is the Grace Institute. The school has been offering various nursing courses to help aspiring individuals become healthcare professionals. With the CNA course, students will be equipped with knowledge and skills essential for the practice. The school has a conducive learning environment with modern facilities that students can take advantage. They also provide personalized instruction to every potential CNA. Thus, the academic and professional goals of these individuals are met. Furthermore, the Grace Institute also has clinical instructors who are expert and well-experienced healthcare providers. These professionals help the students get the adequate knowledge and skills to prepare them for the state licensing exam. Nevertheless, the school is also providing free CNA classes to financially incapable students. Individuals who want to apply should be currently enrolled at Grace Institute and should demonstrate a financial need and excellent academic record. These requirements will be assessed by the school because the free courses are limited to some students.

Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Chandler-Gilbert Community College also offers free CNA classes to deserving students in the program. Through various scholarships from the public and private organizations, individuals undergoing a CNA training can seek financial support for their education. However, this free CNA class is not available to everyone. Due to the limited number of students per program, as well as the availability of funding, only a few qualified candidates will be granted the scholarship. The community college often assesses the applicant’s economic status and academic performance before they approve them for a scholarship. Nevertheless, successful applicants receive funding for their CNA training. Aside from that, they are also provided with a conducive environment for learning with state of the art simulation labs to develop nursing skills. The students are also exposed in a local healthcare facility for their hands-on clinical practice. This is done with supervision from expert clinical instructors of the community college.

Some institutes offer summer discounts to students who are serious about taking the CNA training courses. You should check out for more information regarding free CNA classes in Phoenix. There are a few places that don’t have completely free classes but have a payment plan for the students who can put some amount of money on the table. Remember that certification will need to be renewed in Arizona every two years and you must serve the labor force for at least 160 hours to apply for renewal.