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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Free CNA Classes

Many locations offer free CNA classes in Philadelphia. The course will take around 4-5 weeks to complete and you will be given classroom sessions with practical hands-on sessions to assist you in learning proper care for an entry-level medical assistant. The administrators of almost every CNA training program will ask you to fill out an application, provide a background check and submit your fingerprint report. Your course will consist of educational topics like body mechanics, basic anatomy, critical conditions, infection control, patient care, etc. People searching for career opportunities in Philadelphia should contact the Unemployment or the Income Assistance Office to check if financial aid is available for those who would like to start afresh with their careers. Financial assistance in Philadelphia is offered to unprivileged applicants who are intent on starting a nursing career. Some of the places where you can obtain your free CNA classes in Philadelphia are:

Free CNA Classes in Philadelphia via Job Corps

The Job Corps is present in Philadelphia and offers guidance to many people who would like free CNA training. You can contact the Job Corps office and ask them about which courses are free of cost. Make sure that the program you select has state recognition before you enroll. The free CNA training program in this institution is granted to applicants aged 17 to 24 years old. High school seniors and graduates are welcome to apply, as long as they meet the requirements of the program. Job Corps provides free training including uniforms, medical supplies, books, accommodations, and training allowances for preferred candidates. The facility even assists these aspiring healthcare providers in seeking jobs in hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical settings after passing the state licensing exam. Thus, graduates of the program are privileged to work as CNAs in a short span of time.

Medicaid and Medicare

You can check out the facilities here to see if they are offering free CNA classes in Philadelphia. People who obtain free classes must commit their services to the healthcare center for one year. You will have to pay for the course, but once you start working at the center, you will receive reimbursement when you show your credentials and training fee receipts. The free CNA classes in Medicaid and Medicare are an excellent opportunity to secure a stable job in Philadelphia. These institutions will make sure that students receive adequate training to prepare them for the state licensing exam. They also provide a conducive environment for these aspiring CNAs, with modern facilities and a simulation lab to hasten their experience. The free CNA classes happen all year round, and the number of preferred candidates depends on the number of positions available.

American Red Cross

Free CNA classes in Philadelphia are offered at the American Red Cross. The program takes place at the Red Cross House; the facility is a home for people who have been displaced permanently or temporarily from their families due to a disaster. This location can train around 18 students, and there are classrooms and labs designed for the purpose are excellent. The residents are given care by the students who are learning their skills under a licensed nurse. Also, the state exam must be completed for one to obtain his/her CNA license. Applicants of the free CNA training at the American Red Cross must satisfy the requirements of the program. These individuals are often screened based on their economic status and academic performance. Therefore, potential candidates should present their qualifications to have higher chance of getting a free CNA class.

Free CNA Classes in Philadelphia Nursing Homes:

Germantown Home

This is a nursing home in Philadelphia that has been offering individuals free CNA classes to help people looking for a valued training program. Students can start work during the training process. Specific classroom hours and clinical experiences must be completed to complete the program successfully. Older adults reside in the facility, allowing you to learn entry-level patient care when you take the CNA classes here. You will have to devote your services in return for the free classes and examination. Applying for a free CNA training at Germantown Home provides benefits to both students and the nursing home. Students are privileged to receive direct employment after finishing the program and passing the state licensing exam. In fact, their needs such as uniforms and textbooks are provided for free. On the other hand, the facility also benefits from the free program because they will have more CNAs to work for a specified period.

Other Options:

Nurse’s Aide Career Training

This program has been created to help students understand the requirements and skills of a CNA before taking the course. This program can take one month – 6 months to complete. Students with a low income or looking for earning opportunities by obtaining certification should apply here. You will qualify and be accepted into the program after your application is reviewed by the staff of the Nurse’s Aide Career Training. The free CNA class combines both classroom and hands-on clinical training. Qualified candidates go through a full schedule to prepare them for the state licensing exam. They are  supervised by clinical preceptors with years of experience in the nursing field.

Health and Technology Training Institute

Students looking to benefit from the free CNA classes in Philadelphia should enroll in this excellent training program. You will be able to complete the coursework in just a few weeks and can take the state exam once you master the material. You can begin your career working in hospitals and nursing homes once you receive your CNA license. The training program is a rigorous course that combines classroom lectures and clinical training. Students are expected to finish the required number of hours for both the academic and clinical aspects to be qualified for CNA exam. They also have to excel in the training to receive a certificate after the program culminates. The free CNA program of Health and Technology Training Institute can be availed at their financial aid office where scholarship opportunities are granted to deserving candidates.

Prism Health Aide Training, Inc.

Prism Health Aide Training, Inc. offers a CNA training program that can be completed in weeks. The program allows graduates to work in various healthcare settings as nursing assistants. Interested applicants can submit an application at the school’s admissions office and pass the necessary requirements like a high school diploma or GED equivalent, criminal background check and physical exam. They are screened due to the limited number of individuals admitted per program. Prism Health Aide Training, Inc. provides personalized instruction to students to make sure they have the adequate knowledge and skills for CNA practice. Other than classroom instruction, where basic nursing concepts are taught, students are also exposed to a simulation lab then and an actual clinical setting, where they experience hands-on training. Candidates who want to lessen the cost of the training can apply for scholarships to cover the course expenses.

Philadelphia Aide Training School

The CNA training program of Philadelphia Aide Training School is offered year round, with a guarantee that students receive sufficient knowledge and the skills needed to prepare them for the state licensing exam. The CNA training is a combined format of classroom lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice. In the first few days of the program, students go through an overview of various nursing topics like anatomy and physiology, nutrition, infection control, medical terminology, and many others. These individuals are then trained in a simulation lab where specific skills are taught to prepare them for a real medical setting. The hands-on clinical practice takes place in a local healthcare facility, either in a hospital, nursing home or long-term care setting. Students are supervised by respected clinical instructors who are experts in their chosen field of specialization. Students aiming to avail a free CNA course can apply for a scholarship and financial aid programs. However, this is limited to some candidates who deserve financial support.

Angela Jane Pavilion

Angela Jane Pavilion is a nursing institution that offers free CNA classes to Philadelphia residentsThe program helps unemployed individuals who want to start a career in the healthcare field. It also provides nursing assistants in the facility due to the continual shortage of these healthcare professionals. Applicants of the program have to be at least 18 years old and above, with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They are often asked to undergo a criminal background check and physical examination as part of the program requirements. Individuals interested in applying the free CNA training program must be willing to work at Angela Jane Pavilion. Otherwise, they will be asked to pay the entire cost of training. The CNA training is a privilege and an ideal way to secure a stable job, but applicants must be willing to be a part of the healthcare team.

PITC Institute

PITC Institute offers a free CNA training program that helps aspiring students finish a health course in a few weeks. The program combines classroom instruction with hands-on clinical training to prepare students for the state licensing exam and future employment. It covers a variety of topics and skills training; personalized instruction is provided to make sure that individual student needs are met throughout the course. Interested applicants of the free CNA training must be currently enrolled in the Institute. They have to submit an application at the school’s financial aid office to be considered for a scholarship. The CNA training program is rigorous because of its short duration. However, individuals will be fully prepared for the certification exam after graduating. PITC Institute is a good school for training as a nursing assistant. It has modern facilities and excellent instructors who are also licensed healthcare professionals.

Olney Northeastern Institute

Olney Northeastern Institute offers a CNA training program in Philadelphia which enables students to work in different healthcare settings. The program is a short course that combines classroom lectures and hands-on clinical practice. Students undergo hours of classroom lectures, covering various nursing topics like anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, range of motion, infection control, and many others. The hands-on clinical practice, on the other hand, takes place in a local healthcare facility with supervision from a clinical preceptor. Every student in the CNA program receives a quality education to prepare them for the state licensing exam. Individuals who want to lessen the cost of the program can apply for scholarships at the school’s financial aid office. Olney Northeastern Institute has a free CNA course from time to time offered to deserving students who show financial hardship and a good academic track record. The program is limited, but it helps select qualified candidates study at no cost.

Community College of Philadelphia

Individuals who want to take advantage of a free CNA course can apply at the Community College of Philadelphia. The College provides educational opportunities to deserving persons with a financial hardship who are committed to work in the healthcare field. Applicants can visit the school’s financial aid office and submit the necessary requirements such as a high school diploma, criminal background check and physical examination. They must be currently enrolled in the community college. An individual’s financial status and academic performance are often assessed as part of the admission process. Accepted candidates receive full funding for the CNA program, but other expenses like uniforms, books, supplies, and certification exam fees are not included. The free CNA classes of the Community College of Philadelphia is limited to a certain number of students. Hence, interested candidates have to show their best abilities to have a higher chance of approval.

Cathedral Village

One of the best ways to take a free CNA training program is to apply at healthcare facilities like Cathedral Village. Due to the shortage of CNAs in Philadelphia, this institution provides free CNA training program to accepted applicants. Anyone aged 18 years old and above can apply and submit the necessary documents like a high school diploma or GED equivalent, physical exam result, and criminal background check. Other requirements are listed at the facility’s human resources department. The program is limited to a few candidates depending on the availability of CNA positions. Candidates must be willing to work in Cathedral Village after passing the state licensing exam. They also have to follow what is stated in the job contract covered in the first few days of the training.

Professional Nurses Training

Professional Nurses Training has been offering CNA training programs for a long time, and individuals interested in working in the healthcare field are encouraged to submit an application at their office. Such persons have to provide a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a criminal background check, and physical exam result. Applicants are screened based on their qualifications and the results of the interviews and examinations. The CNA training program integrates classroom lectures with hands-on clinical practice. It covers numerous nursing topics and skills training, all essential to CNA practice. Clinical instructors will supervise the students in both the academic and clinical training. They make sure that they are equipped with adequate knowledge and skills to prepare for the state licensing exam. Availing the free CNA training program at Professional Nurses Training is an excellent way to become a healthcare provider. Applicants must demonstrate financial need and exemplary academic record.

Evangelical Manor

Evangelical Manor has been providing free CNA classes to potential nursing assistants. The program aims to help qualified Philadelphia residents secure a career in the healthcare field with excellent compensation and benefits. It provides more CNAs who can work in the facility for a specified period. Interested applicants must be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a criminal background check and physical exam result. They will undergo interviews and examinations important in determining the best and most qualified candidates for the program. Thus, applicants should demonstrate their abilities to be accepted in the program. Evangelical Manor provides an environment conducive to learning for students, with personalized instruction from expert clinical instructors. They will make sure that their candidates became competent and prepared for the state licensing exam, especially since these individuals will work in the facility after passing it.

List of All the State Approved CNA Classes in Philadelphia

Philadelphia , PAAmerican Red Cross- East Chapter 2221 Chestnut St215-299-4154
Philadelphia , PAChapel Manor Center 1104 Welsh Rd215-676-9191
Philadelphia , PAEntry Level Nurse Aide Program 6761 Germantown Ave215-843-4262
Philadelphia , PAHealth And Tech Training Institute 100 South Broad St, 10th Fl215-568-2220
Philadelphia , PAMercy Career & Technical Hs 2900 W. Hunting Park Ave215-226-1225
Philadelphia , PANew World Business School 9857 Bustleton Ave215-856-7316
Philadelphia , PAPhila Academy For Nurse Aide Trng 958 Bustleton Ave215-495-3473
Philadelphia , PAPrism Health Aide Training, Inc 8040 Roosevelt Blvd215-329-1322
Philadelphia , PAPhila Job Corps Life Science 2810 S. 20th St, Bldg 12215-471-9693
Philadelphia , PAPenn Asian Vocational Institute 6926 Old York Rd215-572-1234
Philadelphia, PACommunity College Of Philadelphia Corporate Solutions 1700 Spring Garden St C1-9267-299-5933