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CNA Training & Classes | January 21, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Omaha

Free CNA Classes in Omaha

In Omaha, there is a high demand for CNAs as there are new health care system influences and the life expectancy rate is continually changing among the population. The graduates of the nurse aide training program offered in the state of Nebraska can take part in the examination that is administered by the Nebraska Healthcare Learning Center and also the Providence Health Career Institute. The free CNA classes in Omaha make it possible for individuals to work in nursing homes, hospitals and numerous other health care facilities after becoming certified. This is an approved training program that requires seventy-five hours of intense training in which the students are taught all that is needed to know for the written and also the skills component of the CNA evaluation. After passing the assessment, it is the responsibility of the school to forward the results and students name so that the state can register it.

Nebraska Methodist College

At Nebraska Methodist College the students have the ability to receive free CNA classes in Omaha. This is a four-week training that requires eighty hours of clinical and lab training which teaches the students all they need to know about patient care. The instructors are highly skilled and will provide all the knowledge that the applicants must acquire to provide quality care to patients. To successfully register for the course, the applicants must be sixteen years of age, must be able to lift 50lbs of weight, provide immunization record and also a criminal background check. The cost for the program is $499 which includes the cost of a textbook, CPR training, workbooks, and testing fees. There are even other payment plan options for the students to select from and see which works best for them. Nebraska Methodist College also helps financially challenged students who want to finish a CNA training program. The application process can be made in the school’s financial aid office where scholarship programs are also granted to deserving applicants. However, these opportunities are limited that is why applicants have to apply beforehand and should demonstrate the best of their abilities to be considered for a free CNA training.

Metropolitan Community College

The CNA course offered by Metropolitan Community College is one that adheres to the guidelines that are provided by the state of Nebraska. This is a program that covers approximately 18 units within the course of 82 hours. To be eligible to take the exam, the students must attend a total of 77 hours. It is crucial that the applicants attend the full clinical training and complete the two components of the program, which are 59 hours of classroom and 23 hours of lab and clinical. The instructors will take quizzes at the end of the units and also a final CNA examination at the end of the program. To qualify for the CNA course, it is important to submit a TB test result, criminal background check and a complete application form. The nurse aide course is 6.5 credit hours, and the total cost is $436.50 plus the cost of the textbooks $55. The tuition cost covers the liability cost and also the background check fee. However, there are scholarship programs available in Metropolitan Community College where students can earn a free CNA training. Other expenses may not be shouldered, but the free tuition cost is already a big help.

Clarkson College

Clarkson College offers an excellent nurse aide program that prepares students so that they can sit in the state CNA examination. To qualify, the students must be in good health condition and must be able to lift a total of 50 lbs. Other requirements are that proof of TB skin test must be provided along with a criminal background check. The cost for the program is $495 including the textbooks, handouts, exam and training. After the completion of the lab training, the students will have the chance to participate in clinical sessions which are held in nursing homes and other long-term healthcare facilities in the Omaha area. It is essential that all students wear navy blue scrubs, a watch, and closed toed shoes on clinical days.  There is also the option of day and evening classes for students to choose from based on their schedules. The graduates of this course will become eligible to take the CNA examination and become registered by the state as a certified nurse aide. Individuals who want to avail a free CNA training can visit the school’s financial aid office and apply for a scholarship program. These scholarships are helpful in finishing a CNA training program at no cost.

Quality CNA

Quality CNA is an accredited training center that has been operating in Omaha for more than ten years. This is a place where students can receive training and become registered as a nurse aide. Quality CNA allows students to register and take the state examination on site. Here we have instructors who are registered nurses and teach the students all that they need to know to provide long term care which is by the nursing board curriculum. The cost for the program is $425, and this covers the cost for 76 hours of lab, classroom, clinical and registration. There are also scholarship programs available, and the financial aid office is the best facility to inquire. Academic records and financial status are often the two determining factors in availing a scholarship at this school. Nevertheless, at Quality CNA there are the day, weekend, and evening classes for students to select. To graduate from this course, the students must have perfect attendance so that they can receive certification upon completion. They individuals should also demonstrate excellence in both academic and clinical aspects of the training to meet the minimum grade requirements and graduate from the program.

Promise Healthcare Training Center

Promise Healthcare Training Center is an essential CNA training program that equips students with the skills and principles that one needed to have a successful career as an entry level nurse assistant. The applicants who would like to register must be sixteen years of age, have a clean criminal record, provide a physical examination and also a TB skin test. To become a certified CNA, the students must have perfect attendance to graduate. There is also a mandatory attendance at the beginning of the first sixteen hours to be able to continue the rest of the program. The cost is $400 which includes training supplies and testing fee. Other additional costs are textbooks, supplies, insurance, etc. which must all be covered separately. Students who want to obtain a free CNA training at Promise Healthcare Training Center must inquire at the financial aid office. There are scholarship programs available at this institution to allow financially challenged individuals to secure a CNA training at no cost. However, slots are often limited, and interested students have to meet the free program requirements to be considered for the selection process.

Boys Town High School

Boys Town High School provides a CNA training program in Omaha which helps graduates to work as a nursing assistant in various healthcare settings. The program is intended for young individuals who want to enter into healthcare workforce. Applicants have to meet the requirements including a criminal background check and physical examination. These people will be screened based on their credentials, flexibility, attitude, and academic records. Selected candidates will go through a rigorous training which combines classroom lectures and clinical training, allowing students to obtain adequate knowledge and skills in preparation for the state licensing exam. These individuals will also experience a hands-on clinical training in a local healthcare facility with supervision from a licensed preceptor. Boys Town High School requires the students to pay a certain amount of money for the CNA training, but individuals who are financially challenged can seek for free CNA training sponsored by the school. These free programs may not be available at all times, but students can inquire now and then for such opportunity. There are also some organizations sponsoring free CNA training which can be used in Boys Town High School. The school’s financial aid office is the best facility to visit for more information about the free CNA training.

Ralston High School

Ralston High School does offer a CNA training program to qualified applicants who like to work as a nursing assistant. The program aims to help young individuals secure a stable job and start a career in the healthcare field since the CNA training can be completed in a few weeks. It is approved by the state Department of Health that is why graduates of the program will be eligible to take the licensing exam for nursing assistants. To apply for the CNA training at Ralston High School, candidates have to undergo a criminal background investigation, fingerprinting, TB test, and physical examination. There will be a screening process conducted in the admission process. Thus, not all applicants are accepted to undergo the CNA training. However, qualified students are trained in a smaller class size and advanced facilities. The clinical instructors who are licensed healthcare professionals will teach and prepare these students to become competent nursing assistants. They will not only incorporate the nursing concepts, but they will also expose the students to a clinical setting where they can handle real patients. Individuals who are seeking for free CNA class can inquire at the school’s admission office or financial aid office.

Ashland Care Center

Ashland Care Center has a short CNA training program that allows every student to learn the profession. Graduates of the program will become eligible for the state licensing exam and can work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in various healthcare settings as soon as the exam is passed. Interested individuals have to be at least 18 years old, with a high school diploma or GED equivalent to be considered. They will also go through a criminal background investigation and physical exam in compliance with the CNA requirements. The CNA training program of Ashland Care Center is a combined classroom instruction and hands-on clinical training. Aside from the fact that students learn the basic nursing concepts during the classroom lectures, they will also be exposed in a local healthcare facility where they can acquire various nursing skills and understand some disease conditions they encounter. Students are also supervised by a clinical instructor who is a licensed health professional, and they will be mentored by these teachers to make them competent and equipped. Moreover, getting a free CNA training in Ashland Care Center is not that challenging because the facility offers it once in a while. However, interested students need to keep updated with the free CNA classes through their financial aid or admissions office.

Southeast Community College

The Southeast Community College offers a CNA training program that teaches the students basic nursing skills like bathing, ambulating, feeding, toileting, and many others. The program can be completed in a few weeks and graduates can work in a healthcare facility after passing the state licensing exam. Take note, the CNA training program of Southeast Community College requires the applicants to be at least a high school graduate or GED equivalent holder. A criminal background check and physical examination will also be conducted as part of the program requirements. The CNA training program also requires the students to attend the classes without absences. Absences of more than 12 hours regardless of the reason may receive a failing grade. The CNA training program is consist of 100 hours of classroom lecture, clinical training, and laboratory instruction. All students will be taught various nursing concepts and skills essential for their profession. They will be supervised by a clinical instructor to guide them during the hands-on clinical practice. Undergoing a CNA training program at Southeast Community College is a great privilege to become competent and well-equipped nursing assistant. Students who wished to avail a free CNA class can visit the school’s financial aid office for their scholarship programs.

Midland Lutheran College

Midland Lutheran College has a CNA training program that prepares the students for entry-level work in the healthcare field. The program takes a couple of weeks to finish, and graduates can take the state licensing right away. The CNA training program of Midland Lutheran College is blended with classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice. Students gain substantial knowledge and experience, which make them equip for the certification exam and future employment within the city. At the start of the program, students are taught various nursing concepts and skills such as anatomy and physiology, activities of daily living, nutrition, infection control, and many others. After the lectures, students are exposed to a simulation lab for skills training and hands-on clinical practice in a local healthcare facility. The CNA training program of Midland Lutheran College is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. It is also approved by the state of Nebraska Board of Nursing. Hence, graduates can work as a CNA or they can use the college credits earned to apply for higher learning education. Students who wished to avail scholarship programs can visit the school’s financial aid office. These scholarships will allow qualified candidates to receive free CNA training.