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CNA Training & Classes | January 21, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Oklahoma

CNA Classes in Oklahoma

The state of Oklahoma can be a great place for working as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Ever since the elderly population started to grow, many healthcare facilities are established and hire CNA’s along with nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers. Individuals wishing to have a stable career can take a training program for nursing assistants. This course includes lectures and hands-on training in an actual clinical setting with supervision from a Registered Nurse or Certified Nursing Assistant. Upon completion of the training, a certification exam will follow. Anyone who successfully passed the exam will be entitled to work as a CNA in any healthcare facility in Oklahoma. Hence, employment takes place in a short period.

However, the CNA training program can cost a certain amount of money. Although there are free and low-cost training programs, some institutions do not cover the examination fees. This is why it is important to know the scholarships and grants provided by the facility. Nevertheless, getting a free CNA classes in Oklahoma is a good solution to lessen the expenses. If you are interested in this kind of alternative, you can try to ask any of these schools or nursing homes in Oklahoma.

Institutions with Free CNA Classes in Oklahoma:

Children’s Center Program

The Children’s Center Program provides free CNA classes in Oklahoma. It is a non-profit hospital that caters children at different age groups and illnesses. Individuals who wished to undergo the training program can gain employment after completing and passing the certification exam. Although this program is not offered now and then, they usually accept non-CNA’s and CNA’s to fill their employment needs whenever the hospital needs more nursing assistants. Applicants should not only be prepared for the training program but also for the work that the institution offers. Typically, the facility requires graduates of the free CNA training program to work for them for a specified period. This is done in exchange for the free program provided to candidates.

Chisholm Trail Technology

Chisholm Trail Technology has a long-term care aide course for anyone wishing to pursue a degree in the healthcare field. The program is 91 hours of instruction with hands-on experience in a clinical experience. Other types of healthcare training programs are also available at Chisholm Trail Technology, and it is possible for anyone to apply and use the credits in getting an Associate Degree in the future. The CNA training program of this institution enables the students to sit for the certification exam and obtain employment in any health care institution in the state of Oklahoma. However, the free CNA training program can be availed at their financial aid office. Interested candidates have to demonstrate a financial need and provide an excellent academic record to be considered for assistance. The free CNA class of Chisholm Trail Technology is an opportunity to study a nursing assistant training at no cost.

Central Tech – Sapulpa Campus

The Central Tech-Sapulpa Campus offers a training course for Certified Nursing Assistant. They have Home Health Aide program and Long Term Care Nurse Aide program which allows students to get a range of options for employment. Individuals can take any of these two courses to sit for the certification exam. The most important thing to remember is to complete the number of hours for lectures, laboratory training, and clinical rotation so that the State Nurse Aide Registry will allow the applicant to take the exam and possibly pass it. Scholarship programs and financial aid grants are also available at Central Tech. These programs will allow financially needy students to undergo a CNA training for free. The application process may be selective, but individuals gain a training program that makes them a qualified nursing assistant in Oklahoma.

Drumright Nursing Home

Drumright Nursing Home is also providing free CNA classes in Oklahoma. This is to fill in their needs for nursing assistants and provide employment for the unemployed. The training program leads to employment after that. Applicants are screened through a written exam and interview. If they passed the basic requirements and screening process, they would be scheduled for a CNA training program that includes lectures, laboratory training and clinical rotation in the facility. A Registered Nurse will also supervise them and a Certified Nursing Assistant, especially during the clinical experience. Training at Drumright Nursing Home is a great privilege. Graduates of the program are not only provided a job contract, but they are also given the best employment benefits for a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Healdton Nursing Home

The free CNA training program in Healdton Nursing Home is made to accept more nursing assistants in their facility. This program involves classroom lectures and clinical rotation at the same time. Applicants will be taught the basic principles and skills regarding the profession of nursing assistants. Since this leads to employment, individuals under the program have a higher chance of getting a job contract. They simply have to pass the certification exam which happens after the program and ensure to attend the course completely. Healdton Nursing Home is a great institution to work for in the state of Oklahoma, so anyone who receives employment will surely benefit from it. However, getting approval for the free CNA training program is challenging. Interviews and exams will be conducted to screen the applicants properly and ensure that deserving candidates are provided with the free training.

Lake Country Nursing Center

Becoming a nursing assistant is easier if you take it through Lake Country Nursing Center. This institution is offering free CNA training program because of their need for nursing assistants. The course takes a couple of weeks to complete and usually includes lectures and skills training. Individuals in the program will know the essential responsibilities and duties as a nursing assistant in a certain healthcare facility. They will also be prepared for the certification exam which happens after completing the program. Anyone wishing to get employment from Lake Country Nursing Center should perform better in the certification exam and should have a full attendance during the training course. This is important because the facility wants to make sure that they are hiring the right people who can provide quality nursing care to patients.

Oklahoma University

Oklahoma University has an excellent reputation regarding their nursing programs. The nursing assistant training course has been consistently producing graduates with good passing rates in the certification exam. In fact, most of their graduates are highly in demand to various healthcare facilities in the state. Thus, studying a CNA training program with them is an excellent opportunity to be trained by the best clinical instructors. The CNA training program of Oklahoma University is composed of classroom lectures, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical training. Students take advantage of their modern facilities and equipment which hastens their learning and preparedness for the certification exam. On top of that, the school has a conducive learning environment which allows a sufficient understanding of various nursing concepts and skills. Students having financial need can also seek for scholarship programs in the school’s financial aid office. These scholarships will help them study a CNA course for free.

Four Seasons Rehabilitation & Care

One of the nursing facilities offering a free CNA course in Oklahoma is the Four Seasons Rehabilitation & Care. The free program is not for everyone because it is only given to candidates who passed the criteria of the facility. Now and then, Four Seasons Rehabilitation & Care is looking for Certified Nursing Assistants who can work in the facility and provide quality nursing services to their patients. However, because of the CNA shortage, Four Seasons Rehabilitation & Care come up with an idea of offering a free CNA training program to individuals who want to work in the healthcare field as nursing assistants. Unfortunately, candidates are screened based on their qualifications, and one of the documents they require is a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Interested applicants have to go through series of interviews and exams, but once they are invited for a free CNA training, these individuals do not only have the privilege to study for free, they also have the opportunity to be employed right away at Four Seasons Rehabilitation & Care.

Guthrie Job Corps Center

Guthrie Job Corps Center helps high school graduates secure a stable employment in the healthcare field through a free CNA training program. The program aims to answer the shortage of CNAs in Oklahoma while providing job opportunities to residents. The CNA training covers hours of classroom lectures, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical experience. Students accepted in this kind of program have to complete the required number of hours in every aspect of the training to be able to take the certification exam. Once the certification is passed successfully, students can apply in various healthcare settings. However, to be able to gain admission at Guthrie Job Corps Center is quite challenging. Due to the increasing number of applicants, candidates are screened appropriately based on their economic status and academic record. This means that students who excel in school but cannot provide for a CNA training have greater chances of obtaining a free program.

Grace Living Centers

Grace Living Centers has been a reliable source for free CNA training program in Oklahoma. The facility is looking for potential individuals who can be a part of the health care team and who can work as a nursing assistant. They do not ask any amount of money from their candidates, but they do require the accepted applicants to work in the facility for a specified period. This can be a significant advantage to residents of Oklahoma who are invited to undergo the free CNA training program of Grace Living Centers. These individuals do not only avail a certificate after the program culminates, but they also receive a job offer with the excellent compensation package. The free CNA training program of Grace Living Centers is a great answer to unemployment. However, interested individuals have to make sure that they meet the criteria and submit the necessary documents like the high school diploma or GED equivalent.

Wilson Nursing Center

Wilson Nursing Center offers a free CNA training program that prepares individuals for the certification exam and future employment. The facility is in need of nursing assistants now and then. Thus, interested applicants, whether certified or not, are welcome to apply and submit their requirements to the institution’s human resource department. The CNA training program of Wilson Nursing Center is a combination of theoretical instruction and hands-on clinical practice. Candidates go through hours of lectures that talks about several nursing concepts and skills essential for the CNA practice. After completing this aspect, these individuals are exposed in a simulation laboratory where nursing skills are learned. At the end of the program, students are exposed in a clinical setting with supervision from a preceptor. This is where students can put their knowledge into practice, allowing them to be prepared for the certification exam. Graduates who pass the exam successfully will be offered a permanent employment at Wilson Nursing Center.

Deaconess Hospital

Residents who are at least 18 years old and above with a high school diploma or GED equivalent are welcome to apply for the free CNA training program of Deaconess Hospital. The hospital is in need of several nursing assistants who have the passion for providing quality care to patients. These healthcare professionals usually work in collaboration with other members of the healthcare team like Nurses, LPNs, Doctors, and many others. Certified Nursing Assistants play an essential role in any medical setting. Thus, Deaconess Hospital provides free CNA classes to candidates who meet the criteria of the program. The program includes free tuition fee, books, manuals, uniforms, and supplies. Since it is provided at no cost, applicants have to be willing to work at Deaconess Hospital after passing the certification exam successfully. Accepting the free CNA program is an excellent privilege to gain a certificate for the training and work as a nursing assistant in one of the most reputable hospitals in Oklahoma.