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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in North Carolina

CNA Classes in North Carolina

Certified Nursing Assistants have truly been in demand in the state of North Carolina. The increasing number of patient admissions and the elderly needing long-term care is uncontrollable. Most healthcare facilities like hospitals and nursing homes lack CNA’s and are continually hiring people to fill the labor force. The good thing about the situation is that nursing assistants receive an excellent compensation package as a result. They have a chance to upgrade their skills and pursue further studies in nursing if they wish. Therefore, the state of North Carolina is encouraging unemployed individuals to consider entering a CNA training program.

The CNA classes in North Carolina can be obtained from a university, vocational school, community college or healthcare facility. It can either be paid or free depending on the institution providing the course. Individuals who have insufficient funds to pay for their training can apply for scholarships and grants. They can enroll at a nursing home or hospital as long as they agree to work in return. The training does not take long to complete and is usually a combination of lectures, laboratory training, and clinical rotations. Once the training is done, there will be a certification exam mandated by the State Board of Nursing serving as proof of qualification to work as a CNA. If are interested in free CNA classes in North Carolina, the institutions below should be considered..

Institutions with Low-Cost or Free CNA Classes in North Carolina:

South Piedmont Community College

South Piedmont Community College offers two kinds of CNA classes in North Carolina. The Nurse Aid I training is for individuals who are not yet certified while the Nurse Aid II training is for those who work already as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Typically, the class lasts for eight to twelve weeks, and students have to complete 49 hours of lectures and 70 hours of lab experience. During the program, they will learn the basic CNA curriculum as well as the skills needed for the profession. Once the clinical instruction starts, students have work 40 hours in a hospital or a healthcare facility. This should be completed along with the lectures and laboratory training to be eligible for the certification exam. Free CNA classes at South Piedmont Community College can be availed at the school’s financial aid office.

Carolina Allied Health Career Prep Center

Carolina Allied Health Career Prep Center is one of the few institutions with online CNA classes in North Carolina. The program is designed for working individuals who cannot commit to a stringent schedule and wish to attend either day or night. Those living far from where the school will be accommodated. The advantage of taking the online class is the flexibility of learning the basic CNA concepts at your convenience. Exams are also provided as well as clinical rotations in an accredited facility. However, students must complete the program and take the certification exam. Free CNA classes can be availed at the school’s financial aid office to help those in need of financial assistance. Good grades should be maintained throughout the program including the clinical practice in a local health care facility.

Alamance Community College

Alamance Community College has Nurse Aid Training I and II for individuals planning to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of North Carolina. This course is composed of 16 credit hours which can be used when pursuing a degree in nursing. Students will receive classroom lectures and laboratory training to learn the basics of the profession and a clinical rotation to handle actual patients. Scholarships and grants are available for those who need to take the a free or discounted program. The scholarship programs of Alamance Community College provide an opportunity to undergo CNA training program at no cost. Students in significant financial need are encouraged to apply to lessen the cost of the tuition, textbooks, and other supplies. There will be certain requirements required in exchange for these scholarships, but students who are selected are privileged to complete a CNA training program without expense.

Wilkes Community College

Nurse Aide Training I and II can be obtained from Wilkes Community College. The Nurse Aide I training is 192 hours of studies while the Nurse Aide II training lasts for 180 hours. Only individuals who finish the Nurse Aide I training can take the Nurse Aide II training. However, the entire courses can be completed in less than one year. Thus, successful individuals can immediately take the certification exam and work as a nursing assistant in North Carolina. For students with a financial hardship, applying for a scholarship program is recommended to lessen the cost of the program. These scholarships are very helpful in gaining a certificate in the healthcare profession, which can be useful in advancing one’s education at a later time. The scholarship program at Wilkes Community College can be obtained at the financial aid office.

Belaire Healthcare Center

Individuals who wish to work at Belaire Healthcare Center can take their paid CNA training, among the best CNA classes in North Carolina. This kind of program is designed to attract individuals who can potentially work in the institution after passing the certification exam. Applicants have to be qualified and complete the necessary requirements to undergo the program. This includes a high school diploma or GED, a clean criminal background check, a negative TB screening and a complete immunization record. Other requirements are posted in their admissions office. Applicants of the paid CNA training are privileged to earn a certificate in the nursing profession at no cost. These individuals must perform well in both the academic and clinical aspects of the practice.

Carolina Care Center

Carolina Care Center provides free CNA classes in North Carolina to individuals who qualify for employment. This program is designed to accept more nursing assistants in their facility, considering the shortages they are experiencing. Successful applicants will undergo lectures and skills training during the program. They will be exposed to the Care Center to handle real patients and complete the requirements for the certification exam. Once the certification exam is passed, the institution will offer employment for a stated period. Carolina Care Center provides the best CNA training experience to aspiring nursing assistants. Aside from offering an excellent compensation package, the facility is highly conducive to learning and growing professionally. Interested applicants must meet the requirements of the program to be considered for the free CNA class.

Guilford Technical Community College

Guilford Technical Community College is offering a back-to-work program for CNA training that enables unemployed residents of North Carolina to get back to work as nursing assistants in various healthcare facilities. The program aims to help these individuals secure a stable and well-compensating job in the state. Interested individuals can apply at the school’s admission office where the necessary requirements are posted. However, the basic requirements of the CNA training program include a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a complete immunization record, physical examination, and a criminal background check. Applicants should demonstrate financial need or proof of unemployment to be considered for the free CNA training program. Guilford Technical Community College has an excellent reputation in providing quality nursing education in North Carolina. Thus, graduates often become competent healthcare providers ready to pass the certification exam and provide quality nursing services to patients with different needs.

Hope Haven – Charlotte

Hope Haven – Charlotte is an organization that offers various services to substance-addicted individuals who want to a live a new life and re-enter in the workforce and become self-sufficient. The group seeks to help these people gain confidence and motivation, given that they have been through a lot and getting a stable career is difficult. Hope Haven provides free CNA training program to help these individuals learn the essential skills and knowledge of nursing assistants. Since these individuals have a history of substance addiction, the organization makes sure that their CNA students are free from the condition to be qualified for the certification exam. They will assist students to become the best versions of themselves, providing them with the necessary things needed to excel in a healthcare profession. Upon completion of the CNA training, students can take the certification exam and work in various healthcare settings as nursing assistants.

Oconaluftee Job Corps

Oconaluftee Job Corps offer a free nurse assistant training to candidates who qualify. The program covers basic classroom instruction, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical experiences. Students learn basic nursing skills like medication administration, safety or emergency procedures, infection control, and many others. These individuals will also be exposed to a local clinical setting with superevision of a clinical preceptor. Getting into a free CNA program at Oconaluftee Job Corps is a bit challenging because many people apply for this course. To have greater chance of getting admission, an excellent academic record and proof of financial need must presented to the admission office of Oconaluftee Job Corps. The training does not only cover the tuition cost, but also includes textbooks, uniforms, medical supplies, and living expenses. Graduates who pass the certification exam successfully are assisted in securing a stable job in any of the healthcare facilities in North Carolina.

Conover Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Conover Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is one of the healthcare facilities in North Carolina that offers free CNA training. Since they require more nursing assistants to work for their growing facility, a free CNA class is provided to individuals willing to be a part of Conover Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. The free CNA training covers classroom instruction, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical practice. Applicants accepted for the program receive free training, books, manuals, medical supplies, and uniforms. These individuals are also provided with everything they need including a training allowances. The good thing about Conover Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is that they offer direct employment after passing the certification exam. Individuals can work right away and receive excellent compensation as nursing assistants. On top of this, they will have the opportunity to work in a facility where professional growth is attainable. The CNA training program of Conover Nursing and Rehabilitation Center can be completed in a few weeks, and graduates often become eligible for the state certification exam.

Greenfield Place, LLC

Greenfield Place, LLC provides a free CNA training program to individuals willing to be a part of their healthcare team. The training includes classroom instruction, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical practice within the facility. The CNA program at Greenfield is approved by the state Board of Nursing, and graduates can take the certification exam and potentially become a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of North Carolina. The good part of this training program is that graduates will be offered a job contract. These individuals can immediately work at Greenfield Place, LLC and receive excellent compensation and stable employment. The requirements of the program include a high school diploma or GED equivalent, criminal background check, physical examination, and complete immunization record. There are limited slots available for this training program. Thus, interested candidates have to apply early and submit their credentials to Greenfield’s human resource department.

Smithfield Manor Nursing and Rehab

Smithfield Manor Nursing and Rehab provides free CNA training in the state of North Carolina. Unemployed individuals and high school graduates are welcome to apply. The program requires applicants to be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They also need their candidates to be from any communicable disease and criminal offenses It is paramount for potential CNAs to be physically and mentally prepared for the demands of the profession. However, working as a nursing assistant is rewarding and fulfilling. Successful applicants receive stable employment with good compensation. They also have a better chance of promotion if further the required studies are made. The CNA training program of Smithfield Manor Nursing and Rehab may not be offered to everyone, but individuals with excellent credentials can apply. This kind of program is an excellent opportunity to start a career in the healthcare field without paying for the tuition and related expenses.

All North Carolina State Approved CNA Programs

Ahoskie, NCRoanoke-chowan Community College/bertie Hs Ccp 109 Community College Rd252-862-1261
Albemarle, NCStanly Community College / Ccp 141 College Dr704-991-0342
Archdale, NCRandolph Community College/archdale Center 110 Park Dr336-633-3028
Asheboro, NCRandolph Community College/asheboro Campus 629 Industrial Park Ave336-633-3028
Asheville, NCAsheville Buncombe Technical Community College/nbhs 340 Victoria Rd828-398-7960
Asheville, NCAsheville-buncombe Technical Community College/goodwill 1616 Patton Avenue828-254-1921
Asheville, NCAsheville-buncombe Technical Community College/mission 16 Fernihurst Dr828-398-7332
Asheville, NCAsheville-buncombe Tech Community College/marshall Camp 340 Victoria Rd828-254-1921
Belmont, NCGaston College - East Campus 7220 Wilkinson Blvd704-922-6372
Biscoe, NCMontgomery Community College - Ccp Biscoe 157 Eagle Ln910-898-9706
Bolivia, NCBrunswick Community College 50 College Rd910-755-7337
Boone, NCCaldwell Community College And Ti - Watauga Campus 372 Community College Dr828-726-2242
Brevard, NCBlue Ridge Community College/transylvania Center 45 Oak Park Dr828-694-1761
Burgaw, NCCape Fear Community College - Pender Co Hs Ccp 5380 Nc Highway 53 West910-362-7218
Burgaw, NCCape Fear Community College/burgaw Campus 100 East Industrial Dr.910-343-0481
Burlington, NCAlamance Community College-goodwill Site 1304 Plaza Dr336-278-2202
Burnsville, NCMayland Community College - Mhs 107 Wheeler Hills Road828-766-1356
Burnsville, NCMayland Community College/yancey Campus 107 Wheeler Hills Rd828-682-7315
Butner, NCCentral Regional Hospital 300 Veazey Rd919-733-5324
Candler, NCAsheville-buncombe Technical Community College/enka Ccp 1465 Sand Hill Rd.828-398-7960
Castle Hayne, NCCaring For Life 1915 N County Dr910-989-2273
Chapel Hill, NCDurham Technical Community College/chapel Hill 503 West Franklin Street919-536-7223
Charlotte, NCAmerican Academy Of Healthcare, Llc 4822 Albemarle Rd #110704-525-3500
Charlotte, NCCentral Piedmont Community College - Central Campus 1201 Elizabeth Ave704-330-2722
Charlotte, NCChosen Healthcare Institute, Inc. 8401 University Executive Park Dr #111704-547-1988
Charlotte, NCDivine Health Academy 5633 Monroe Rd704-566-2955
Charlotte, NCSerenity Nurse Aide Academy 6636 East Wt Harris Boulevard H704-567-8000
Charlotte, NCUnity Nursing Institute 5715 Westpark Dr Ste 202704-525-1448
Cherokee, NCOconaluftee Job Corps 502 Oconaluftee Job Corps Rd828-497-8033
Clayton, NCJohnston Community College/cleveland Campus 9046 Cleveland Road919-209-2009
Clinton, NCSampson Community College 1801 Sunset Ave910-592-8081
Clyde, NCHaywood Community College 185 Freedlander Dr828-627-2821
Columbus, NCIsothermal Community College/polk Campus 1255 West Mills Street828-894-3092
Creedmoor, NCVance-granville Community College/granville Site 1547 South Campus Drive P.o. Box 39252-492-2061
Dallas, NCGaston College 201 Us-321704-922-6365
Dobson, NCSurry Community College 630 S Main St336-386-3372
Dublin, NCBladen Community College 7418 Nc Hwy 41w910-879-5632
Durham, NCDurham Technical Community College 1637 E Lawson St919-536-7223
Durham, NCDurham Technical Community College/main Campus 1637 East Lawson Street919-536-7222
Durham, NCHarris Training Institute 2310 S Miami Blvd #135919-224-8081
Durham, NCHashem School Of Health And Career Training Center 1230 Avondale Dr #4919-641-5722
Durham, NCIdeal Health Institute, Inc. 1420 E Club Blvd919-957-8311
Durham, NCNeslyn Health Institute, Inc 3600 N Duke St919-479-3000
Durham, NCWisdom Health Academy 3771 3622 Shannon Rd Suite 103 919-908-9939
Edenton, NCCollege Of The Albemarle - Chowan County Hs Ccp 118 Blades St252-482-7900
Elizabeth City, NCCollege Of The Albemarle - Pasquotank County Hs Ccp 1208 N Road St252-335-0821
Elkin, NCSurry Community College - Elkin Center 1461 N Bridge St336-386-3372
Engelhard, NCBeaufort County Community College/hyde County Davis Ctr Po Box 305 33470 Us Highway 264252-940-6263
Fayetteville, NCFayetteville Technical Community College 2201 Hull Rd910-678-8469
Fayetteville, NCMiller-motte College 3725 Ramsey St910-354-1900
Franklin, NCSouthwestern Community College - Macon Center 23 Macon Ave828-369-7331
Goldsboro, NCCherry Hospital 1401 W Ash St919-731-3200
Goldsboro, NCWayne Community College 3000 Wayne Memorial Dr919-735-5151
Graham, NCAlamance Community College 1247 Jimmie Kerr Rd336-578-2002
Grantsboro, NCPamlico Community College 5049 Nc-306252-249-1851
Greensboro, NCGuilford Technical Community College/gso 3505 Wendover Ave E336-334-4822
Greensboro, NCNew Hope Medical Training Llc 1400 Battleground Ave #215c877-221-7757
Hamlet, NCRichmond Community College 1042 W Hamlet Ave910-410-1891
Hamlet, NCRichmond Community College/main Campus 1042 W Hamlet Ave910-410-1833
Hampstead, NCCape Fear Community College - Pender Co Hs Ccp 621 Nc Hwy. 210 E.910-362-7218
Hampstead, NCCape Fear Community College/alston Burk Center 245 St. John’s Church Rd910-362-7218
Havelock, NCCraven Community College 305 Cunningham Blvd252-638-6127
Henderson, NCVance-granville Community College/vance Cty Main Campus 200 Community College Rd252-492-2061
Hendersonville, NCBlue Ridge Community College/health Science Center 805 6th Ave W828-694-1761
Hickory, NCCatawba Valley Community College 2550 Us Hwy 70 Se828-327-7000
Hickory, NCCatawba Valley Community College - Goodwill Site 2550 Us Hwy 70 Se828-327-7000
High Point, NCGuilford Technical Community College / High Point 901 S Main St336-334-4822
Hillsborough, NCDurham Technical Community College/occ 525 College Park Road919-536-7222
Hudson, NCCaldwell Community College And Technical Institute 2855 Hickory Blvd828-726-2200
Jacksonville, NCCaring For Life 618a Court St910-989-2273
Jacksonville, NCCoastal Carolina Community College 444 Western Blvd910-455-1221
Jamestown, NCGuilford Technical Community College/jamestown 601 E Main St336-334-4822
Kannapolis, NCRowan-cabarrus Community College - College Station 399 Biotechnology Ln704-216-3733
Kannapolis, NCSouthern College Of Health Sciences 206 N Cannon Blvd704-707-3965
Kenansville, NCDavidson County Community College/mocksville Campus 133 James Sprunt Dr336-249-8186
Kenansville, NCJames Sprunt Community College 133 James Sprunt Dr910-296-1341
Kernersville, NCForsyth Tech Community College - Grady Swisher Center 1108 Swisher Center Rd336-734-7734
Kinston, NCLenoir Community College 231 North Carolina Hwy 58252-527-6223
La Grange, NCLenoir Community College 112 E Railroad St252-806-0522
Laurinburg, NCRichmond Community College/honeycutt Center 600 Mclean St910-410-1833
Lexington, NCDavidson County Community College-ccp P.o. Box 1287 ·336-249-8186
Lillington, NCCentral Carolina Community College-harnett 1075 E Cornelius Harnett Blvd910-814-8999
Lincolnton, NCGaston College/ Lincoln Campus 511 S Aspen St704-922-6372
Locust, NCStanly Community College/crutchfield Education Center 102 Stanly Parkway704-991-0342
Louisburg, NCVance-granville Community College/franklin Cty Campus 8100 Nc-56252-492-2061
Lumberton, NCChosen Healthcare Institute, Inc. - Lumberton 705a Wesley Pines Rd704-547-1988
Lumberton, NCRobeson Community College 2158 5160 Fayetteville Rd 910-272-3397
Manteo, NCCollege Of The Albemarle - Dare County Hs Ccp 132 Russell Twiford Rd252-473-2264
Manteo, NCCollege Of The Albemarle/roanoke Island Campus 205 Highway 64 S.252-475-9250
Marble, NCTri County Community College - Technology Center 2415 Airport Road828-835-3095
Marion, NCMcdowell Technical Community College 54 College Dr828-652-0645
Matthews, NCCentral Piedmont Community College - Levine Campus 2800 Campus Ridge Road704-330-2722
Mocksville, NCDavidson County Community College - Davie Campus 1205 S Salisbury St336-249-8186
Monroe, NCSouth Piedmont Community College - Och Campus 4209 Old Charlotte Hwy704-290-5217
Monroe, NCSouth Piedmont Community College/sun Valley High School 5211 Old Charlotte Hwy704-290-5217
Mooresville, NCMitchell Community College/mooresville 219 N Academy St704-878-4368
Morehead City, NCCarteret Community College 3505 Arendell St252-247-3097
Morganton, NCBroughton Hospital 1000 S Sterling St828-433-2111
Morganton, NCWestern Piedmont Community College 1001 Burkemont Ave828-448-3532
New Bern, NCCraven Community College 800 College Ct252-638-6127
Newland, NCMayland Community College/avery Campus 785 Cranberry St828-765-7351
Oxford, NCK's Healthcare Institute 102 Broad St919-225-1636
Pembroke, NCRobeson Community College/pembroke 124 Livermore Dr910-272-3700
Pilot Mountain, NCSurry Community College - Pilot Center 612 E Main St336-386-8121
Pinehurst, NCSandhills Community College 3395 Airport Rd910-692-6185
Pittsboro, NCCentral Carolina Community College/pittsboro 764 West St919-542-8042
Raeford, NCSandhills Community College/hoke Center 1110 E Central Ave910-695-3965
Raleigh, NCCare One Health Training Institute, Inc-hybrid 319 Chapanoke Rd #104919-773-7165
Raleigh, NCGuiding Lights Nurse Aide I Program 3724 National Dr Ste 130.919-371-2062
Raleigh, NCMiller-motte College 3488 3901 Capital Blvd #151 919-723-2820
Raleigh, NCWake Technical Community College 9101 Fayetteville Road919-866-5800
Raleigh, NCWake Technical Community College-north Campus 6600 Louisburg Road.919-532-5502
Raleigh, NCWake Technical Community College-phsc 9101 Fayetteville Road919-747-0065
Raleigh, NCWake Technical Community College-psec 321 Chapanoke Road.919-747-0065
Raleigh, NCWake Technical Community College/psec 321 Chapanoke Road.919-986-6800
Raleigh, NCWake Technical Community College/vmcca 9101 Fayetteville Road919-747-0065
Randleman, NCRandolph Community College/randleman 100 Hilliary St336-633-3028
Riegelwood, NCBladen Community College/east Arcadia 675 Smith Rd910-879-5500
Robbinsville, NCTri-county Community College/graham Campus 145 Moose Branch Rd828-837-6810
Rocky Mount, NCEdgecombe Community College - Incubator Site 225 Tarboro St252-446-0436
Rocky Mount, NCNash Community College 522 N Old Carriage Rd252-443-4011
Roper, NCBeaufort County Community College/washington County Ctr 100 Nc Hwy 32 North252-940-6263
Roxboro, NCPiedmont Community College 1715 College Dr336-599-1181
Salisbury, NCRowan-cabarrus Community College - North Campus 1333 Jake Alexander Blvd S704-216-3733
Sanford, NCCentral Carolina Community College 1105 Kelly Dr919-777-7703
Shelby, NCCleveland Community College 137 S Post Rd704-484-4000
Siler City, NCCentral Carolina Community College/siler City 400 Progress Blvd919-542-6495
Smithfield, NCJohnston Community College 245 College Rd919-464-2355
Snow Hill, NCLenoir Community College/greene County 818 Nc-91252-747-3434
Sparta, NCCommunity College/alleghany Campus 115 Atwood St # A336-372-5061
Spindale, NCIsothermal Community College 286 I C C Loop Rd828-395-1675
Spring Lake, NCFayetteville Technical Community College/spring Lake 171 Laketree Blvd910-678-8469
Spruce Pine, NCMayland Community College - Spruce Pine 200 Mayland Drive828-765-7312
Statesville, NCMitchell Community College - Goodwill Center 500 W Broad St704-978-5443
Sylva, NCSouthwestern Community College 447 College Drive828-586-4091
Tarboro, NCEdgecombe Community College 2009 W Wilson St252-823-5166
Taylorsville, NCCatawba Valley Community College - Alexander Campus 345 Industrial Blvd828-327-7000
Thomasville, NCDavidson County Community College 297 Dccc Road336-249-8186
Trenton, NCLenoir Community College/jones County Center 509 North Carolina Hwy 58252-448-5021
Troy, NCMontgomery Community College 1011 Page St910-898-9706
Wadesboro, NCSouth Piedmont Community College - Lockhart-taylor Cntr 514 N Washington St704-290-5217
Warrenton, NCVance-granville Community College/warren County Campus 210 W Ridgeway St252-738-3366
Washington, NCBeaufort County Community College/beaufort Campus 5337 Us-264252-946-6194
Weldon, NCHalifax Community College 100 College Dr252-536-7291
Wentworth, NCRockingham Community College 215 Wrenn Memorial Rd336-342-4261
West Jefferson, NCWilkes Community College/ashe Campus 363 Campus Dr336-838-6204
Whiteville, NCSoutheastern Community College 4564 Chadbourn Hwy910-642-7141
Wilkesboro, NCWilkes Community College 1328 S Collegiate Dr336-838-6204
Williamston, NCMartin Community College 1161 Kehukee Park Rd252-792-1521
Wilmington, NCCape Fear Community College 411 N Front St910-362-7180
Wilson, NCFast Track Career Prep, Inc 3456 Airport Blvd Nw252-243-3276
Wilson, NCWilson Community College 902 Herring Ave E252-291-1195
Windsor, NCMartin Community College/bertie Campus 409 Granville St.252-794-4861
Winston-salem, NCForsyth Tech Community College - Goodwill Center 2100 Silas Creek Pkwy336-734-7725
Winston-salem, NCForsyth Tech Community College - Woodruff Center 2100 Silas Creek Parkway336-734-7734
Winston-salem, NCForsyth Technical Community College - West Campus 1300 Bolton St336-734-7734
Winston-salem, NCMount Eagle College 6000 Museum Dr B336-776-0357
Winterville, NCPitt Community College 1986 Pitt Tech Rd252-355-4293
Yadkinville, NCSurry Community College/yadkin Center 1001 College Drive336-386-3372
Yanceyville, NCPiedmont Community College/yanceyville Campus P.o. Box 1150336-599-1181