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CNA Training & Classes | December 15, 2017

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Free CNA Classes in New York City

Free CNA Classes in New York City

There are numerous opportunities for people who would like to obtain free classes to learn the skills of a certified nursing assistant.

Some courses are provided via unemployment and public assistance groups to help benefit the people who reside in New York. They help train individuals who are looking to advance in their career in the future. Some locations that you can receive free CNA classes are:

Free CNA Classes in NYC from Health Care Centers:

Wesley Health Care Center

In Saratoga Springs, New York, Wesley Health Care Center is searching for devoted people who are willing to join the CNA staff. The owners of the center will pay for your tuition fees to take the CNA courses, and after the course, you must devote one year of your service by working at Wesley Health Care Center. The free CNA classes in this facility are offered whenever there is a need for nursing assistants. Interested applicants can submit an application at the human resource department together with the minimum requirements of the program like high school diploma, physical exam, immunization record, and criminal background check. Applicants are often screened based on their credentials and commitment to work in the healthcare field.

Jewish Home Lifecare

In Bronx, NY, Jewish Home Lifecare is offering free CNA classes to people who have the desire to become a certified nursing assistant. The classes will consist of nursing rules, regulations, work ethic, and practices. You must pass the exam at the end of the course, must take a drug test, and should be above 18 years of age to enroll in the classes. Jewish Home Lifecare is a conducive working environment for newly Certified Nursing Assistants. The facility provides excellent training and education to prospective healthcare providers in the city. Admission to the free CNA class may be a little challenging because of the limited available slots, but successful applicants receive a no cost training with free uniforms, manuals, books, and assistance to the certification exam.

Archcare Nursing Home at Ferncliff

This particular nursing home in Rhinebeck, New York has jobs reserved for post trainees that have not yet passed the CNA exam but are willing to work as a nurse’s assistant. They offer a 125-hour training course, and the candidate must pass the exam with 75% marks. You will need to have a medical check and provide a high school diploma or GED to qualify for the course. The admission to Archcare Nursing Home’s CNA classes is enough competitive nowadays because of the number of applicants willing to be trained in this facility. Thus, interested applicants are encouraged to demonstrate willingness and commitment to the course, particularly in its academic and clinical aspects. Candidates should also impress the admission officers to have higher chances of acceptance.

The Maplewood

This health care center in Rochester, NY is offering free CNA classes for people who reside near or in Rochester. The course extends for 5-6 weeks, and once you pass the test, you will receive employment opportunities at Maplewood for a part-time job. Those people who are interested can send in their resumes, and the Human Resource team will get in touch with the candidates before the classes commence. The Maplewood is an excellent working environment for individuals who just started a career in the field of nursing. Working as a nursing assistant in this facility provides several opportunities, especially regarding professional growth and promotion. The admission process for the free CNA training is competitive, but qualified candidates receive an outstanding training from licensed instructors who also work in the facility.

Loretto Health & Rehabilitation Center

This health center in Syracuse, NY is offering free CNA classes in New York for those students who are interested in training as a nurse’s assistant free of cost. After successfully completing the exam, you will be given the choice of working part-time at the center. Candidates who are keen on taking the course should provide a medical check; background check must be 17 years of age with a high school diploma or GED. The candidate must know how to speak English and should be willing to carry the weight of the patient to help transfer the client from one room to another. Nursing assistants play a vital role in Loretto Health & Rehabilitation Center. Individuals who completed a CNA training within the facility receive a substantial amount of knowledge and experience to work with patients having diverse healthcare needs. They will be supervised by the best clinical preceptors who have years of expertise in the field of nursing.

Unity Health System

Unity Health System is situated in Rochester, NY and is offering Home Health Aide Training for people who are searching for free education. Home Health Aide Training requires the same skills that a CNA needs. If you are looking for job opportunities and free training, then Unity Health System has the best HHA training program. You must have a high school diploma, provide proof of identification, and must pass the exam with a score of 80%. Also, you should not have any violations of the law in the past five years to be accepted into the program. Due to the increasing number of applicants for the free CNA classes, the facility screens prospective CNAs based on his or her credentials and ability to thrive in a demanding healthcare job. Only a few qualified candidates are selected every year. Thus, interested applicants have to show the best of their abilities to be considered for the program and to have high chances of getting employment.

Finger Lakes Health

The program offered by this health care center is rewarding as you will get paid for your training and CNA services. The program consists of 137 hours of class time, and the students must pass the CNA exam. Weekly tests will be taken to understand the competency of the candidates. After the course is completed, the students will be given training while on the job. Nevertheless, it is important to take note that Finger Lakes Health has certain requirements for their free CNA classes. Interested applicants have to be at least a high school graduate, with no trace of criminal offenses and proof of physical and mental fitness. The facility often accepts candidates who can meet the criteria of the program and who are capable of providing quality nursing care to patients with different healthcare needs.

Elderwood Health Care

You must submit an application to Elderwood Health Care in Liverpool, NY to apply for the free CNA classes and avail the job opportunities at this health care center. Screening and a criminal background test will be taken before you are accepted into the program. This training is rewarding because it is free and you will be paid for the time you devote to learning. The course lasts for five to seven weeks, and the training faculty is looking for a hardworking group of people to apply for the program. Applicants have to show interest in the CNA program. The facility offers free training to prospective nursing assistants because they need more CNAs to work for them. If you are interested, you have to show your desire and commitment to be a part of their healthcare team. Elderwood Health Care has excellent compensation package and employment benefits to their CNAs. Thus, being accepted to the free CNA training program is a great privilege to have higher chances of securing a permanent job.

Free CNA Classes in NYC from Nursing Homes:

Some nursing facilities in New York, such as First Care of New York and Rochester Adult Education Center, train people for free to work as CNAs in their institution. Both of these facilities have different criteria for interested applicants, but most of them provide free CNA training, uniforms, books, and financial assistance for the certification exam. Although they need a lot of nursing assistants, candidates are screened thoroughly to make sure that they meet the demands of the profession, and they can provide the best nursing services to clients.

First Care of New York

First Care of New York is a thriving home health agency offering various healthcare services for their customers. Free CNA classes, PCA, and HHA training are available to those people who are accepted into the program. You must submit your ID card, social security card, and a reference letter to get your application approved to obtain classes here for free. The good thing about this facility is they offer excellent training to their prospective CNAs, regardless of their background, race, and work experience. The minimum requirements of the program include a high school diploma, a physical exam, complete immunization record, and a criminal background check. Applicants are screened thoroughly, and acceptance to the program depends on their credentials and attitude. Interviews and exams are also conducted during the admission process. Thus, interested applicants have to showcase the best version of their selves to have higher chances of taking the free CNA training program.

Rochester Adult Education Center

The Rochester Adult Education Center offers CNA training classes which are state approve for those individuals who are qualified to practice with professional nurses. The program provides opportunities for people who hope to make a change in their lives. Before you are accepted for the free CNA classes, you will have to take an exam and will have to take a physical test before you are allowed to perform the tasks of a nurse’s aid.

RAEC offers CNA students free classes with the required lectures, clinical, and lab setting to pass the competency examination to be recognized as a certified CNA. The facility also has a conducive learning environment in which students receive individualized education and assisted laboratory training as well hands-on clinical practice. Rochester Adult Education Center aims to produce more Certified Nursing Assistants in the state who can provide quality nursing services to several patients. Thus, they make it a point to provide quality training to transform their students into qualified healthcare providers in the city.

Free CNA Classes in NYC from Community Colleges:

Hudson Valley Community College

WIA approved institutes such as Hudson Valley Community College offers free CNA classes. They provide 90 hours of classroom time with training and demonstrations and 30 hours are also given for clinical instruction. Through the WIA, you will be able to complete your training and receive benefits such as employment opportunities or chances for further education. Residents of New York City are welcome to apply for a Workforce Investment Act program. As long as they are high school graduates with no criminal offenses and communicable diseases, they are qualified to apply for this opportunity. Hudson Valley Community College provides the best learning experiences to prospective nursing assistants. Aside from meeting the student’s educational and professional needs, they also make sure that these individuals graduate with pride and excellence for the certification exam. They even assist their graduates for the certification exam and potential employment at any healthcare facilities in the area.

York College

York College is offering 130 hours of free CNA classes in New York via the Continuing Education Department of the Institute. Extensive nurse’s aide training will be available to the students. There will be classroom time and clinical sessions for hands-on experience. Those people who are interested should get in touch with the One Stop Career Center or Career Force to avail the benefits by WIA. York College is an excellent facility to obtain a free CNA class. Apart from the Workforce Investment Act, they also have various scholarship programs and financial aid grants to students wanting to avail a free CNA class. Due to the limited number of students accepted per program, interested applicants can submit their application before it starts. The College requires all the candidates to provide a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a criminal background check, immunization record, and physical examination. Other requirements are posted at their admission’s office. Candidates are often selected based on their credentials and qualifications to undergo the short healthcare course.

Broome Community College

Interested candidates for free CNA classes in New York should contact Broome Community College because they are providing an excellent nurse’s aide course with the assistance of the Workforce Board. It is important to understand that there is a high demand for CNAs in New York, so it would be wise to obtain free CNA classes to enhance opportunities for employment. Broome Community College provides a conducive environment for learning. Students in the program receive excellent training and education that will equip them for the CNA profession and certification exam. Free CNA classes can be obtained through a Workforce Investment Act or a scholarship program sponsored by a private organization. Interested applicants have to meet the criteria of the program and should demonstrate excellent performance in both academic and clinical aspects of the training. Completion of the CNA training means that graduates can take the certification exam and apply as nursing assistants in various healthcare facilities.

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