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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in New Orleans

Free CNA Classes in New Orleans

For individuals interested in working in the healthcare field, free CNA classes in New Orleans, Louisiana are offered by various institutions. They are made possible because of the increasing demand for Certified Nursing Assistants in the area. Hospitals, nursing homes, and other long-term care facilities are hiring CNA’s from time to time because the elderly always need short and long-term care. The process of becoming a nursing assistant is not time consuming compared to other healthcare professionals with a Bachelor’s degree. Once the program is completed and the licensing exam is passed, an individual will be a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state. Check these free CNA classes in New Orleans, Louisiana to get started.

The basic salary that CNAs earn in New Orleans is approximately $30,758 per year. CNAs have to  take a formal training program before taking the state examination. The training program needs to have a minimum of eighty hours which include forty of clinical experience under the supervision of a certified nurse. Students will learn nutrition, biology, medical terminology, health care system, psychology, and various other relevant topics. Upon finishing the classroom instruction, they will have the chance to spend a minimum of forty hours at a healthcare facility in the local community to practice under the guidance of a registered nurse.

Delgado Community College

The college is known to host three different certificate programs per year. The training runs for one semester and includes a mixture of didactic and clinical education. The components cover basic nursing principles, infection control, introduction to healthcare, and computer skills. Students will spend around eighty hours of practice for the clinical training session and will have to demonstrate their skills at a facility under the supervision of Delgado nurses. They are exposed to a diverse group of patients to help equip them for their future profession after taking the state exam. After forty hours of clinical courses for long-term care, graduates can take the examination to work in healthcare after becoming certified. Free CNA classes at Delgado Community College is often limited to students who qualify in their criteria.

LifeSmart Training Center

The training requirements of the state precede the certification examination and conclude in three weeks over forty hours. The program balances theory, lab experience and clinical skills demonstrations. For the final, the students will be trained from Monday to Friday for approximately eight hours per day. It is a prompt and effective approach to get candidates working in a short period of time. You will have to pay $450 for the course fee. However, you can obtain financial assistance by contacting the institution and learn how to get free CNA classes in New Orleans.

Saint Agatha Career School

Saint Agatha Career School offers a Certified Nursing Assistant program approved by the Department of Health and Hospitals. The 80-hour CNA program has 40 hours of classroom lectures and another 40 of supervised clinical practice which gives students an opportunity to finish in less than a month. Applicants of this CNA program should submit a TB skin test result and background check report with their prelinary materials. They will dedicate 4 hours of facility orientation necessary for them to know more about the institution. Tuition costs is $490 with another $40 for the application and background check. A flexible payment plan is available for individuals who cannot pay the tuition in full. They can elect to make installments while scholarships and financial grants are also available for those who qualify.

Nunez Community College

Nunez Community College offers a Certified Nurse’s Aide training program for aspiring healthcare providers. The training combines classroom instruction and clinical practice, which allow students to gain substantial knowledge, skills, and experience for the profession. Individuals seeking a free CNA training program can inquire at the school’s financial aid office for sponsoring organizations and scholarships. Although the college requires students to pay a certain amount for the CNA course, those who cannot afford the tuition can apply for various programs to secure funding for their schooling. Economic status and academic grades are considered during the application process, but students have to remember that most scholarship programs are limited to a few beneficiaries. Students granted funding for their CNA education must meet the academic requirements of the program.

Cameron College

Cameron College has a free CNA training program in New Orleans that allows graduates to sit for the licensing exam and work as a nursing assistant. The program consists of classroom lectures, skills training and hands-on clinical experience. Students enjoy an environment conducive to learning, and personalized instruction wherein all individual needs are met. The clinical instructors of Cameron College are licensed healthcare professionals who make sure that graduates are well-equipped, competent, and confident in delivering nursing services to a diverse group of patients. Students who want to avail a free CNA training program at Cameron College should visit the financial aid office for scholarship programs and grants. There are also organizations that sponsor CNA training. Depending on the type of funding, students have to abide by the terms and conditions of the program.

Louisiana Technical College

Individuals who want to earn a certificate in the healthcare field can obtain a CNA training program at Louisiana Technical College. The institution is one of the traditional schools offering a CNA program in New Orleans which allows graduates to become eligible for the state licensing exam. The training is limited so interested applicants have to apply before the deadline. Being trained as a nursing assistant in Louisiana Technical College allows graduates to become competent and well equipped for the profession. Students who want their tuition covered can apply for a scholarship at the College. Financial aid is available to deserving applicants. Since these opportunities are not available to everyone, applicants have to demonstrate financial need and an excellent academic record.

River Parishes Community College

The CNA training program of River Parishes Community College is a combination of classroom lectures and clinical training. Individuals seeking admission to the program have to be at least a high school graduate or GED equivalent holder. The institution will ask the applicant to undergo a criminal background check and physical examination. The CNA training program will prepare students to become a certified nursing assistant within a few weeks. The class size is small to guarantee that educational and career goals are met. Hands-on clinical training is done in a local healthcare facility with supervision from a clinical preceptor. Students in the program have to attend the program without absences and meet the grade requirement to complete the course successfully. Individuals who cannot afford the tuition can secure a scholarship at the school’s financial aid office. Although these opportunities are limited, students who successfully obtain a grant will have everything covered except for minor related expenses.

Our Lady of the Lake College

The Our Lady of the Lake College offers a CNA training program that makes graduates eligible for the state licensing exam. The program is a short healthcare course that teaches basic nursing concepts and skills such as anatomy and physiology, vital signs, intake and output, nutrition, infection control, proper body mechanics, activities of daily living and many others. During the training, aspiring nursing assistants will receive personalized instruction where individual needs are met. They will also be exposed to a clinical setting to gain hands-on experience handling actual patients. The CNA training program of Our Lady of the Lake College opens opportunities for students who excel. Some will be invited to work in a healthcare facility with excellent compensation and benefits benefits. Qualified students recieve full tuition reimbursement for their CNA training.

Sowela Technical Community College

Several scholarship programs are available at Sowela Technical Community College. If you would like to earn a certificate in a CNA course, you can visit the school’s financial aid office and learn about available scholarships available for full-time students. Several private organizations offer funding for the CNA training program of Sowela Technical Community College. The Certified Nursing Assistant training program includes classroom lectures and hands-on clinical practice. Students have to attend the entire training without absences due to its short duration. Students are guaranteed that all the concepts and skills necessary to pass the licensing exam are taught.

E. Fletcher Technical Community College

The free CNA training at E. Fletcher Technical Community College, like other CNA programs, combines classroom lectures with hands-on clinical experience. Students will go through basic nursing topics and skills to nurture their knowledge of the profession. They will be supervised by a clinical preceptor to learn the correct manner of handling patients. To gain admission to the CNA training program, interested individuals have to present a high school diploma or GED equivalent and undergo a criminal background investigation, physical exam, fingerprinting, complete immunization and TB test. The community college offers an affordable CNA training in New Orleanss and allows graduates to sit for the certification exam. Students who want to enjoy free CNA training should check the financial aid office for scholarship programs and grants.

List of All the State Approved CNA Classes in New Orleans

New Orleans, LAAdvance Nursing Training, Llc4480 General Degaulle Avenue504-994-0280
New Orleans, LADelgado Community College-sidney Collier Campus3727 Louisa Street504-671-6756
New Orleans, LADryades Ymca-lpn Only2220 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd504-568-3466
New Orleans, LALsu Health Science Center-son Rn Only1900 Gravier Street504-568-4106
New Orleans, LAN.a.n.a.4509 Freret St.504-891-8088
New Orleans, LANew Orleans Charter Science Math H.s.5625 Loyola Ave.504-324-7061
New Orleans, LANew Orleans Job Corps Center8825 Airline Drive504-484-3512
New Orleans, LAOur Lady Of Holy Cross College - Rn Only4123 Woodland Drive504-398-2213
New Orleans, LARenew Accelerated High School3649 Laurel St504-267-3882
New Orleans, LASaint Agatha Career School, Llc7078 Read Blvd504-245-7227