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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in New Hampshire

CNA Classes in New Hampshire

New Hampshire has been looking for individuals interested in working as Certified Nursing Assistants. The growing population of elderly has become a problem for the state because fewer people are completing a healthcare course. However, they have come up with a solution by providing low-cost or free CNA training programs through accredited schools and nursing facilities. These programs invite people aged 18 years old up to take courses without the burden of paying a fee. The institution will shoulder the cost and also provide training allowances and employment after the certification exam has been passed. This is a great opportunity for high school graduates, unemployed individuals or those who want to work in the healthcare field to secure a stable job and earn a good living.

Free CNA training programs require applicants to submit to a criminal background check, health screening and TB test. If these requirements are not met, the institution will automatically deny the application. Most healthcare facilities want to employ physically fit individuals with a clean criminal record  to meet the demands of the day-to-day job.

Nursing Homes with Free CNA Classes in New Hampshire:

Applewood Care and Rehabilitation Center

There is a free CNA program at Applewood Care and Rehabilitation Center. Because of the institution’s need for nursing assistants, they conduct the training and assist all applicants with the certification exam. Applewood Care and Rehabilitation Center is accredited to provide a CNA training program since they have met the criteria New Hampshire State Board of Nursing. However, it is not easy to undergo the training as they conduct interviews and exams first. The primary requirements for the program, aside from the facility’s preferences, are a high school diploma or GED, an immunization record, criminal background check and TB screening test. Any unmet requirement will disqualify the applicant to take the program at their institution. Applewood Care and Rehabilitation Center wants to have nursing assistants who are competent and physically fit to perform the tasks.

Dover Rehabilitation and Living Center

The Dover Rehabilitation and Living Center has been offering free CNA classes in  New Hampshire because of the CNA shortage. This program can be availed once an individual passes the interview and exam conducted by the institution. Typically, the training covers classroom lectures, skills training and actual patient handling in the Dover Rehabilitation and Living Center. Upon completion of the required number of hours, applicants are assisted with their certification exam. Passing the exam is important because it allows them to be eligible nursing assistants in the state. Most of the time, Dover Rehabilitation and Living Center offers direct employment for applicants who successfully pass the training and certification exam. They have an excellent compensation package and benefits for potential employees. Thus, availing the free CNA training program is an opportunity to seek lucrative and stable employment in the state.

Cheshire County Home


for those wanting to work in thealthcareare field, becoming a nursing assistant at Cheshire County Home is an excellent choice. This institution provides free CNA classes in New Hampshire and direct employment upon passing the certification exam. They also give training allowances under the program and an excellent compensation package once the work starts. Applicants have to be 18 years old or above with a high school diploma or GED. Other requirements include a complete immunization record, a negative TB screen test, and a clean criminal history. Cheshire County Home has been employing nursing assistants on and off, so applying for a job vacancy can lead to certification later on. The free CNA training program of the facility is an excellent way to attract more people to work as nursing assistants. The training takes place in a couple of weeks, and it usually includes classroom lectures, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical experiences. Individuals go through this type of training to become competent and great nursing assistants.

Sullivan County Healthcare

The best way to obtain a free CNA class from Sullivan County Healthcare is to inquire at their Human Resource Department. Usually, they provide free training to qualified applicants who are not yet certified to work as a nursing assistant. This program allows students to learn the basic nursing principles and skills needed for the profession and certification exam. They will be supervised by a Certified Nursing Assistant or a Registered Nurse while on clinical rotation, plus they will have laboratory training beforehand. Once the program is finished, the institution will guide the students to pass their certification exams so that they can be eligible to work as nursing assistants in the state. Unemployed and high school graduate applicants are encouraged to apply for this free CNA class. As long as the applicant is 18 years old or above, with a clean criminal record and no communicable disease, Sullivan County Healthcare will consider the application.

Woodlawn Care Center

Woodlawn Care Center offers free CNA classes in New Hampshire because of their need for nursing assistants. Individuals interested in this program must ensure to provide a high school diploma or GED, as well as a criminal background check, immunization record and health screening results. The institution has a set of criteria for screening applicants; however; the number of admissions will vary depending on the organization’s needs. Candidates with a medical background will have an edge over others, but usually, Woodlawn Care Center accepts those who have the passion for serving and providing quality healthcare services regardless of their background. The free CNA training program at Woodland Care Center is an opportunity to earn a certificate in the healthcare field; it can be completed in a few weeks. Thus, graduates simultaneously get college credit and become qualified for the certification exam.

Belknap County Nursing Home

Belknap County Nursing Home offers a free CNA class to applicants accepted to work in their facility as nursing assistants. Candidates must agree to cooperate with Belknap County Nursing Home for a specified period in exchange for the free CNA training program. The free CNA training is a short course that prepares individuals to become qualified nursing assistants in the state. It covers various nursing topics essential for the practice. The syllabus includes a discussion on anatomy and physiology, medical terminologies, pharmacology, basic nursing skills like bathing, feeding, and dressing, therapeutic communication, and many others. After covering all these topics, students are trained in a simulation lab to practice the nursing skills they need to perform in a real setting. The hands-on clinical experience takes place in the nursing home, and graduates of the program are qualified to take the certification exam. Upon passing the exam, these individuals are offered employment at Belknap County Nursing Home.

Colonial Poplin Nursing Home

Individuals who want to become a nursing assistant can directly apply at Colonial Poplin Nursing Home. The facility is offering a free CNA training program which allows graduates to work as qualified nursing assistants in the state of New Hampshire. Applying to this program means that candidates agree to the terms of the contract; they will be working in the facility for a specified period. The free CNA classes of Colonial Poplin Nursing Home leads to direct employment after becoming a certified nursing assistant. Although it can be completed in a short span of time, individuals in the program receive significant benefits including free textbooks, manuals, uniforms, supplies, and living expenses. They also provide a good compensation package to individuals who successfully earn certification. The free CNA training program of Colonial Poplin Nursing Home is a good opportunity to gain a stable career in the healthcare field without having to pay anything for a nursing education.

Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation

Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation offers a free CNA class to residents of New Hampshire who want to work as nursing assistants. This training program can be completed in a short period, with classroom lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical exposure. Availing oneself of the free CNA training program at Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation is an excellent opportunity to gain immediate employment after becoming certified. The facility wants their students to work for a particular period in exchange for the free training provided. This means that applicants of the training program should be prepared to work at Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation after passing the state certification exam. Nevertheless, the free CNA training is much like the same as other CNA programs provided by regional universities and colleges. It is approved by the state Board of Nursing, which allows graduates to earn college credits for further studies.

Schools with Free CNA classes in New Hampshire:

Keene State College

Keene State College offers a free CNA class in New Hampshire through various scholarship programs including the David Charles Staples Memorial Scholarship. Individuals who want to be a part of the growing healthcare team can undergo CNA training program at this institution. Keene State College offers an excellent CNA training program which includes classroom lectures, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical experiences. Students in the program will be trained in various skills and concepts useful in the CNA profession. The good thing about Keene State College is that they offer flexible schedules. Whether students decide to take the class on weekdays or weekends, there is always a program suitable for every need. The CNA training program of this state college is available throughout the year. Scholarships can be obtained at the school’s financial aid office, and applicants must meet the criteria of the program to be considered for funding.

River Valley Community College

River Valley Community College offers several scholarship programs for individuals pursuing a nursing assistant training program. One of the scholarship programs available is the Claire Martin Memorial Scholarship that provides financial assistance to individuals recently enrolled in a CNA training program. Selected applicants will receive $500. which can be added to the tuition cost of the nursing program. Candidates should be a resident of New Hampshire and those who qualify will receive an acceptance letter to the nursing education program. An application letter, a letter of recommendation, and transcripts are requested. Individuals who want to avail themselves of the free CNA training should show financial need and good academic standing to have a greater chance of getting funding. Students not selected for the Claire Martin Memorial Scholarship can apply for other scholarship programs that provide financial assistance to nursing assistant students. The school’s financial aid office is the best place to inquire about available grants and scholarships for aspiring CNAs.

All New Hampshire State Approved CNA Programs

Belin, NHWhite Mountain Community College2020 Riverside Drive603-752-1113
Bristol, NHClinical Career Training LlcPo Box 19603-744-6766
Concord, NHGenesis Healthcare Mna Program - Pleasant View Retirement Center227 Pleasant Street603-223-3518
Glencliff, NHGlencliff Home Mna Training Program 393 High Street603-989-3111
Goffstown, NHMed Pro Educational Services LlcPo Box 118603-660-9040
Manchester, NHLna Health Careers, Llc22 Concord Street 3rd Floor603-647-2174
Manchester, NHWdc At Manchester Community College1066 Front Street603-206-8161
Unity, NHSullivan County Health Care5 Nursing Home Drive,603-542-9511
West Stewartstown, NHCoos County Nursing Hospital Po Box 10 River Road603-246-3321