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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in Nevada

CNA Classes in Nevada

Nevada is an ideal place to work and live. If you wish to work in the state with a good salary and stable employment, you could choose to be a Certified Nursing Assistant. There are a lot of healthcare facilities looking for CNA’s nowadays because of the increasing aging population and the frequent shortages of nursing assistants. You can fill the gap by enrolling in a training program. Low-cost and free CNA classes in Nevada are available in some schools and healthcare institutions. These may be limited, but they can be availed if you meet the organization’s requirements.

The role of a nursing assistant is to ensure patient welfare at all times. This job performs necessary tasks like vital signs taking, grooming, bathing, toileting, feeding and many others. CNAs work with nurses and other members of the healthcare team, although they do not perform procedures that require invasive equipment. Usually, Certified Nursing Assistants are the primary caregiver of the patient, and they have an important role to fill. Even though they receive a few weeks or months of education, their training can be used to pursue further education in nursing. If you are interested, you can inquire at any of the following institutions.

Colleges with Free CNA Classes in Nevada:

Truckee Meadows Community College

Truckee Meadows Community College has a 6-credit nursing assistant training program given by their Sciences Department. This program meets the requirements of the Nevada State Board of Nursing, so anyone who completes it is eligible to take the written and hands-on certification exam. Typically, the program takes one semester covering both classroom lectures and clinical experiences. The tuition costs $438 excluding uniforms, textbooks, a background check and the certification exam fees; but a scholarship or grant can be availed. Getting a scholarship at Truckee Meadows Community College is a bit challenging because of the limited slots available. Applicants have to remember that financial need and academic grades are often taken into consideration before a scholarship is granted.

Western Nevada College

CNA classes at Western Nevada College cost approximately $469, but scholarships are provided for those who qualify. The training program is a 150-hour training six-credit course designed to meet the requirements of the Nevada State Board of Nursing to become eligible as a nursing assistant. Students who wish to take the program should ensure they are free from a criminal record or communicable disease. They also have to present their high school diploma or GED along with an immunization record and other wdocuments required by the school. Applying for a scholarship program is a great option to cut the cost of CNA training. However, scholarship programs are granted to selected students only, particularly those in financial need. There are always scholarships given to students who excel academically. Whatever the requirements, interested candidates must fit the criteria to be considered.

The South Lyon Medical Center

The South Lyon Medical Center offers an affordable CNA training program that costs $150. Although free CNA classes are not offered at all times, the institution makes sure that they have the lowest-cost training program that students can afford. The CNA class runs for 150 hours or eleven weeks, covering various topics and the skills essential to the nursing profession. The program usually starts with hours of classroom lectures and includes basic anatomy and physiology, medical terminologies, nursing skills, and many areas. After the lectures, students practice various competencies in a simulation lab where modern equipment is present. The CNA training culminates with a hands-on clinical experience within the medical center where a clinical preceptor supervises the students. The South Lyon Medical Center has a good training program for nursing assistants, regardless of its affordability. Graduating from the course prepares students for the state certification exam and  meeingt the demands of patients in various healthcare settings.

University of Nevada

The University of Nevada offers various scholarship programs that enable students to study a free CNA class. The University is a reputable institution offering several nursing programs that prepare students for the changing healthcare system. The free nursing assistant program of the University of Nevada is exclusively offered to individuals who are granted a scholarship or financial assistance. Applying for a scholarship requires candidates to excel academically regardless of financial need. They often look for people who show full commitment and passion for finishing a CNA training program. Interviews and exams will be conducted, and usually, only a few candidates are granted a scholarship. Nonetheless, the free CNA training program at the University of Nevada takes place every year and can be availed through the school’s financial aid office. Finishing a free CNA training program enables graduates to work in various healthcare facilities and pursue further education in the nursing profession.

College of Southern Nevada

The College of Southern Nevada operates in cooperation with CSN Foundation to offer financial assistance to nursing assistant students. Individuals seeking a free CNA training program can inquire at the school’s financial aid office where the scholarships are provided. Certain requirements will be asked of candidates, but most scholarships are given to students with financial need and excellent grades. So, only deserving students are granted funding for the CNA training program. The program is a short course training that includes lectures and hands-on clinical experiences. Individuals enrolled in the CNA training program will gain substantial knowledge and skills that will be useful in practicing the profession and taking the certification exam. These students are always supervised by clinical preceptors who serve as their mentors for the hands-on clinical exposure. The free CNA training program is a privilege and graduates can finish their course in nursing without paying anything. Individuals who are not successful in obtaining a scholarship can seek other financial assistance options available in the state.

Nursing Homes with Free CNA Classes in Nevada:

Gardnerville Health and Rehab Center

Nursing homes like Gardnerville Health and Rehab Center are in need of Certified Nursing Assistants. If you are interested in this kind of position, you can apply and undergo their training course without paying a fee. Usually, they provide training and employment once you finish and pass the certification. However, exams and interviews are conducted to screen applicants. Thus, anyone applying for the program should be prepared to go through several tests. But taking the program for free gives you an opportunity to become a nursing assistant in the state of Nevada and get employment from Gardnerville Health and Rehab Center. The selection process may be rigorous, but once you qualify for the free CNA training at this facility, you will have an opportunity to become a healthcare provider in a few weeks.

Battle Mountain General Hospital

Battle Mountain General Hospital has a free CNA classes in Nevada for individuals interested in becoming a nursing assistant in their facility. This training is similar to other CNA programs except that it requires applicants to work for the hospital for a certain period. This means that anyone who is accepted mustdo a return service once certification is obtained. Unemployed individuals and high school graduates can apply as long as they commit to finishing the program. There are preliminary screenings beforehand as noted. Battle Mountain General Hospital wants to accept individuals who are not only committed to the profession but are also capable enough to meet the demands of the facility.

Pahrump Health and Rehab

The free CNA classes in Nevada at Pahrump Health and Rehab can be obtained throughout the year. The facility is experiencing a shortage of nursing assistants which is why anyone interested in work ing at Pahrump Health and Rehab can undergo the program to become a CNA. There will be exams and interviews before admission. Hence, an applicant should be prepared to pass some tests to qualify. Generally, the institution will accept candidates who have a clean criminal background record, a negative TB test result, a complete immunization record and a high school diploma or GED. Other requirements are needed, but these are the major items to be completed by the applicant. The free CNA training program at Pahrump Health and Rehab is only offered when they need nursing assistants. Candidates can submit an application at their human resource department and know the essential requirements of the program as well as the criteria for selection.

Pershing General Hospital

Pershing General Hospital can be a source of free CNA classes in the state of Nevada. They usually accept applicants because of their lack of CNA’s. To qualify, one must possess a high school diploma or GED along with a clear criminal background check, immunization record, and TB test. They also require the applicant to be passionate, committed and hard-working because nursing assistants provide the primary care all the hospital. Pershing General Hospital will conduct tests and interviews before acceptance into the training program. They will screen candidates properly because they want to make sure that these individuals are willing to work in the facility for a given period. On top of that, the general hospital is looking for committed candidates who have the passion to care for other people.

Hearthstone of Northern Nevada

Hearthstone of Northern Nevada offers a free CNA training program to potential employees. The facility is in need of nursing assistants and are thus constantly hiring individuals willing to be trained on site. High school graduates and unemployed people are welcome to apply, but they have to agree to working in the facility for a specified period in exchange for the free CNA training program. These individuals should be free from any criminal record or communicable disease as part of the state requirements for nursing assistants. Hearthstone of Northern Nevada provides the best training program for nursing assistants, comprised of classroom lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical experiences. The training will prepare students for the certification exam and potential employment. After completing the program and becoming certified, the facility provides direct employment with excellent compensation and benefits, especially to those who prefer to stay longer.

Mountain View Care Center

The free CNA training program of Mountain View Care Center is exclusively offered to individuals who can potentially work in the healthcare facility. The program is offered when there is a vacancy for a nursing assistant, and successful students are given free training to prepare them for the state certification exam. On top of this, the center will help them become Certified Nursing Assistants in Nevada. Mountain View Care Center has certain qualifications that applicants should meet. Other than a high school diploma or GED equivalent, they be free from any criminal offense or communicable disease. The facility will screen all candidates and accept only those who pass their criteria, including interviews and examinations. Accepted candidates will go through hours of lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical experiences. They will be equipped with the essential knowledge and expertise needed to make them qualified healthcare providers at Mountain View Care Center.

All Nevada State Approved CNA Programs

Battle Mountain, NVBattle Mountain High School425 Weaver Ave.775-635-5436
Carson City, NVOrmsby Post Acute Rehab3050 N Ormsby Blvd.775-841-4646
Carson City, NVWestern Nevada College2201 W. College Pkwy.775-445-3295
Elko, NVGreat Basin College1500 College Pkwy.775-753-2216
Ely, NVWhite Pine County School District1800 Bobcat Dr.775-289-4811
Fernley, NVFernley High School1300 Hwy 95 South775-575-3400
Hawthorne, NVMount Grant General HospitalP.o. Box 1510775-945-2461
Henderson, NVPerry Foundation Academy Of Health2920 Green Valley Pkwy. Bldg 8 Suite 821702-550-4666
Las Vegas, NVCollege Of Southern Nevada6375 W. Charleston Blvd. W2k702-651-5690
Las Vegas, NVMilan Institute710 S. Tonopah Dr.702-671-4242
Las Vegas, NVSaint Therese Learning Institute6600 W. Charleston Blvd. Suite 134702-395-1802
Las Vegas, NVStandards Of Excellence1931 Stella Lake Dr.702-367-4348
Las Vegas, NVEast Career And Technical Academy6705 Vegas Valley Dr.702-799-888
Las Vegas, NVSoutheast Career And Technical Academy5710 Mountain Vista702-799-7500
Las Vegas, NVSouthwest Career And Technical Academy7050 W. Shelbourne Ave.702-799-5766
Las Vegas, NVWest Career And Technical Academy11945 W. Charleston Blvd.702-799-4340
Las Vegas, NVWestern High School4601 W. Bonanza Rd.702-799-4080
N. Las Vegas, NVDesert Rose High School444 W. Brooks Ave.702-799-6240
Reno, NVMajen, Llc1005 Terminal Way. Suite 145775-762-8039
Reno, NVSierra Nevada Job Corps14175 Mount Charleston St.775-789-0800
Reno, NVTruckee Meadows Community College7000 Dandini Blvd. Rdmt 417775-673-7115
Sparks, NVMilan Institute950 Industrial Way.775-348-7200
Yerington, NVSouth Lyon Medical CenterP.o. Box 940775-463-2301
Yerington, NVYerington High School114 Pearl St.775-463-6822