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CNA Training & Classes | January 21, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Nebraska

CNA Classes in Nebraska

The state of Nebraska needs a lot of Certified Nursing Assistants. In fact, even in the years to come, several healthcare institutions will need more CNA’s to fill in the needs of individuals requiring long-term care. Fortunately, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is not time consuming and expensive. There are schools and nursing homes offering free CNA training programs any time of the year. Thus, individuals 18 years or older can grab the chance to study this kind of course and undergo the certification exam.

Most of the time, schools, and other healthcare facilities will require every student to have a criminal background check and TB testing. They will also need health screening results, immunization records and a high school diploma or GED to be in the program. If there are any unmet requirements, the admitting institution will not allow the applicant to take the training. This is because they wanted to protect the welfare of their residents or patients as well as the reputation of the school or nursing home. Nevertheless, if you are interested in taking the program, you can always try to inquire from these institutions about the free CNA classes in Nebraska.

Colleges providing Free CNA Classes in Nebraska:

Southeast Community College

The Southeast Community College is offering CNA classes to interested students in the state of Nebraska. The program includes 100 hours of classroom lectures and practical sessions, covering the core areas of nursing to ensure that students are knowledgeable and skillful before their certification exam. The average cost of the program is $390 excluding the exam fees and manuals, but scholarships and grants can be obtained. Individuals who successfully finished the program from the Southeast Community College will be eligible to take the certification exam which entitles them to become a qualified nursing assistant. The free CNA training course of Southeast Community College can be obtained through a scholarship program which requires candidates to be full-time students seeking financial assistance. Financial need and academic grades are usually evaluated for every applicant, but the requirements depend on the kind of scholarship that a student applied.

Clarkson College

Clarkson College has a short term course for nursing assistants. This program is dedicated to providing basic nursing education to students who wished to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of Nebraska. The CNA program takes weeks of classroom instruction, clinical experience, and actual clinical exposure. Clinical sessions may differ from every student, but they are required to complete the necessary hours of exposure to take the certification exam. The fee for the program is $450 including exams, textbooks, course materials, handouts, and tuition but scholarships can be availed through their financial aid office. The scholarship program available at Clarkson College is usually limited to some students who meet the criteria. The institution looks for applicants who are in a financial struggle and who excels academically. The free CNA training program of Clarkson College allows deserving students to study at no cost. Requirements may vary on the type of scholarship obtained.

Nebraska Methodist College

Nebraska Methodist College offers an affordable CNA training program to students who want to become a nursing assistant in the state. Students are required to pay $480 for the entire program including the tuition cost, textbooks, and state exam fees. However, for students under a scholarship program, these individuals may pay less or nothing at all. There are several scholarship programs in Nebraska Methodist College available for students taking a nursing course. Applying these scholarships can be done at the school’s financial aid office. Students enrolled at Nebraska Methodist College, particularly the CNA course, are qualified to apply for a scholarship program. Financial hardship and academic records are often evaluated during the application process. The free CNA class at this college is offered depending on the availability of the scholarship program. Applicants have to maintain good grades all throughout the course to have higher chances of getting a scholarship.

Bryan College of Health Sciences

Bryan College of Health Sciences offers an affordable CNA training program that prepares students to become qualified nursing assistants in Nebraska. The program costs $499 excluding nursing scrubs fees. Students undergo classroom lectures, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical experiences, equipping them with essential skills and knowledge for the nursing profession. Students who are not able to pay the tuition costs can apply for scholarship programs that fund a nursing assistant training course. The coverage of scholarship programs may vary, but most of them can pay the entire cost of the CNA training. Full-time students are qualified to apply for a scholarship program, but the selection process depends on the applicant’s financial need and academic records. The number of scholars will also rely on the availability of funding for a particular scholarship program. Students who are granted a scholarship can study a free CNA course and earn a certificate which can be used to take the certification exam.

Clarkson College

Clarkson College is offering a nursing assistant training program that covers various nursing topics and skills training that prepares students for the profession. The CNA training program comes at an affordable price, with estimated training cost of $450 including exams, textbooks, and course materials. Students undergo classroom lectures and hands-on clinical training, allowing them to earn an excellent experience for them to prepare for the certification exam and future employment. Despite the affordability of the CNA course, Clarkson College offers several scholarship programs that allow its students to avail a free CNA class. Availing this scholarship program cuts CNA training costs including other related expenses like books and uniforms. Interested applicants have to be enrolled in the college and should demonstrate financial need. The good academic record is also a factor why some students are not given a chance to earn a scholarship grant. Getting a scholarship for a CNA training program is an excellent opportunity to study without having to pay anything.

Nursing Homes with Free CNA Classes in Nebraska:

Gold Crest Retirement Center

The free CNA class of Gold Crest Retirement Center is dedicated to employing new nursing assistants in their facility. Due to the shortages of CNA’s in the state and their retirement center, Gold Crest Retirement Center is providing attractive salary scheme and benefits to individuals who qualify. They offer a job once a person completes the program and passes the certification exam. This also includes health benefits, holidays, and many others. To qualify for the program, an applicant must ensure that he/she has no criminal record or a communicable disease. They also require a high school diploma or GED before admission. Interviews and exams will also be conducted as part of the application process for the free CNA training program,

Life Care Center of Elkhorn

The free CNA class of Life Care Center of Elkhorn is made to attract more people to become a nursing assistant. The facility welcomes high school graduates or unemployed individuals to apply and undergo the training provided by their Certified Nursing Assistants. This program is a combination of lectures, skills training and clinical rotation which allows every individual to know the basic nursing principles. Upon completion of the training, there will be a certification exam which allows the applicants to become an eligible CNA. If they pass the exam, Life Care Center of Elkhorn will immediately provide a job offer. Applying for a free CNA training program at Life Care Center of Elkhorn is an excellent opportunity to earn college credits and a solid job offer in Nebraska.

Duff Memorial Nursing Home

The Duff Memorial Nursing Home is also providing free CNA classes in Nebraska. Individuals who are interested in the program should ensure to qualify for the facility’s employment requirements beforehand. They have to pass the exam and interview to undergo the program and become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Usually, they require applicants to be physically fit and with no criminal records. Aside from that, they will also assess the individual’s potential to become a nursing assistant in Duff Memorial Nursing Home. If you are one of the successful applicants, you will be offered an employment right after finishing the program and passing the certification exam. Applying for a free CNA training program at Duff Memorial Nursing Home is a real answer for unemployment, although it takes a lot of confidence to go through the application process of the free program.

Alpine Village Retirement Center

To qualify for the free CNA class in Nebraska at Alpine Village Retirement Center, an applicant must be a high school graduate or can present a GED together with a clean criminal record, health screening particularly TB test and immunization record. He/she must also pass the exam and interview conducted by the hiring officer because an employment will be provided right after. The CNA training program takes a few weeks to finish, and it ensures to provide the necessary knowledge and skills of every aspiring nursing assistant. Applying for a free CNA training program at Alpine Village Retirement Center is an excellent opportunity to earn a college education at no cost. The application process is often stringent, but fortunate individuals gain a substantial training and potential employment.

Countryside Home

Countryside Home is a health care facility in Nebraska that consistently recruits nursing assistants who can provide primary care to patients. Individuals who have not undergone a CNA training are welcome to apply. The facility will provide a free CNA course that allows its graduates to take the certification exam. Countryside Home is also approved by the state Board of Nursing to offer a free CNA class. Thus, graduates earn a college credit which can be useful in studying another degree in nursing. Moreover, the CNA training program of Countryside Home is not offered for anyone because it is exclusively provided to their potential nursing assistants. Interested individuals have to agree to work in the facility after becoming certified as a nursing assistant. The job offer at Countryside Home is a paid employment, making people secure a stable career. It may not be granted to everyone, but it is an excellent opportunity to study a CNA course for free.

Jefferson Community Health Center

Jefferson Community Health Center offers free CNA classes in Nebraska. Interested individuals can apply at their human resource department and submit the necessary requirements of the program. The free CNA class is only offered to their potential employees who can serve the facility for a period. This means that candidates have to agree in working at Jefferson Community Health Center after becoming certified as nursing assistants. The free CNA training program of Jefferson Community Health Center covers various concepts and skills training that enables students to be prepared for the demands of the profession. The application process is quite challenging because of the limited number of individuals accepted, but getting a free training is a great opportunity to earn a degree and stable employment. The institution has a conducive working environment for career growth. Individuals working for Jefferson Community Health Center are provided with an excellent compensation package and benefits.