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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in Montana

CNA Classes in Montana

Nursing assistants in Montana are in demand because of the increasing population of older adults with fewer individuals choosing a career in the healthcare field. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is the perfect path to stable employment, especially when unemployment is still a problem. The training program does not take much time as it usually finishes in a few weeks or months. Plus, there is always the possibility of getting a job right after. For certification, a high school diploma or GED is the core requirement in addition to a criminal background check, immunization record and health assessment.

Schools and institutions offering the CNA program have varying requirements, but there are free classes available in Montana any time of the year. This can be a great opportunity for those who wish a career as a nursing assistant but are not able to pay the tuition. It can be the first step to employment, a major benefit in that many local business establishments are closing and no longer providing work. If you intend undergo a CNA training program, you can search online or call any of these schools and healthcare institutions.

Schools with Free CNA Classes in Montana:

University of Montana

The University of Montana is one of the best schools offering CNA classes every year. The program covers 48 hours of lectures and 27 hours of clinical rotations supervised by a Registered Nurse or Certified Nursing Assistant. Most students taking this training through the University are required to pay $585, but scholarships and grants are available for those who qualify. Once the program starts, students will be taught the basic nursing principles and skills needed for the job of nursing assistant. They will learn vital signs taking, input and output monitoring, bathing, grooming, medical terminologies and many others. Taking advantage of the free CNA class at the University of Montana requires students to be academically competent and financially in need. Most scholarship programs look primarily at financial capacity to pay the tuition and fees. Interested candidates must  qualify for this criterion.

St. John’s Lutheran Ministries

St. John’s Lutheran Ministries is offering a CNA training program every year for the benefit of the community. This program usually consists of 80 hours which can be completed within two weeks, covering both lectures and practical classes. Individuals privileged to undergo the program will pay $195 for the classes and $35 for the manuals and other study materials. This does not include the certification exam needed after program completion. Scholarships are provided to those who cannot afford these costs. These scholarship are limited to a few students, and most of the time, the criteria includes financial hardship and excellent academic grades. Those who obtain a scholarship can take the free CNA course; some of the financial assistance includes the certification examination fee.

Flathead Valley Community College

Flathead Valley Community College offers several scholarship programs that allow students to obtain free CNA classes. The College is a reputable institution offering various nursing programs that help graduates achieve their educational and professional goals. The CNA class covers classroom lectures and hands-on clinical training in affiliated healthcare facilities including hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and long-term care sites. Students get the best college education and receive personalized instruction while enjoying an environment conducive to learning, where they acquire the essential knowledge and skills of the profession. The free CNA training program of Flathead Valley Community College can be obtained by applying for a scholarship. Most of the requirements include good academic grades and financial struggle. Interested individuals for the free nursing assistant training must be competent and determined to complete the program and pass the certification exam. They must be free from any criminal record or communicable disease.

Advanced Homecare Institute of Montana

The Advanced Homecare Institute of Montana has a nursing scholarship program that offers financial assistance to students wishing to enter a nursing assistant training course. Having a scholarship is an excellent way to earn a CNA certificate without paying a fee. The institution has been providing excellent CNA training program in the state of Montana. It includes classroom lectures and hands-on clinical experiences which takes place in a local healthcare facility. Students will be equipped with the essential knowledge and skills. They will be prepared for the state certification exam, as well as for meeting the demands of the nursing profession. Applying for a free CNA training program requires applicants to show financial need and a good academic track record. Due to the limited number of scholarship grants, the Advanced Homecare Institute of Montana screens their candidates and offers a free CNA training program only to deserving individuals who meet the criteria and possess the attitude to persevere.

Montana State University

Montana State University offers a free CNA class to students who qualify for one of their nursing scholarships. The university has a Fred and Morrein Bower Scholarship that funds CNA students who wish to become a healthcare provider in the state. The program covers all training costs including tuition, uniforms, medical supplies, and living expenses. Students privileged to gain this scholarship can study a CNA training program for free. They will be trained by the best instructors and licensed healthcare professionals with years of experience in the clinical field. To be eligible for the scholarship, candidates must be enrolled full-time in the University and should possess a minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA. Several documents will be required from including an application letter, essay, and high school transcript. Only deserving students are granted a scholarship offered by Montana State University.

Nursing Homes with Free CNA Classes in Montana

Benefis Extended Care Center

The Benefis Extended Care Center has been offering free CNA classes to satisfy their need for new nursing assistants. Since the facility has experienced shortages of CNA’s, they provide free training to interested individuals who qualify for employment. They will accept anyone who is 18 years old or above with a high school diploma or GED, a clean criminal record, no communicable disease, and proof of immunization with specific vaccines. They conduct free CPR certification and first aid training as well. Once the program is finished, they assist applicants with the certification exam and offer a one or two year contract to work in the facility. This is a great opportunity for those who are unemployed and  want to work in a healthcare institution.

Bozeman Health and Rehabilitation Center

The free CNA classes in Montana at Bozeman Health and Rehabilitation Center are offered sporadically. Individuals interested in this program must apply and go through an interview process before being offered free training. The training will lead to a certification which entitles candidates to work as qualified nursing assistants in the state of Montana. However, most individuals who successfully earn a certification are obliged to work at Bozeman Health and Rehabilitation Center as part of the agreement set by the institution. This contract is valid over a few months or years, providing jobs for the currently unemployed. Bozeman Health and Rehabilitation Center offers the best experience and training opportunities to accepted applicants. The program can be completed in a few weeks, allowing graduates to work immediately in the facility.

Daniels Memorial Nursing Home

Daniels Memorial Nursing Home is a healthcare facility with free CNA classes in Montana. Although the program is not offered every year, they usually provide it whenever they need more nursing assistants to fill a labor shortage. The good thing about taking the program is that you get employment right after certification, and everything is provided including uniforms, textbooks, and a training allowance. If you are one of the qualified, you will go through hours of lectures, skills training, and clinical rotations. Interested applicants must make sure that they agree to work in the nursing home for a specified period. As part of the free CNA training program, Daniels Memorial Nursing Home offers a job contract after their candidates pass the certification exam.

Faith Lutheran Home

The Faith Lutheran Home provides free CNA classes in Montana to qualified individuals. These people will be trained to handle patients or residents in different age groups and mental behaviors. They conduct lectures to impart basic knowledge to aspiring nursing assistants in the facility. To be accepted to the program, applicants must provide a high school diploma or GED, clean criminal background check, immunization record and negative TB test result. If any of these requirements are lacking, they will not accept the applicant. Faith Lutheran Home wants only potential candidates who pass the criteria set by the state Board of Nursing for Certified Nursing Assistants. Thus, interested applicants are expected to know the requirements before applying.

Dahl Memorial Healthcare Association Inc.

Dahl Memorial Healthcare Association Inc. offers a free CNA training program that prepares individuals to work as nursing assistants in the state of Montana. The program covers various lectures and supervised hands-on clinical training that equips students for the certification exam. The good thing about the free CNA training at Dahl Memorial Healthcare Association, Inc. is that it provides employment after completing the course and passing the certification exam. This means that candidates must agree to work in the facility after taking the free CNA course. Dahl Memorial Healthcare Association Inc. provides significant benefits and employment packages to accepted applicants who possesses the commitment and drive to become a nursing assistant. Candidates for the program must be at least a high school graduate or a GED holder, with no communicable disease or criminal record. Meeting the criteria of the program does not guarantee acceptance because the institution screens all candidates according to their qualifications and needs.

Fallon Medical Complex

Fallon Medical Complex offers a free CNA training program that enables students to work in various healthcare facilities as nursing assistants. The free program can be availed by candidates who are at least 18 years of age, high school graduates and free from any communicable disease or criminal record. Fallon Medical Complex has been providing healthcare services to the residents in Montana for a long time, and they want to hire CNAs who are equipped to meet the demands of the ever-changing healthcare system. Thus, the medical institution is offering a free CNA class to individuals who apply as nursing assistants. The program is comprised of lectures and hands-on training, with supervision from a clinical instructor employed by the facility. Individuals who complete the program successfully and pass the certification exam are invited to work as nursing assistants at Fallon Medical Complex. They will be required to work in the facility for a period as part of the agreement for the free CNA training.

All Montana State Approved CNA Programs

Anaconda, MTCommunity Hospital Of Anaconda 401 W Pennsylvania Ave406-563-8500
Baker, MTFallon Medical Complex Hospital 202 S 4th St W 406-778-3331
Belgrade, MTCarol Scott - Cna Training Program 40 Cayenne Trail406-388-6701
Big Timber, MTPioneer Medical Center 301 W 7th Ave406-932-4603
Billings, MTBillings Clinic Hospital 2800 10th Ave N406-657-4000
Billings, MTBillings Adult And Community Education 415 N 30th St406-281-5003
Billings, MTCity College At Montana State University Billings3803 Central Avenue406-247-3073
Billings, MTPlatinum Career Solutions 1601 Lewis Avenue406-670-2228
Billings, MTAdvanced Care Hospital Of Montana 3528 Gabel Drive406-373-8241
Billings, MTChapel Court Assisted Living 3940 Rimrock Road406-655-5600
Billings, MTRiver Ridge Natp 1415 Yellowstone River Road406-252-0003
Box Elder, MTStone Child College 8294 Upper Box Elder Road406-395-4875
Broadus, MTBroadus Cna Program Po Box 14406-853-3617
Browning, MTBlackfeet Manpower One-stop Center 409 N Piegan406-338-2111
Butte, MTButte Center 2400 Continental Dr406-723-6556
Butte, MTHighlands College 25 Basin Creek Rd406-496-3793
Butte, MTCopper Ridge Health & Rehabilitation Center 3251 Nettie St406-723-3225
Chester, MTLiberty Medical Center 315 W Madison Ave406-759-5181
Circle, MTMccone County Health Center 605 Sullivan Ave406-485-3381
Columbia Falls, MTMontana Veterans Home 400 Veterans Rd406-892-3256
Cut Bank, MTNorthern Rockies Medical Center Natp 802 2nd St Se406-873-2251
Dillon, MTKindred Nursing Centers West, Llc 200 Oregon St406-683-5108
Ennis, MTMadison Valley Manor 211 N Main St406-682-7271
Eureka, MTGood Samaritan Society-mountain View Manor 10 Mountain View Dr406-297-2541
Forsyth, MTRosebud Health Care Center 383 N 17th St406-346-4235
Glendive, MTGlendive Medical Center - Cah 202 Prospect Drive406-345-2607
Great Falls, MTSpectrum Medical, Inc 2910 10th Avenue South406-453-0360
Hamilton, MTBitterroot College - University Of Montana103 S 9th406-375-0100
Hardin, MTBig Horn Co Memorial Hospital 17 N Miles406-665-2310
Harlem, MTAaniiih Nakoda College Po Box 159406-353-2607
Havre, MTNorthern Montana Hospital Natp 30 13th Street406-265-2211
Helena, MTHelena College University Of Montana 1115 N Roberts St406-447-6944
Helena, MTCna Productions Training Program 2980 Howard Rd317-494-0051
Helena, MTMha Academy-cna Training Program 2625 Winne Ave406-457-8018
Hot Springs, MTEmpres Natp 600 1st Avenue North406-741-2992
Jordan, MTGarfield County Health Center 332 Leavitt Ave406-557-2500
Kalispell, MTFlathead Valley Community College 777 Grandview Dr406-756-3822
Kalispell, MTBrendan House 350 Conway Dr406-751-6520
Kalispell, MTBuffalo Hill Terrace Assisted Living Natp 40 Claremont St406-752-9624
Lewistown, MTMontana Mental Health Nursing Home 800 Casino Creek Dr406-538-7451
Lewistown, MTWelcov Healthcare 3096 Casino Creek Drive419-203-4896
Malta, MTHi-line Retirement Assisted Living Po Box 770406-654-1190
Miles City, MTMiles Community College 2715 Dickinson406-874-6199
Miles City, MTMontana Health Network 519 Pleasant Street406-234-1424
Missoula, MTDickinson Lifelong Learning Center 310 South Curtis406-549-8765
Missoula, MTHestia In Home Support 2230 27th Ave Suite 3406-540-4302
Missoula, MTPlatinum Career Solutions Natp - Missoula 1535 Liberty Lane Suite 117b406-926-2712
Philipsburg, MTGranite County Medical Center Po Box 729406-859-3271
Plains, MTClark Fork Valley Hospital Natp 10 Kruger Road406-826-4800
Plentywood, MTSheridan Memorial Hospital Natp 440 West Laurel Avenue406-765-3700
Polson, MTThe Elders Advocacy Po Box 1633406-261-2015
Polson, MTPolson Health & Rehab Center - Natp 9 14th Avenue West406-883-4378
Poplar, MTHealth Promotion Disease Prevention 205 Industrial Park Rd406-768-3087
Ronan, MTSt Luke Communtiy Nursing Home 107 6th Ave Sw406-676-4441
Ronan, MTKickinghorse Job Corps Center 33091 Mollman Pass Trail406-644-2217
Ronan, MTRonan High School 45705 Kaiser Road406-241-3818
Roundup, MTRoundup Memorial Healthcare 1202 3rd St W406-323-2104
Scobey, MTDaniels Memorial Cah 105 5th Ave E406-487-2300
Shelby, MTComputer Rn 323 Main Street406-470-0288
Sheridan, MTTobacco Root Mountains Care Center 326 Madison Street406-842-5600
Sidney, MTSidney Health Center 216 14th Avenue Sw406-488-2100
Townsend, MTBroadwater Health Center 110 North Oak Street406-266-3186
Warm Springs, MTMontana State Hospital Natp 100 Garnet Way406-693-7000
Wolf Point, MTTrinity Hospital - Natp 315 Knapp406-653-6549