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CNA Training & Classes | November 15, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Minnesota

CNA Classes in Minnesota

The state of Minnesota needs more nursing assistants because of increasing patient admissions. Only a few people are getting into  a training program such that the state is now offering numerous training opportunities to those who wish to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. There are low-cost and free CNA classes available in different locations in Minnesota. Some are easy to obtain while others require certain documents to gain admission. In any case, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is a great opportunity for a stable career in the healthcare industry.

Certified Nursing Assistants receive a higher wage compared to unskilled workers, and they also have good health insurance, vacation leave, and many other benefits. These healthcare professionals can specialize in a specific area of healthcare and can later advance their education by taking a nursing course. Therefore, the CNA training program is considered a stepping stone for vast opportunities in the field. It only takes a couple of weeks to finish, with certification right after.

Nursing Homes with Free CNA Classes in Minnesota:

Comfort Services LLC

Comfort Services LLC offers CNA training programs every year. Potential students interested in becoming a CNA can take classes either in the evening or morning. They can choose to take them weekdays or weekends, depending on their preferred schedule. The program is designed for one month, and the certification exam happens right after. Individuals with a criminal record or a communicable disease will not be accepted at Comfort Services LLC. They will also need to submit an immunization record and high school diploma or GED. The free CNA classes of Comfort Services LLC prepare students to be equipped with the skills of the nursing profession. The facility provides direct employment after passing the certification exam.

Benedictine Health Center

The CNA training program at Benedictine Health Center takes a few weeks to complete. It is offered to qualified individuals fit for employment, and the institution provides a job once the certification exam has been passed. The program will teach aspiring nursing assistants essential nursing skills like vital signs taking, bathing, grooming, medical terminologies and many other basic tasks. There will be a few hours of lectures to ensure that individuals grasp the necessary knowledge of the profession. Once they successfully finish the course, they will sit for a certification exam that makes them eligible to work at Benedictine Health Center as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Angels Care Center

The free CNA training program at Angels Care Center happens sporadically when the institution is in need of nursing assistants. Interested individuals must subit their qualifications beforehand to be accepted to and undergo the program and take the certification exam. Typically, the program is about the theories and responsibilities of nursing assistants in a healthcare facility, teaching them the necessary knowledge and skills that are the backbone of their profession. Students in the program will be exposed ato all areas of the facility where they handle actual residents and practice their new abilities. Upon coompletion, they will take a certification exam allowing them to work eligibly as a CNA in the state of Minnesota.

Belgrade Nursing Home

The Belgrade Nursing Home can be a source of free CNA classes in the state of Minnesota. This institution needs a lot of nursing assistants these days resulting in a program offered to individuals qualified for employment. They require applicants to pass health screening tests and criminal background checks. A high school diploma or GED is necessary along with a written exam and interview conducted by an admissions officer. As the applicant undergoes the training, he/she will experience hours of lectures and skills training in the institution’s laboratory. There will also be a clinical rotation within the Belgrade Nursing Home. Availing a free CNA class at this school allows individuals to work as nursing assistants. The course can be completed in a few weeks, and once the state certification exam is passed, graduates can work at Belgrade Nursing Home immediately.

Crest View Lutheran Home

The Crest View Lutheran Home is offering free CNA classes in Minnesota. This is an opportunity for those who wish to become nursing assistants in the state and want to be employed right after the certification exam. Typically, the institution will conduct interviews and written exams before the training program. Accepted applicants will be required to submit their high school diploma or GED, an immunization record, TB testing result, criminal background check and many documents. Upon the start of the program, they will go through classroom lectures and skills training to equip them to become a qualified nursing assistant.

Harmony Healthcare

Individuals seeking employment and certification to work as a nursing assistant can apply through Harmony Healthcare. This facility is recruiting CNA’s and non-CNA’s who wish to become a part of their growing team. They provide training and assist the applicants with their certification exam; sure employment is guarnateed once it is passed. The free CNA training program of Harmony Healthcare is an excellent opportunity to work in the healthcare field as a nursing assistant. The program covers classroom lectures and hands-on clinical experiences that enable students to gain substantial knowledge and the requisite skills for the profession. Enrolling in free CNA training at Harmony Healthcare requires interested applicants to be at least 18 years of age, with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. These individuals will undergo a physical exam and criminal background check as part of the admission process.

Apple Valley Medical Center

One of the best ways to secure a stable career in Minnesota is to undergo a free CNA training program at Apple Valley Medical Center. The institution is in need of nursing assistants, whether certified or not. Applicants interested in the program should submit an application at the facility’s human resource department, showing a high school diploma or GED equivalent, evidence of a physical exam, criminal background check, and many docume nts. These individuals have to show competitiveness, particularly during interviews and exams. The free CNA training program of Apple Valley Medical Center is exclusively given to accepted applicants without previous training in the profession. Candidates must be willing to work in the facility after completing the course and becoming certified. The CNA training program of Apple Valley Medical Center is a combination of classroom lectures and hands-on clinical experience, which equips students to handle different types of patients. The training will prepare them well for the demands of the profession.

Bayshore Residence and Rehabilitation Center

For individuals seeking a free CNA training program, Bayshore Residence and Rehabilitation Center is one of the institutions in Minnesota offering this kind of course. The program is given to individuals who are accepted to work in the facility for a particular period. Interested applicants mujst be willing to work at Bayshore Residence and Rehabilitation Center after the training program and the certification exam. These individuals have to agree with the terms and conditions of the free trainin;g otherwise, they will be asked to pay for the entire course. On a lighter note, availing oneself of a free CNA training program is an excellent opportunity to become employed immediately. Bayshore Residence and Rehabilitation Center offers a competitive salary and benefits to their nursing assistants and healthcare professionals. Individuals who want to become a certified nursing assistant at no cost are encouraged to submit an application. The training will be rigorous, covering theoretical concepts and basic nursing skills.

Country Manor Campus

Country Manor Campus has a free CNA training that allows individuals to become Certified Nursing Assistants in the state of Minnesota. The training program can be availed at any time of the year, depending on any vacancies in the nursing assistant position. Individuals privileged to undergo a free CNA training program at Country Manor Campus are offered employment after becoming certified. It is important for applicants to remember that they are obliged to agree to work at the institution once the program culminates. Country Manor Campus usually assists students with the state certification exam, ensuring a higher percentage rate of passing. However, applying for the free CNA training program is not easy as the institution seeks potential nursing assistants who demonstrate passion and commitment to the job. The hiring process requires certain documents that are evaluated and appropriately screened.

Schools with Free CNA Classes in Minnesota

Alexandria Technical and Community College

Alexandria Technical and Community College offers various scholarship programs that allow students to receive free CNA training. The free CNA course covers classroom lectures and hands-on clinical experiences that can be completed in a few weeks. Students in the program will be prepared to provide nursing services to patients with different healthcare needs. These individuals will be exposed to various healthcare facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and many others. They will be guided by the school’s faculty who are licensed healthcare professionals. Interested applicants of the free CNA training program have to be enrolled at Alexandria Technical and Community College to be eligible for scholarship programs. Most of the time, these programs look for deserving students who cannot pay the tuition costs and who demonstrate a good academic standing. Students can apply for several scholarship programs at the same, but they can use only one to cover the cost of the CNA training.

University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota has been providing quality nursing programs such as the CNA training program. Individuals who want to be a part of the healthcare team can enroll for a CNA course at the university. The institution also offers a free program for those who cannot afford the tuition. Several scholarship programs are available at the school’s financial aid office. They cover tuition and the other related expenses of the CNA training program. Interested applicants have to be currently enrolled at the university and must demonstrate financial need. Scholarship programs often look at both the student’s financial status and academic standing. Applicants who meet the criteria are often granted a scholarship allowing them to study the CNA course at no charge. The free CNA classes of the University of Minnesota are available throughout the year, and all requirements should be met to be considered for the opportunity.