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CNA Training & Classes | January 22, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Mesa

Free CNA Classes in Mesa

In hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities, the patients are known to depend mainly on nursing assistants and nurses to look after them and help them with all of their everyday activities. In Mesa, the CNAs have to go through specialized training in order perform their job and responsibilities while working. The State Board of Nursing of Arizona requires the aspiring nursing assistant to finish 120 hours of clinical and classroom experience which will help to equip them with all of the skills needed to offer all the nursing duties to those people who are disabled. The state exam which has been administered by Diversified Technologies is known to test the assistant’s readiness and the candidates who complete their exam will qualify for inclusion on the nurse aide registry. A few nurse assistant training providers in the area are:

Arizona Medical Training Institute

This institute and its students are known to make it to the top of the First Time State Board Licensure Pass Rates list. With approximately 97% on the exam and 91% on the evaluation of skills, this institution is known to stand out when compared to other agencies. The program provides the students with 120 hours of training which have been divided into 40 clinical rotation hours and approximately 80 classroom hours. The three-week program is known to prepare the students and help them gain access to the job and state exam. The curriculum is known to cover all the essential areas such as physiology, nursing care, and nutrition. Weekend and evening classes are available for the students to study at a pace they find suitable.

The graduates can take the exam at the campus within a week of finishing the course. The tuition fee is $1125, which includes the cost of lab materials and textbooks along with uniform, gait belt, stethoscope, and a TB test. The state exam is known to cost $113. You can obtain financial assistance from the education center by contacting them to be able to avail free CNA classes in Mesa.

East Valley Medical College

This college is known to prepare the students and equip them with enough skills to be able to attempt the examination within a matter of just four weeks. The curriculum is known to encompass 120 hours in the clinic, lab, and classroom and teaching them to provide the patients with care in a health-care setting. The students will be taught everything they should know through skill videos, demonstrations, lectures, and computers along with discussions in the class and being provided with the opportunity to put their skills to test under the direction of a qualified nurse in a clinical setting. The applicants will need to provide proof of their citizenships or at least of their TB test and background check. The tuition fee at this institution is $1090. It is possible for students to obtain scholarships and private grants that will help them with the education and there are chances that you can get free CNA classes in Mesa if you contact this institution for financial assistance.

EVIT Career and College Prep

This institution is known to prepare the students to take the state examination in just a matter of nine to ten weeks. You will have to attend 148 hours of classroom, lab, and also clinical training to equip yourself with the necessary know-how and nursing skills to provide care to patients in different health-care facilities. The lab expertise and classroom skills are known to account for one hundred hours of the entire curriculum where the students will be taught ethics and the laws that govern patient rights, patient care, medical terms, communication skills, anatomy, and how to provide compassionate support.

The students will need to finish forty-eight hours of clinical training in a care setting for a course of six weekends. The applicants will have to fill out the student information form and provide their high school diploma or their GED, an ID issued by the government, an immunization card, and provide a CPR card. The graduates will be ready to take the exam within a very short period. The final cost of tuition at this institution is $1,385, and this includes the cost of supplies, tuition fees, and course books. You can obtain free CNA classes in Mesa by getting financial aid from the education center.

Mesa Community College

CNA classes at this college are known to last for one semester, and they include lab, experiential, and classroom learning in an engaging clinical setting that will prepare the graduates to attempt the state examination and obtain employment and entrance into nursing programs. A registered nurse will teach you different methods to impart knowledge to the students. The students will have to show up for classroom instruction classes for around four to five hours at least one day every week and spend eight hours in a lab setting or a clinical setting for two days every week.

The applicants will need to meet educational requirements, background check and immunization to gain entrance into a six credit program. The tuition fee at this college is $654 for the residents of Arizona. The students will be responsible for paying for the state examination fee and textbook costs. However, it is possible to obtain free CNA classes in Mesa at this institution if you qualify for the grant or scholarship.

Sun Valley High School

Sun Valley High School offers various vocational education programs such as the CNA training program. Graduates of this program are prepared to sit for the Arizona certification exam and potential employment in various healthcare institutions. The right side of Sun Valley High School is the customize education they offer. Whether you just graduated from high school or not, potential students can let their current credits evaluated by an enrollment specialist to help meet their educational needs and career goals. A high school diploma or GED equivalent is the least level of education required to enter into the CNA training. However, individuals who already had non-nursing college credits are welcome to apply. Scholarships and grants are available for the CNA training program at Sun Valley High School, but students who wished to enroll in this healthcare course must undergo a criminal background investigation and a physical examination to determine their eligibility for the program. Becoming a nursing assistant requires the students to be physically capable of lifting a certain weight and must be clear from any communicable diseases. Anyone who did not meet the program requirements will not be considered for the training.

Banner Baywood Medical Center

Banner Baywood Medical Center has served the people in East Valley for more than three decades. With a mission to make a difference in other people’s lives through outstanding patient care, the facility is also offering quality CNA training programs to potential nursing assistants. The CNA training program combines classroom instruction, clinical training, and skills enhancement, with supervision from a licensed clinical instructor. Individuals who want to avail the free CNA training program should apply in the facility as a non-certified nursing assistant. These applicants will then be selected based on their credentials and suitability for the profession. A high school diploma or GED equivalent is the minimum educational attainment required, but applicants must be able to pass the criminal background check and physical examination to be considered for the program. The medical center will also choose the candidates who have the right attitude and flexibility to work in various shifts. Selected candidates receive a free CNA training and an opportunity to be employed at the medical center. Working as a nursing assistant at Banner Baywood Medical Center does not only give a stable job, but it also provides excellent employment benefits.

Chandler High School

The CNA training program of Chandler High School helps high school seniors and high school graduates become a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of Arizona. The rigorous training, which is comprised of theory-based and hands-on clinical experiences, allows the students to provide quality nursing skills to various patients. It also helps them compete in the local or national job market. Thus, giving them higher chances of getting a stable employment right away. The CNA training program of Chandler High School lets graduates sit for the state licensing exam. The class size is small to give a personalized type of instruction to aspiring nursing assistants, and lessons are provided by clinical instructors who are licensed healthcare professionals. Applicants are screened based on their suitability for the profession, and free CNA classes are also available to deserving students. Graduating from a CNA training program in Chandler High School makes students competent and well-equipped with nursing knowledge and skills. Other than the modern facilities, the school also builds a positive peer relationship and solid study habits among its students who wished to become a healthcare provider anytime soon.

Scottsdale Community College

The Nurse Assistant training program of Scottsdale Community College prepares the students for entry-level employment in different health care settings. The program is a combined classroom instruction with clinical laboratory and acute and skilled care experiences. Individuals who completed the CNA program will become eligible for the written and practical state certification examination. Passing the exam will also make them available to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Scottsdale Community College provides a conducive learning environment for students who aspire to become a healthcare provider. To qualify for the CNA training program, applicants must pass the criminal background check and physical examination. These are two of the required tests to undergo the program and the state licensing exam. Moreover, although the training program costs a certain amount of money, full-time CNA students can seek a scholarship or grant from the school’s financial aid office. These scholarships and financial aid grants will help students study at a lesser cost. However, the financial assistance given by the community college to CNA students is limited. It means that only a few applicants are granted a scholarship or grant to pursue their CNA course. Students who are not privileged to receive a funding should seek other alternative sources of free CNA training.

Gateway Community College

The CNA training program of Gateway Community College is often the start of a fruitful career in the healthcare field. Students in the program will be taught about their role in the healthcare field as well as their client care duties which include taking vital signs, providing personal hygiene, bathing, dressing, feeding, transporting, answering call lights, and many others. These individuals will be trained to become competent nursing assistants in hospitals, patient homes, nursing homes, and residential care facilities. The CNA training program of Gateway Community College will make graduates eligible for the state licensing exam. Interested individuals will be required to attend the school’s information or advising session, which often provides in-depth information and guidance about the enrolment process. Aside from that, the program also requires the applicants to be at least a high school diploma or GED equivalent holder, with a clean criminal background check and no known communicable diseases. The CNA training program usually comes with an individual cost, but Gateway Community College offers various scholarship programs, which makes these students avail a free CNA training.

Central Arizona College

The Central Arizona College has a CNA training program that enables the graduates to sit for the Arizona certification exam for nursing assistants. The CNA program takes a couple of weeks to complete, with combined classroom instruction and hands-on clinical training. Students in the program will learn several entry-level nursing skills along with the essential concepts of anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, nutrition, infection control and many others. These individuals will also have a supervised clinical experience, allowing them to have hands-on training with patients having different healthcare needs. The CNA training program of Central Arizona College requires only a high school diploma or GED equivalent, but students must not have any conviction of a felony or a communicable disease. Due to the smaller class size implemented for the CNA training program, applicants are selected based on their academic performance or credentials. The Central Arizona College also provides scholarship opportunities to deserving students, particularly to those who have financial struggles.

Saguaro High School

Saguaro High School is also offering a CNA training program to interested individuals who qualify to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in the city of Mesa in Arizona. Applicants have to be free from any criminal records and communicable diseases, and must also a holder of a high school diploma or GED equivalent. The CNA training program provided in this institution is a short course health care program that covers the essential topics and skills for the licensing exam. Since graduates of this program will have to take the certification exam first before they can work as a Certified Nursing Assistant, the instructors of Saguaro High School will make sure that adequate knowledge and skills are given to these aspiring healthcare professionals. The combined classroom instruction and hands-on clinical training will make every student familiar with the nursing concepts and competencies. Nevertheless, individuals who seek for a free CNA training can avail it Saguaro High School. Several scholarship programs are made available to qualified students who demonstrate an excellent academic record and a proof of financial hardship.