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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in Memphis

Memphis Free CNA Classes

In Tennessee, students training to be CNA’s will have to complete the approved program of the state to apply to take the exam. Before you obtain admission into any program, you will have to show proof of your high school education or an equivalent GED. A program that meets the requirements set by the state consists of 75 hours of training before taking the final certification exam. The Tennessee Department of Health reports that the certification exam should be taken within 24 months of graduation from the training course.

Career Academy

Those who would like to complete their CNA training in just 4-6 weeks should contact Career Academy. This institution is authorized to by the state of Tennessee to run a program under the State Test Advisory Board. Students can conveniently attend the program because there are a four-weekday schedule; there is even an evening program that lasts for six weeks. The cost of tuition is $1350 which includes registration, books, testing, and CPR exams. The student will have to provide the results of a TB test and must pass the state exam to apply for a job in Memphis. Contact the Institute for information regarding free CNA classes in Memphis. Career Academy provides free CNA classes to deserving students who show an excellent academic track record and demonstrate financial hardship. The coverage of the scholarship depends on the type of funding availed.

CNA Training Academy

By paying a fee of $1,500, you can start a CNA training program that lasts for just 6-8 weeks. The sessions will cover the 25 basics required for proper patient care. Training includes textbooks, a stethoscope, and AHA for two complete years. Students will have to supply a watch, shoes, uniforms, and the exam fee. Financing is available for students who would like to take free CNA classes in Memphis. CNA Training Academy has a good track record in nursing assistant education. They have been regularly producing CNAs who pass the state licensing exam able to secure positions in the medical field. Scholarships and other financial aid programs can be obtained at the school’s financial aid office; applicants have to meet the program requirements to have a higher chance of pursuing free CNA training.

Concorde Career College

The Medical Assistant training at Concorde Career equips students with the skills needed to join the healthcare sector with the requisite skills. The lectures, training, and labs are beneficial for students and designed for success on the certification exam.. Topics like CPR, vital signs, first aid, infection control, examinations, prepping patients, etc. will be the focus. There is even a 30-week undergrad certification program. You will be taught advanced skills in this class and have better earning opportunities once you complete the exam. The cost of tuition is $14,535, and the books run around $1,200. There are loans, scholarships, and grants available to students who qualify. These programs are made available to those who cannot pay the entire tuition. Applicants have to meet the requirements and must demonstrate financial struggle to be considered. Availing a CNA training program at Concorde Career College is an excellent opportunity to study without cost.

MaySept Healthcare Services

The professionals who offer training at MaySept Healthcare Services provide presentations, lectures, hands-on teaching, demonstrations, and other useful methods for proper CNA training. The CNA program here is a balance between real world and advanced training at a reputed healthcare facility. Students who apply for the program must pass a criminal background test, TB test, and the clinical and written exam to take the state certification examination. The tuition fee for the program is $1006, including the cost of textbooks, supplies, scrubs, and stethoscope. You can train at this institute for free as it offers free CNA classes in Memphis. MaySept Healthcare Services provides free CNA training to deserving individuals who want to start a career in the nursing profession. Aside from the free tuition, these students also receive free uniforms, medical supplies, and books. They have to make sure they provide proof of financial struggle and an excellent academic record as part of the scholarship program requirements.

Ava Maria Home

Ava Maria Home is one of the healthcare facilities in Memphis that offers free CNA classes. The program is a short healthcare course that runs for a couple of weeks and incorporates classroom lectures with hands-on clinical practice. The program prepares students for future employment. Individuals who want to work in the healthcare field can apply for this free program and submit an application at the institution’s human resources department. Ava Maria Home needs a lot of CNAs and interested applicants must be willing to work for them for a specified period. Among the requirements needed are a high school diploma, criminal background check and physical examination. Candidates go through interviews and exams that screen the most deserving individuals for the program. They also determine the commitment of the applicant to work in this nursing home after passing the state licensing exam. The free CNA training program of Ava Maria Home is an excellent opportunity to earn a certificate in the nursing profession.

Allen Morgan Health and Rehab Center

Allen Morgan Health and Rehab Center offers free CNA program to their prospective nursing assistants. The rehab center needs a lot of CNAs and thereforfe provide a free state-approved training allowing graduates to work as Certified Nursing Assistants in the facility. Interested applicants can submit their credentials at their human resources department. They must agree to work in the center in exchange for the free training program. The CNA course incorporates classroom lectures with hands-on clinical experiences wherein students gain sufficient knowledge and  theskills to prepare for the profession. Students will be supervised by instructors who are also licensed health care providers. Applying for a free CNA training program at Allen Morgan Health and Rehab Center is a privilege to earn college credits while obtaining stable employment. The course takes a couple of weeks to complete. Graduates can work right away, especially if they pass the state licensing exam which is a part of their certification as nursing assistants.

Bright Glade Convalescent Center

Individuals living in Memphis aged 18 years old and above can apply for a free CNA training program provided at Bright Glade Convalescent Center. The facility needs a lot of nursing assistants which is why a free CNA training is offered to invite more candidates to work for them. Applicants have to undergo a criminal background check and physical exam. Physical fitness is important for CNAs since they care for patients on a day-to-day basis. A clean criminal record is also one of the requirements of the program to become eligible for the state licensing exam. Applying for the free CNA training program at Bright Glade Convalescent Center is quite challenging because of the limited number of students accepted per course. However, preferred candidates receive an excellent opportunity to undergo free training, and they are provided with uniforms, books, supplies, and training allowances. Sudents must be willing to work in the convalescent center in exchange for the free program.

Quince Nursing and Rehab Center

Quince Nursing and Rehab Center is offering free CNA training to potential healthcare providers in Memphis. The program helps unemployed individuals secure a stable job in the facility and provides excellent compensation to preferred candidates. Classroom lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice are incorporated into the training program to prepare students for the state licensing exam. Every aspiring CNA has to undergo rigorous training and master the concepts and skills needed to become certified and qualified to work in healthcare facilities. Students are supervised by expert clinical instructors who provide personalized instruction in both the clinical and classroom fields. Applicants of the CNA program must make sure to meet all the requirements, interviews, and exams. They are asked to submit a high school diploma, criminal background check, and physical exam result. Selected candidates are provided free training, uniforms, books, supplies, and work allowances. They are ultimately given the privilege of working in the facility for a specified period.

The Healthcare Institute

The Healthcare Institute has a CNA course that can be a starting point for a career in the healthcare field. The program starts with classroom lectures, covers topics like anatomy and physiology, nutrition, medical terminologies, and concepts of nursing. After completing the lectures, students undergo skills training that takes place in the simulation lab. At this point, aspiring CNAs are taught the necessary skills to provide care to patients. These skills focus on feeding, bathing, grooming, vital signs taking, intake and output monitoring, and many others. After this portion of the training, a hands-on clinical practice takes place at a local healthcare facility where students handle actual patients. With supervision from a clinical instructor, aspiring CNAs can learn to use their experience as required for future employment and the state licensing exam. Free CNA classes are only granted to deserving students with excellent academic grades.

MidSouth Career Training

The MidSouth Career Training is providing free CNA classes to deserving individuals who show an exemplary academic record and proof of financial need. The program aims to help those students who want to start a career in the healthcare field. Just like any other scholarship programs, qualified candidates for the free CNA training receive full financial suppofor to their tuition cost. Other related expenses may not be covered, but it depends on the type of scholarship obtained. The CNA program combines classroom lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice to develop strong abilities and provide adequate knowledge for the profession. It also prepares the students for the state licensing exam, which must be passed to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in various medical settings. The CNA program can be completed in a few weeks. Thus, graduates can work quickly and receive proper compensation for their jobs.

Donelson Home Health Care Institute

Donelson Home Health Care Institute is offering a CNA training program that runs for three weeks. The program starts with classroom lectures covering several nursing topics like anatomy and physiology, nutrition, medical terminologies, infection control, and many others. After the lectures, students are trained in a simulation lab before they are exposed to a local healthcare facility. Expert clinical instructors supervise, and they undergo personalized type of instruction to be equipped with adequate knowledge and skills. Applicants must submit the necessary requirements like a criminal background check, drug test, high school diploma and reading comprehension exam. They also have to be at least 18 years old to be considered for the program. The estimated training cost of the CNA program is $800, not including the certification exam fee, books, uniforms, and miscellaneous medical supplies. However, students can enjoy free CNA programs through a scholarship provided by the school’s financial aid office.

William and Johnson Career College

William and Johnson Career College is offering a CNA training that can be completed in three weeks. The program costs $2500, but students with financial struggles can apply for a scholarship to cover the cost of the training. Applicants have to submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a tuberculosis skin test, physical exam, and reading comprehension exam. Individuals applying for a scholarship should go to the financial aid office to lern the requirements. However, most scholarships look for students with financial hardship, particularly the unemployed and candidates with an excellent academic track record. The CNA training program covers several topics and the skills necessary for the CNA profession. It includes anatomy and physiology, medical terminologies, infection control, nutrition, and many others. Upon completing the three-week program, graduates are given a certificate necessary for the state licensing exam. They can also use it to study for another degree level in the nursing profession.

American Training Institute

The American Training Institute is offering a CNA training program which runs for five weeks. Interested individuals can submit an application to the admission’s office, along with the mandatory requirements of the program like a high school diploma or GED equivalent, physical exam result, tuberculosis skin test, and reading comprehension exam result. The minimum age required for CNA students is 18 years old. Thus, individuals who are younger must wait for to be considered for admission. The program is estimated to cost $1,200, but students with financial hardship can secure a scholarship to cover the CNA training expenses. There are several learning programs available at the school and in the city of Memphis to support students in their CNA education. They simply have to know the requirements and show competence and the willingness to pursue this career to have a higher chance of securing financial assistance.

Start your training right away and live a better life with a good job, a high salary, and full job satisfaction that will make you a happier person.

List of All the State Approved CNA Classes in Memphis

Memphis, TNBridges477 North 5th Street901-527-5627
Memphis, TNCareer Academy Cna Training Program2600 Poplar Avenue, Suite 415901-761-4500
Memphis, TNCna Training Academy3675 New Getwell Rd.901-864-3754
Memphis, TNDaughters Of Zion4400 Hickory Hill Road901-590-1166
Memphis, TNHarbor View Nursing And Rehabilitation Center1513 North Second Street901-272-2494
Memphis, TNHooks Job Corps Center1555 Mcalister Avenue901-396-2800
Memphis, TNMaysept Healthcare Services4514 Summer Avenue, Ste. #1901-864-1360
Memphis, TNMemphis Academy Of National Nursing Assistant175 East Brooks Rd901-598-3000
Memphis, TNMemphis Health Careers AcademyP.o. Box 820243901-416-1950
Memphis, TNSouthwest Career And Technology Center High School3746 Hornlake Rd.901-416-8186
Memphis, TNTennessee Technical Center550 Alabama Avenue901-543-6100
Memphis, TNUnited Cerebral Palsy Of The Mid-south4189 Leroy Ave901-767-0922