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CNA Training & Classes | November 15, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Maine

CNA Classes in Maine

Maine can be a great place to live and work in a beautiful setting. Individuals interested in employment a healthcare facility can thrive in the state as Certified Nursing Assistants are greatly needed in almost all nursing homes, hospitals and other care facilities. Every month, an increasing number of individuals is seeking healthcare services; hence, there is the on-going hiring of nursing assistant professionals. If you want to enter this field, it is not impossible to do so. Free CNA classes in Maine are provided at different healthcare facilities and schools to compensate for the need for new nursing assistants. The training usually lasts for weeks, much shorter compared to degree programs and advanced studies.

In a CNA training program you can explore your possibilities in the healthcare field. You will not only learn basic nursing skills but you will also make an impact on patients during the clinical experience. You can become a valued CNA in Maine if you finish the course and pass the certification exam.

Healthcare Institutions providing Free CNA Classes in Maine:

Birch Grove Rehabilitation and Living Center

The Birch Grove Rehabilitation and Living Center is offering free CNA class to fill the need for new people in the labor force. Due to increasing resident admissions, the healthcare facility lacks nursing assistants who can perform primary care. They offer a free CNA class to those who wish to work at the Birch Grove Rehabilitation and Living Center after passing the certification exam. This can be a great opportunity for unemployed and underemployed residents of the state who are having a hard time securing a permanent job and who wished to gain a stable career. The free CNA class can be finished in a few weeks with guaranteed employment after licensing.

Country Manor Nursing Home

Country Manor Nursing Home offers free CNA classes in Maine. This class comes with a guarantee of employment after finishing the entire course and passing the certification exam. The good thing about the CNA class is that it focuses on resident handling, especially those with disabilities and a challenging behavior. Students will be taught different nursing principles including resident care, vital signs taking, proper grooming, feeding and many others. These concepts and skills prepare students for the certification exam. Although there are limited slots for the free CNA class, individuals who qualify will be immediately offered employment for a certain period. This means that applicants must agree to worki at Country Manor Nursing Home to be accepted to the CNA class.

Freeport Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Freeport Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has their own free CNA program in Maine every year. This is usually offered to those who wish to work in their facility as a nursing assistant. The course covers the nursing principles, concepts, and skills needed for CNAs to work in a healthcare facility. They will be taught how to handle a resident and maintain their wellbeing throughout their stay. In addition, they will be exposed to the facility after hours of lectures to apply what they have learned. Students in the program will be supervised by a CNA or Nurse and will have to pass the course and certification exam before they can work. The free CNA training program of Freeport Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is an excellent opportunity to start a career in the healthcare field and gain direct employment after becoming certified.

Maine Medical Center

The free CNA classes in the Maine Medical Center take place year round. Because the institution usually hires their students after passing the certification exam, they require a review and interview process before admission. Everyone who wishes to undergo the program must qualify for the requirements set forth by the Maine Medical Center. Students in this free CNA program will experience lectures and skills training to be prepared for the exam. They will be supervised by a Registered Nurse or a CNA throughout their clinical experience. In the course of the classes, they will gain substantial knowledge and the requisite skills for the profession. Upon completing the course and passing the exam, Maine Medical Center will offer a stable job at their facility to successful candidates.

Schools with Free CNA Classes in Maine:

United Technologies Center

The United Technologies Center is offering a free CNA class in Maine that covers 180 hours of basic nurse’s aide training. The program is divided into 90 hours of lectures, 20 hours of laboratory instruction and 70 hours of clinical experience. Students under will meet every Tuesday and Thursday and must finish everything before they sitting for the certification exam. United Technologies Center has been providing excellent training programs for nursing assistants for some time. Aside from having modern facilities, the school takes pride in having only instructors who are licensed healthcare providers. The  staff will nurture the students’ knowledge and skills in preparation for the certification exam and future employment. The free CNA training program of United Technologies Center can be obtained at their financial aid office where scholarship programs are available.

Auburn Adult Education

Auburn Adult Education has a free CNA program all year round although the offer is limited, students who successfully qualify for the free training will go through the same process of classroom lectures, laboratory training, and clinical experience. They will know about the nursing concepts needed to care for spatient or home residents, and they will handle actual cases before the program ends. Upon completion of the training, students will be eligible for the certification exam. The Certified Nursing Assistant training program of Auburn Adult Education is provided by the best instructors with years of experience in the clinical field. These individuals are licensed healthcare providers with excellent academic and clinical credentials. Students who want to enrollin  the free CNA training program should inquire at the school’s financial aid office. Despite the limited availability of slots, the school provides financial assistance programs to those who want to study a CNA course.

Bangor Adult Education

Bangor Adult Education offers a free CNA training program to unemployed adults, single mothers, and individuals planning to switch a career in the healthcare field. This program is approved by the state, enabling graduates to become eligible for the state certification exam. Interested individuals should have at least a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They also need to undergo a physical exam and criminal background check as part of the criteria for acceptance. The CNA training program of Bangor Adult Education is a combination of classroom lectures, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical practice. Students in the program will be equipped with the knowledge and skills essential to the nursing practice. Bangor Adult Education’s free CNA training program can be availed throughout the year, depending on availability. Candidates have to show dedication to the program to be considered for the free training. Upon completing the required hours of training, graduates will be guided for the state certification exam, which is written and oral.

Bath Regional Career and Technical Center

Bath Regional Career and Technical Center is offering a free CNA program for individuals who show financial hardship and excel academically. Among the top requirements of the free training are a transcript high school grades and evidence of financial status. The institution will look through these criteria and accept only candidates who deserve the free-of-charge program. The CNA course can be completed in a short period. It combines classroom lectures with skills training and hands-on clinical experiences. Students will be supervised by the institution’s faculty who are licensed healthcare professionals. They will be equipped with knowledge and skills vital to the profession. Upon graduation, students can take the state certification exam., which is a determining factor in working at most health care facilities. Students under the CNA program of Bath Regional Career and Technical Center will experience the best training program needed to excel in the healthcare workforce.

Washington County Community College

Washington County Community College offers a free CNA training program through a scholarship fund. The program covers a few weeks of study wat the institution and in a clinical setting. Interested applicants can inquire at the school’s financial aid office to know the necessary requirements. The free CNA program allows students to learn the nursing concepts and skills needed to provide primary care to patients in different healthcare settings. Students are supervised by the school’s expert faculty who have years of experience as licensed health care professionals. Completing the CNA course at Washington County Community College provides countless job opportunities in the healthcare field, provided that the state certification is passed. Hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and other healthcare settings are currently in need of nursing assistants. Thus, undergoing a free CNA training at this institution is a great way to start a career in this profession.

Hancock County Technical Center

The free CNA training program of Hancock County Technical Center is offered to Maine residents who want to work in the healthcare field. The program is an opportunity to help the unemployed gain a stable career while answering the need for nursing assistants in local healthcare institutions. Taking the program can open a lot of possibilities in the healthcare field. Certified Nursing Assistants can specialize in areas where they feel they can grow as a healthcare professional. They can also take more credits to become a Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse in the state. Hancock County Technical Center will help aspiring CNAs achieve their educational and professional goals. The training combines theoretical concepts with hands-on clinical practicum, and uses a teaching strategy that enables graduates to pass the certification exam to become eligible to working at a healthcare facility. The free CNA classes of this institution are limited to a few students. Thus, interested applicants must apply early and show their ability to meet the criteria.

St. John Valley Technology Center

St. John Valley Technology Center has a free CNA training program that enables graduates to take the state certification exam and work as Certified Nursing Assistants in the state of Maine. The program can be availed at the school’s financial aid office. Interested students must enroll first before applying for a scholarship program. The nursing assistant training program at St. John Valley Technology Center is comprised of classroom lectures and hands-on clinical practice. Students are trained by the best faculty with years of experience in the clinical field.  They enjoy the many amenities of the school including a state-of-the-art simulation lab and modern facilities. Acceptance for CNA training at St John Valley Technology Center is often selective. The program is open to a limited number of students who meet the minimum criteria of the institution. Aside from a high school diploma, the school also requires its students to undergo a physical exam and criminal background check.