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CNA Training & Classes | January 21, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Madison WI

Free CNA Classes in Madison WI

Working in the healthcare field provides countless of job opportunities. Some people think that it is hard and takes a long time to secure a career in medical institutions, but nowadays, it only takes a few weeks to get certified as a nursing assistant. Becoming a nursing assistant is the first step towards a bright career in the healthcare field. You can take the program at any schools but you can also enjoy the free CNA classes in Madison, Wisconsin. These free classes are done to entice more people to become a CNA. There are a lot of hospitals, nursing homes and long term care facilities these days that are expanding and in need of CNA’s. So if you want to consider this career option, try the free CNA classes in Madison, Wisconsin by asking the institutions listed below.

Madison Area Technical College

Madison Area Technical College is offering a CNA training course that includes 120 hours of study. This program is worth three credits so it will be acknowledged by colleges and universities once a student enrolls in another course. The CNA training course incorporates the skills training to a traditional classroom setting in order to provide a holistic course to students who aspire to be a nursing assistant. Instructors will cover topics like anatomy and physiology, basic nursing care, restorative and rehabilitative care, nutrition, safety and infection control, activities of daily living and many others. Once the traditional lecture is completed, there will be a clinical practice taking place in a healthcare facility. This will be done with the supervision of a Certified Nursing Assistant or a Nurse employed by the college. The cost of the program is about $340 which does not include the textbooks and uniforms. Scholarships and financial aid grants are also provided to deserving and qualified students. Graduates of the program will have an opportunity to take the certification exam and become a CNA in the state. They can eligibly work as a CNA once they pass the state exam.

Moraine Park Technical College

Moraine Park Technical College offers a nurse aide training program which is consist of 3 credit hours. This program allows students to receive quality education to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of Wisconsin. It has a combined lecture, skills training and clinical practice, allowing the students to become equipped and prepared for the profession and the state certification exam. Course topics discussed includes anatomy and physiology, basic nursing care, fundamentals of nursing, charting, patient assessment, activities of daily living, vital signs monitoring, nutrition, safety and infection control, and many others. Once these topics are discussed, students will then have a clinical practice supervised by their qualified instructors. Moraine Park Technical College follows the requirements or standards of the state thus; all their students will get the chance to handle actual patients during the training. The price per credit hour is $112 and low income students can apply for scholarship and financial aid programs.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is one of the institutions in Wisconsin that offers CNA training program. This well-known institution has a good reputation in terms of providing quality healthcare services to the residents. They also have superb training programs including those who want to be a Certified Nursing Assistant. In order to gain admission from this program, interested applicants are encouraged to undergo a criminal background check, drug test, TB tests and chest xray in order to determine their suitability for the profession. CNA’s have to be physically healthy because they are the primary caregivers to patients. Anyone who cannot pass these tests are not allowed to take the program. Nevertheless, the CNA training program of American Red Cross will include a combined classroom lecture and skills training in a laboratory and healthcare facility. This is done to make sure that every student possesses the right knowledge and skills of a nursing assistant. Graduates of the program will also have the opportunity to take the state certification exam and become a CNA. Scholarship programs are not offered all year round but the American Red Cross has a flexible payment plan for the students.

Quality Healthcare Options Training Center

There is a CNA refresher course program offered at Quality Healthcare Options Training Center. This kind of course is provided to individuals who completed the program but needs to be refreshed about the concepts of the profession. The classes last for five days which allows the students to complete it in 40 hours. During the program, students will be taught about the basic principles of nursing like anatomy and physiology, proper assessment, charting, medical terminologies and many others. They will also be taught about the skills that every nursing assistant should learn. Most importantly, students in this program will be prepared for the state certification exam. They will be taught about the simulation exam in order to pass it successfully and become a nursing assistant in the state. Tuition fee is not offered for free but the cost of the refresher course is affordable than the regular CNA training.

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