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CNA Training & Classes | January 21, 2018

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CNA Classes in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Free CNA Classes

People who are thinking of building a career within the healthcare sector should take advantage of the free training that is offered at numerous locations in Los Angeles. Currently, the American Red Cross in Los Angeles is offering free classes for students who would like to train as certified nursing assistants. Besides the Red Cross, some institutes are also offering CNA classes for the residents of California. The candidates who apply for these courses must take the exam known as California’s National Nurse Aide Assessment Program and must pass it in 2 years. The state approves this course and 150 hours of class time along with 100 hours of clinical training is required.

Red Cross Los Angeles

The Red Cross in Los Angeles is offering free CNA classes in Los Angeles. You will receive 171 hours of CNA training from this prestigious organization. Their program is known as Nursing Assistant Training, and the course is divided into two parts. The first segment requires theoretical knowledge with demonstrations in the class. The second segment is all about clinical training and enforces classroom concepts. Students are asked to work with the patients under the authority of a licensed nurse. Personalized instructions will be given, and the chance to work with numerous medical professionals will help one advance their skills. For applicants to learn more about the free CNA classes at Red Cross Los Angeles, they are encouraged to visit the organization’s website and keep updated with the available training. The free CNA training program of Red Cross Los Angeles is offered to a limited number of candidates. Thus, applicants should show competence and commitment for the program.

Los Angeles City College

The six unit CNA course from Los Angeles City Colleges teaches students how to take the state examination and become certified to work at an entry level in the health care sector. The guidelines for this course have been set by the Department of Health and areas like safety, physical and emotional support for patients, infection control, and other aspects are focused on enhancing the learning process. You must take a physical exam; provide a chest x-ray, and TB test results before entrance into the course. This course costs only $46 for the residents of California. The CNA training program of Los Angeles City College is an excellent pathway to start a career in the healthcare field. The program comes at an affordable price, but students under a Workforce Investment Act or any scholarships sponsored by a private organization can study for free. These individuals even receive financial support in their certification exam.

Los Angeles Trade Tech

Your entrance into the CNA program at Los Angeles Trade Tech depends on your score on the computerized examination. The Nursing Department will evaluate your mathematics and reading comprehension to determine if you are suitable for a position in the program. You will have to take a CNA prep class, offer proof of residence, background check, and must take the CNA Health Occupation class. Financial aid for fees, supplies, and books is available at this institute. Typically, the scholarship programs of Los Angeles Trade Tech is not offered to everyone. Only deserving candidates who demonstrate a financial need and who excel in the academic aspect of the program are provided with financial assistance. Applying for these scholarships is done at the financial aid office of the school. Applicants are selected based on their commitment to the program, including the minimum criteria for the financial assistance.

West Los Angeles College

There is a nine-week course that prepares students for the CNA state exam to obtain certification to work as an entry-level assistant in the health sector. You will be able to work at a nursing home or hospital once the state certifies you. You will be given 54 hours of classroom training and 108 hours of clinical training at a nursing home. 100% attendance is required to graduate from the class. You must provide proof of immunization, physical exam, drug screen, background check, and have malpractice insurance. The cost of the course is $46 for the residents of California. West Los Angeles College offers an affordable CNA training program, but students under a scholarship program receive financial assistance even in the related cost of the course including the certification exam.

Los Angeles Harbor College

Students who are searching for free CNA classes in Los Angeles should check out the course offered by Harbor College. You must provide a background check via Livescan and submit your Healthcare Provider Basic Life Support card before entry into the clinical sector of the classes. This course will cover fundamental rights of the patient, communication, charting records of the patient, rehabilitative car, vital signs, emergency action, observation, dealing with death, long-term care, nutrients, and so much more. The cost of tuition for this program is at a discounted rate of $230. The cost does not include the price of exam fees, books, or supplies. However, students who excel academically and who demonstrate a financial need can apply for scholarship programs available at Los Angeles Harbor College. The application process is often selective, but qualified candidates receive free CNA training including financial assistance in the certification exam.

American Medical Careers Los Angeles

Those people who would like CNA training should register at the Campus of American Medical Careers for just five weeks. The course includes all aspects of patient care required by the state. You will receive 150 hours of training along will clinical training supervised the facility. The student must pass the course with 75% marks to graduate the program. Financing of the program will be provided to students who show extraordinary performance. However, interested individuals have to submit an application for the free CNA training. They have to demonstrate excellent academic record and a proof of financial need to be considered for the program. American Medical Careers Los Angeles has been providing free CNA classes to deserving students. Thus, qualified candidates are privileged to study without paying anything. They simply have to meet the standards of the institution to maintain the scholarship they avail.

SouthCal Educational Institute

SouthCal Educational Institute is situated on the sunny side of Los Angeles. Individuals who want to earn a certificate from a CNA training program enjoy fantastic views while studying. The institute has a conducive learning environment that allows aspiring nursing assistants to excel in their education and gain sufficient amount of knowledge and skills. Since the CNA training program takes a couple of weeks to complete, students are trained to prepare them for the certification exam and future employment in different healthcare facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. Individuals who are struggling financially and who cannot suffice the tuition cost of the CNA program can apply for scholarships at SouthCal Educational Institute. Several scholarship programs provide financial assistance to qualified students who demonstrate a financial need and who excel academically. Applicants can submit an application through the school’s financial aid office and should wait to be shortlisted. Typically, the free CNA class of SouthCal Educational Institute covers tuition costs but excludes expenses on the certification exam.

St. Francis Career College

St. Francis Career College is offering a CNA training program to residents in Los Angeles wishing to be a part of the healthcare team. The training program consists of 170 hours, divided into classroom lectures and hands-on clinical practice. Day and evening classes are available, and students with a regular job can study part-time. The CNA training program of St. Francis Career College is provided by licensed CNAs and Registered Nurses with years of experience in the nursing field. Small class sizes of 15 students are implemented. Thus, individuals receive appropriate training and guidance all throughout the course. The personalized training also prepares the students for the certification exam and future employment. People who are in need of financial support can apply for free CNA classes. The college is offering scholarship programs that allow its qualified candidates to study for free, but these opportunities are also limited to few deserving individuals.

Care Training Services

Care Training Services in Glenwood Avenue, Los Angeles is offering free CNA classes that prepare students for the certification exam. The free training program starts every month, and interested individuals can submit the requirements at their admission’s office. Applicants are usually asked for a high school diploma or GED equivalent, criminal background check, complete immunization record, and physical exam. These individuals are screened based on their qualifications because the institution provides a smaller class size for the CNA training program. Selected candidates will be interviewed as well, as part of the admission process. Additionally, applying for a free CNA training program is an excellent opportunity to undergo a short healthcare course that qualifies graduates to take the certification exam and work as nursing assistants in different healthcare settings. Despite the limited number of qualified candidates, the free CNA training helps the state recover from the CNA shortage, especially to several healthcare facilities in need of nursing assistants.

Los Angeles Mission College

Los Angeles Mission College is providing CNA training programs to prospective nursing assistants. The training program can be completed in a short span of time, and students undergo hours of classroom lectures and hands-on clinical practice. These individuals will be taught with the core concepts and skills for the CNA practice. In fact, they will be supervised by a clinical preceptor during hands-on clinical practice to ensure that safe and effective nursing care is provided to patients. Students who wished to study a free CNA class can apply for scholarship programs available at the school’s financial aid office. These scholarship programs enable currently enrolled individuals to have their CNA costs covered. Depending on the type of award obtained, some students even receive free uniforms, books, and other related supplies. Qualified candidates are often asked to maintain good grades in both academic and clinical aspects of the training. Otherwise, the sponsoring organization will withdraw their financial support to students.

Ararat Convalescent Hospital

Ararat Convalescent Hospital is one of the healthcare facilities in Los Angeles offering a free CNA training program. The program is provided to prospective nursing assistants who can work in the hospital for a specified period. Interested applicants can apply through the institution’s human resource department. Ararat Convalescent Hospital consistently hires non-CNAs who are willing to be trained and work in the hospital as nursing assistants. The program can be completed in a few weeks and graduates are qualified to take the certification exam. Apparently, applying for a free CNA class at this facility requires interested applicants to meet the requirements of the program. It includes a high school diploma, a criminal background check, physical exam, and complete immunization record. Qualified candidates who completed the program and who passed the certification exam are offered with a job contract. These individuals also receive an excellent compensation package and employment benefits as nursing assistants in the facility.

Brierwood Terrance Convalescent Hospital

The free CNA training program of Brierwood Terrance Convalescent Hospital is offered to individuals who can potentially work in the facility. Since they are in need of nursing assistants, the hospital provides free CNA training to invite more people who are willing to be trained and who can be a part of the healthcare team. The program covers weeks of lectures, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical practice. It will include several nursing topics and skills that are essential for the CNA practice and certification exam. Applying for a free CNA training at Brierwood Terrance Convalescent Hospital is also like applying for a regular job. Applicants are screened and interviewed based on their credentials and capability to provide quality nursing services. These individuals should also be at least 18 years old, with a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a criminal background check, and physical exam.

Also, inquire at the following institutes to see if they are accepting candidates for free CNA classes in Los Angeles:

  • Hacienda La Puente Adult Education
  • Long Beach Unified School District
  • Los Angeles Job Corps Center
  • Crenshaw-Dorsey Community Adult
  • Citrus College
  • San Antonio College
  • Marian Health Careers Center
  • Los Angeles Technology Center
  • East Los Angeles Occupational Center
  • Medical Allied Career Center

The possibilities of CNA training in Los Angeles are endless, and this is why you should consider the free courses offered to advance your career opportunities and start working towards a better future.

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