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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in Lincoln NE

Free CNA Classes in Lincoln NE

Those who are having a hard time finding a job can take free CNA classes in Lincoln, Nebraska to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Hospitals, nursing homes and other long-term care facilities are in need of CNA’s and the high demand is likely to endure. If you want to join this career, you will definitely enjoy the benefits and good compensation. Free CNA classes in Lincoln, Nebraska are offered by schools and healthcare institutions, and it only takes a couple of weeks. Once you completed the program, you will get the chance to take the certification exam and become a qualified Certified Nursing Assistant in Lincoln, Nebraska. Have a look on the schools offering free CNA classes.

Bryan Health

Bryan Health has a basic nursing assistant program that trains students to be an effective, safe and caring healthcare provider to residents and patients in a long-term care facility. Within four months, students will be able to learn the proper way to assist residents in their activities of daily living like bathing, feeding, mobility and toileting. The program is accredited by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and is comprised of clinical practicum and classroom instruction. Applicants will have to provide documentation of immunization, a criminal background check, and $499 for tuition inclusive of a workbook and student manual. Financial grants and scholarships can be availed depending on availability. Students interested in the free CNA training program must qualify for the program and the particular scholarship they are going to avail.

Nebraska Health Care Association

Nebraska Health Care Association has been providing a basic nurse assistant program that aims to train and nurture students to become excellent providers of safe nursing services. The program can be completed in two weeks; and during this period, students will learn the role of a nursing assistant in a healthcare facility. The instructors are experienced and qualified nursing assistants who supervise the lectures and clinical setting. They will assist students with their individual needs given that the Nebraska Health Care Association offers a small class size. Students in the program have to have perfect attendance to graduate. A make-up class costs $45. It is therefore important to study full-time without absence. The tuition is around $441.90 including fees, the training manual, registration and taxes. Scholarship programs can be availed, but qualification is stringent.

Providence Healthcare Institute

Providence Healthcare Institute is offering a nurse’s aide certificate program comprised of 36 hours of online instruction. Students in the program will undergo 40 hours of classroom lectures either be in the evening or day. The course units covers patient transfer, patient’s rights, therapeutic communication, medical terminology, charting, assessment and a clinical practicum. Throughout the training, students will learn basic concepts to practice their skills as a nursing assistant. It is important for aspiring nursing assistants to finish the specified number of hours in the allotted time. Thus, perfect attendance is a must. The course fee is $350 inclusive of registration and tuition. Textbooks, supplies and uniforms are not included, and students who have availed a scholarship or financial grant will still be responsible for these expenses.

Southeast Community College

The nursing assistant training program of Southeast Community College is open to everyone, even 16 year olds. As long as they have a clean criminal background, proof of immunization and a satisfactory physical exam result, they can apply for the program to become a nursing assistant in a few weeks. The program is composed of 100 hours of clinical practicum, laboratory training and classroom lectures. Concepts and skills learned include feeding, transferring, ambulating, bathing and toileting patients or residents in a healthcare setting. Students have to finish the program without absences to graduate. Tuition cost ranges from $400 to $500 inclusive of the competency testing, background check and liability insurance. Individuals who need to avail scholarship programs must pass the requirements to qualify.

Other Schools offering Free CNA classes in Lincoln, Nebraska:

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