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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes In Job Corps

 Before joining the Job Corps, do a thorough research since this is not intended for everyone.

Basically, the Job Corps is a program that is funded and supported by the US Department of Labour. It offers a technical training and career to students who fall in the age bracket of 16 to 24. Students all around United States can apply as long as they are qualified to do so. This training is free of charge and you will also be eligible for an accommodation and living allowance while on the training

In order to get free CNA training via Job Corps you need to-

1) You have to find the nearest Job Corps in your state. This is very easy to do because in every state, there are around 3 centres on Job Corps.  Try to find the complete list in this website:

2) Once you visited the Job Corps centre near you, ask for the nursing assistant training program and be enrolled. You can do the transaction within the day.

Am I required to live within the Job Corps during the training process?

You are not obliged to live within the Job Corps. Some centres will permit you to stay in their premises once the classes started. You have to contact the nearest centre and see their regulations regarding this. However, it is still recommended to stay in the Job Corps centre while on the training because you will get a free dental and basic medical care. There are a lot of advantages in staying the centre, just check it out in this site;

What are the other training options that Job Corps provide?

There are other training options that Job Corps offer in health care occupations like LPN, CNA, Clinical Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician and Emergency Medical Technician. The training program for Certified Nursing Assistant will approximately take 4 months. All students have to get a high school diploma or GED when planning to take a training at Job Corps. They can stay in the centre for two years with free housing, training, meals, education, etc. This is the reason why some students would prefer to stay and proceed to LPN or other nursing career.

Is the training at Job Corps offered to everyone?

Job Corps is not for everyone. Even if your age qualifies for the training program, there is still a possibility that you will not be accepted. There are certain rules that have to be followed and adhered. Some students quit during the training process because they are offended in the type of discipline enforced in the centre. If you are an individual who perceives the training as an opportunity to gain education despite the rigid environment, then Job Corps is right for you. You have to contact any person in the Job Corps before you try to apply.