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CNA Training & Classes | January 21, 2018

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CNA Classes in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Free CNA Classes

The United States Bureau of Labor Stats reveals that there will be a 21% boom in the employment of certified nurse aids in the coming years. There is a high concentration of hospitals and nursing homes in Florida, so the demand is bound to rise. You should consider the options of free CNA classes in Jacksonville that have been provided below to achieve satisfaction for the long term and higher salary to manage your personal life.

The people who would like to take the CNA state test do not have to take the CNA training course. However, it is recommended that the students do. The applicants who take the exam without the classes must be 18 years or older and must possess a diploma or GED. The students who fail any part of the exam must take the 120 hours of class to take the exam again. Applicants will have to provide a criminal background check and a fingerprint card before they take the Florida state CNA exam. There will be a multiple choice test with 60 questions and a clinical exam. Students must complete at least 16 hours of time with the patients to apply for a job at any nursing home or health care facility.

Acumen Medical Services

The size of the class at Acumen Medical Services is small, and there are registered nurses at the Institute who make sure that each student grasps the concept of proper health care. The instructors are flexible and have a limit of 5 students per class. Some classes are offered in the evening, afternoon, and morning so that each student can select the schedule that is most suitable for them. The cost of training is $225, but students will have to pay $140 for the test, $80 for the FBI screening, and the processing fee requires $20. You can get take the test at Acumen Medical Services because it is an FL Testing Center. Individuals who want to avail the free CNA training program of Acumen Medical Services should demonstrate excellence in their academics and should also show financial need. These people should also agree to work in the facility for a specified period to pay nothing for the training program.

Florida Training Academy

At the Florida Training Academy, you will receive hands-on experience while training. This center is operated and owned by a professional nurse. This academy provides Fast Track CNA training which means you can complete the course in just three days. The students who are registered at the Florida Training Academy can avail the Full Skills Video and Exams for Practice to use for free for 90 days. The cost of tuition is $200, and this covers the training, practice questions, videos found online, and medical knowledge. Students will have to pay for the state exam and the screening. Some students qualify for the free CNA classes in Jacksonville at this particular academy. They only have to submit an application for scholarships within the training academy. Most scholarship programs look for students who demonstrate a financial need and who also presents an excellent academic record.

Affordable Training

Affordable Training has been given a license by the Florida Board of Nursing and Commission on Independent Education. The course at Affordable Training is comprehensive and runs for just four weeks. You will learn topics like First Aid, Alzheimer’s training, CPR, HIV, Residents Rights, etc. The number of students in the class is relatively small so that you will receive attention from the instructor, and there will be a balance in the class. There will be a clinical test and a written examination. The cost of tuition at this academy is $895, and this does not include the FBI screening and background test. Contact the college to learn about financial aid. Affordable Training also provides scholarship programs to students who cannot pay the entire tuition cost. Other than having a low-cost CNA training, the institution is also providing opportunities to deserving students with financial needs. It can be obtained at the financial aid office or admission’s office. Interested students have to make sure that they perform in both academic and clinical aspects of the training.

Florida State College Jacksonville North Campus

In Florida State College, there is a division known as the Florida Coast Career Tech. This group offers opportunities for people to train to become CNA’s. You can earn credits when you take this particular program. There are 120 hours of training which includes class time and 40 hours of clinical experience either at a nursing home or hospital. You can contact Florida State College Jacksonville for information regarding free CNA classes in Jacksonville. The free CNA classes in this state college usually require applicants to have excellent academic performance and a proof of financial need. The scholarships are funded by private and government organizations which help deserving students finish a healthcare course without paying anything. However, the financial support is only granted to a limited number of applicants. Thus, candidates have to show their competitiveness to undergo a free training for CNAs.

STS CNA Training Center

This training center is one of the most traditional CNA training institutes as it is a testing site for certified nurse aid certification. There is a total of five weeks that have been allotted for training. Also, forty hours have been set aside for work in an actual environment. The students must pass the test with 95% and should be interested in taking the state CNA exam. The cost of tuition at STS CNA Training Center is $775 which includes the cost of screening and the certification exam. You can even obtain free CNA classes in Jacksonville, so contact the institute to learn if they offer free classes here. STS CNA Training Center provides a no-cost program now and then. Interested applicants have to submit an application for scholarships available in the institution. These individuals have to make sure that they meet the requirements to have higher chances of getting financial support for the entire CNA training course.

A+ CNA Training

The training course here is commendable as they offer a free pair of scrubs, free referrals, and a manual for students who are interested in signing up for their program. The cost of tuition at A+ CNA Training is $225, and there are 21 essential skills that students are taught. The facility is a testing site, so students can take the CNA exam at a place that they are familiar. Students can apply at the Institute for morning and evening classes. Contact A+ CNA Training for information regarding financial aid because numerous institutes offer free CNA classes in Jacksonville. These financial aid programs help deserving students who want to become a healthcare provider. Applicants have to demonstrate a financial need and excellent academic program to be considered for the scholarship. Additionally, A+ CNA Training provides a quality program for potential CNAs. Graduates receive adequate training to prepare them for the licensing exam.

Florida Job Corps in Jacksonville

Job Corps has a training program for students who would like to take CNA classes through the United States Department of Labor to help people between ages of 16-24 obtain an education and suitable paying jobs. The Job Corps in Jacksonville is overseen by the board of directors of Applied Technology Systems. This is the place you need to apply for CNA classes if you require free CNA classes in Jacksonville. Senior high school students and secondary school graduates are welcome to apply for a free CNA training at Job Corps. Applicants are often screened, and they have to be willing to accept the terms and conditions of the program. The Job Corps covers the cost of the training including uniforms, books, medical supplies, training allowances, and accommodation. They also provide assistance to students who seek employment in the healthcare field.

All Saints Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center

All Saints Nursing Home is a Vocational School for Nursing and offers the CNA course for students who are ready to advance in their career. The Florida Board of Nursing has approved the program at this Institute and covered the cost for students who agree to offer employment at the All Saints Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center. The program consists of 120 hours of class and clinical time. You will be trained on topics like communication, anatomy, and physiology. Hands on experience will be given to students like feeding, toileting, and dressing the patient for excellent performance on the state exam. Moreover, students who want to avail a free CNA class at this rehabilitation center should be willing to work in the facility for a specified period. The rehab center usually provides career opportunities to qualified candidates who meet the program requirements and who also pass the interviews and exams. These individuals are provided with excellent compensation package and employment benefits.

Andrew Jackson High School

Students who are considering the health care field should consider applying at Andrew Jackson High School. The Florida Board of Nursing recognizes the program and has given credit hours to high school students who would like to train as certified nurse’s aide and finish high school at the same time. There are 120 hours of complete training that you will have to finish. You will receive a certification once you pass the state exam and will be able to apply at nursing homes and health care facilities for a CNA position. You can even learn about financial aid and the cost of the program by contacting Andrew Jackson High School. The school provides financial assistance to deserving students who are not capable of paying the tuition cost but who also demonstrate an excellent academic performance. The number of qualified candidates depends on the availability of funding. Thus, applicants of any scholarships should do their best to avail the financial assistance.

Excel CNA & CPR Training

Free CNA classes are also offered at Excel CNA & CPR Training. Individuals who want to work in the healthcare field can apply for a free CNA training and submit the necessary requirements like a high school diploma, a criminal background check, and a physical examination. Applicants are selected based on their qualifications and results on interviews and exams. Students under a free training should show a financial need and excellent academic record to be considered. The program is consist of classroom lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical experiences, wherein students gain adequate knowledge and expertise for the profession. The combined academic and clinical training will also equip the students in the state licensing exam and potential employment in various healthcare facilities in Jacksonville. The program is rigorous because of its short duration, but graduates have higher chances of passing the exam. Excel CNA & CPR Training offers CNA training program all year round, and interested applicants can apply through the admission’s office.

Perfect CNA Training Academy

Excellent CNA Training Academy has a CNA training program that can be completed in a short period. The program integrates classroom lectures with hands-on clinical practice to provide sufficient knowledge and skills to aspiring nursing assistants. Students undergoing the course go through a rigorous classroom lecture that includes various nursing topics like anatomy and physiology, medical terminologies, nutrition, vital signs, bathing, feeding, and many others. These individuals will be exposed in a simulation lab to ensure that they acquire the essential skills before hands-on clinical practice. After which, a clinical rotation will take place in a local healthcare facility with supervision from a preceptor. Students having difficulty in paying the tuition cost can apply for scholarship programs in the academy to cover the expenses of the training. Such funding will help to aspire CNAs finish an education without giving them a financial burden. These free CNA programs are seldom available, but it can be obtained through the financial aid office.

Florida Coast Career Tech – North Campus

Florida Coast Career Tech – North Campus has a CNA course that allows graduates to earn 5.5 credits, which can be used for any college education. The program is consist of 165 hours of which 40 hours are dedicated to clinical experiences in nursing homes, hospitals, and sub-acute or long-term care facilities. The 125 hours are devoted to classroom lectures and laboratory simulation, where various nursing concepts and skills are taught to prepare the students for a state licensing exam. The CNA program at Florida Coast Career Tech can be completed in a few weeks. Thus, graduates can easily work in a clinical setting after passing the state licensing exam. Students with financial struggles can apply for scholarship programs to study at no cost. Free CNA classes are available in this school to help financially incapable students to finish a healthcare course. The school provides full or partial financial support to a CNA training program.

North Florida Training Center

North Florida Training Center offers a CNA training program that aspiring nursing assistants need to work in nursing homes, hospitals, rehab centers, and private residences. The program can be completed in less than one semester, and graduates are qualified to take the state licensing exam. Individuals who want to apply for the CNA training have to be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma, a criminal background check, and physical exam result. North Florida Training Center accepts few students per program. Thus, applicants have to show the best of their abilities to be considered for the CNA training. These individuals should also demonstrate a financial need and excellent academic record if they wish to avail a free CNA course. The training center may not offer a free course to everyone, but students who get the chance to undergo it at no cost will obtain a certificate of completion and work as a CNA in various medical settings as soon as they pass the licensing exam.