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CNA Training & Classes | January 20, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Irving TX

Free CNA Classes in Irving TX

Free CNA classes in Irving, Texas are available nowadays. If you like to have a stable and well-paying career, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant would be the best option. The healthcare field is growing and in need of nursing assistants. Aside from the fact that becoming a CNA gives a secure employment, it also gives fulfillment which no other career can provide. So for high school graduates, unemployed residents and those who cannot find a stable job, taking free CNA classes in Irving, Texas would be the best solution towards a stable career. Try to ask these institutions and know the process of getting an admission from their classes.

El Centro College

El Centro College is offering a CNA training program in order to suffice the need for nursing assistants in Texas. The program is basically a traditional classroom lecture combined with skills training in the school’s facility and affiliated healthcare institution. Students will have the opportunity to learn from their qualified instructors who are also Certified Nursing Assistants. They will handle actual patients in a nursing home in compliance to the state requirements. They will also learn the basic principles of the profession including vital signs monitoring, CPR, first aid training, assisting the activities of daily living, restorative and rehabilitative care, elderly care, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, patient safety and infection control, and many others. El Centro College has been offering CNA training program over the years and they are known for their high percentage passing rates in the certification exam. Graduates of the program will be eligible for the state certification exam. They will also have the opportunity to work in various healthcare settings like nursing home, hospitals and long term care facilities.

Brentwood Home Health

Individuals who are seeking a paid CNA training can apply at Brentwood Home Health. This healthcare institution has been hiring CNA’s and non-CNA’s to join their team. Residents in Texas can apply the paid CNA training and be employed right away at their own facility. This training covers the classroom lectures, skills demonstration and clinical practice, allowing the students to get the best education for the profession. Course topics that are covered are anatomy and physiology, basic documentation and assessment process, medical terminologies, nursing care, rehabilitative and restorative care, activities of daily living and many others. Once these topics are discussed, students will then be exposed in a certain area of Brentwood Home Health. The good thing about Brentwood Home Health’s CNA training is it provides direct employment at no cost. Successful applicants will not have to worry on where to apply because the institution will offer a contract once they pass the certification exam. However, the application process of the paid training is rigorous. Thus, interested individuals have to pass the interviews and exams provided by them.

Texas Nurse Aide Training Center

The Texas Nurse Aide Training Center is offering a CNA training program which allows the graduates to become a part of the healthcare team in the state of Texas. This program is a combination of classroom instruction, laboratory skills training and hands-on clinical practice. individuals who want to gain admission for the program have to present a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a criminal background check, a complete immunization record and physical tests like chest Xray, TB test and drug screening. Topics that will be discussed during the program are the basic anatomy and physiology, nutrition, patient safety and infection control, vital signs monitoring, activities of daily living, restorative and rehabilitative care, care for the elderly, medical terminologies, charting, documentation and many others. Once the lecture hours are completed, students will then have a clinical practice in an affiliated health care facility like nursing home or hospital. Graduates of the program can take the certification exam provided by the state Board of Nursing. Free CNA classes are offered through a scholarship or financial aid programs.

A-Plus Health Career Center

A-Plus Health Career Center has a CNA training program that can be completed in a couple of weeks. Individuals who want to avail free CNA classes can inquire for scholarship programs of the institution if there are any. A-Plus Health Career Center combines the traditional classroom instruction, laboratory skills training and clinical exposure. This is done to provide a complete and job-ready training for their students who want to work in the healthcare field. The training program covers various topics and skills related to the profession. This includes the basic anatomy and physiology, basic nursing care like the activities of daily living, vital signs monitoring, nutrition, patient safety and infection control, rehabilitative and restorative care, care for the death and dying, geriatric nursing and many others. The clinical practice takes place after the lectures and laboratory skills training. Students are supervised by their instructors who are Certified Nursing Assistants. Upon completing the program, graduates will receive a certificate of completion and an opportunity to take the state certification exam.

Other Institutions offering Free CNA Classes in Irving, Texas:

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  • Mountain View College
  • GC Career Training Center
  • Advance Healthcare Career Institute